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A Civil Defense map from 1990 showing likely fallout patterns after a moderate intensity nuclear war. This is the second part of a two-part article about how close you can be to a nuclear explosion and survive.  If you arrived direct to this page from a search engine or link, we suggest you first read the first part which talks about the immediate effects and dangers of a nuclear blast (covering the first five minutes or so) and how close you can be and still survive those. But the fallout from the blast may start arriving at your location as soon as a few minutes after the blast, and might continue arriving for hours or even days afterwards, depending on issues such as wind and rain (see our series on Using Wind Data to Estimate Fallout Risk). Even though the radiation levels from the fallout may be low, they will be continuous and the effects on your health will be cumulative.  Controlling your exposure to fallout radiation is essential.
There is a new concept to introduce to you now – and that is the difference between early and delayed fallout. All of the early fallout is usually deposited within 24 hours.  The remaining lighter particles can take months before they return to the ground, and may do so anywhere in the world (information taken from p 14 of this excellent 1961 guide). So even if you survived the initial blast from the bomb, you still need to quickly get to shelter to avoid the fallout.  Depending on how far you are from the explosion, you can expect fallout to start arriving some time from 30 minutes after the blast, and to continue for a day. The next part of the process is sheltering until the radiation from the fallout has reduced down to an acceptable level.  How long will this take?  That depends on how much fallout is surrounding you, and also on its rate of decay. Realistically, you should be prepared to shelter for as long as a month or more, and as we discuss in our article on detecting and measuring radiation, if after a month, radiation levels remain dangerously elevated after a month, and show only low rates of reduction, then maybe you are unlucky and have had a particularly large deposit of fallout around your retreat, and maybe you need to consider abandoning your retreat entirely.
The second reason is that no-one really knows what would happen in a high intensity nuclear attack. The second complication is what might happen when our defense forces try to counter any incoming missile attack.  Alas, our anti-missile forces are pitifully weak and very few in number, and no-one would suggest they would have any tangible impact on a major attack featuring tens or hundreds of missiles and hundreds or thousands of warheads.
Information for preppers on all aspects of emergency preparedness, prepping and food storage.
Foods stored inside closed containers or protected areas like cellars should be safe.  However, you need to wash them prior to handling or eating. Carefully skin all animals to prevent fallout particles from the skin and fur from contacting the meat. Plants become contaminated by the accumulation of nuclear fallout on their leaves or by absorbing it through their roots. Your second choice is plants that have a smooth skin that you can remove after thoroughly washing. Your third choice would be any smooth skinned fruit, vegetable or plant that that you cannot easily peel.
Just remember the effectiveness of scrubbing is directly related to the roughness of the surface of the plants surface. Strontium-90, halflife 27 years, is a radioactive product of uranium and plutonium fission within nuclear bombs and power stations.

Iodine-131 is a beta decaying nuclide, halflife 8.04 days, that is generated in nuclear reactors as a product of uranium fission. The volatile radionuclide, caesium-137, a beta emitter with halflife of 30 years, is a fallout product resulting from atmospheric nuclear tests.
Plutonium-239 is created in fast breeder nuclear reactors by the ton and is a very serious hazard due to its high alpha activity and its' selective absorption by bone marrow. Hundreds of millimetre sized particles of Pu-239, each one if ingested, could kill a person within a week, contaminate Dounreay beach through an accident at the Dounreay nuclear reactor in 1960: The operators of the nuclear plant were dumping radioactive waste plutonium containing other nuclides down an old dis-used mine-shaft. Back in 1997, Bethesda Game Studios produced a game called Fallout touching upon the topic of nuclear war survivals. According to the story line, you will have to become the head of an underground bunker who must save as many people as he can manage.
If you are the developer of application and believe that your intellectual property rights have been violated, you can use feedback form to submit a claim. A decision by the board of French energy giant EDF to approve construction of two new nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point in Somerset was given a lukewarm response by Theresa May’s government last night. In a shock move, business and energy secretary Greg Clark said the government will now review the details and make a decision in the autumn. Government sources last night calmed talk of a U-turn or formal review by stressing that such a momentous decision needed careful consideration under a new leader. Critics say the build is poor value for money for UK consumers, who could eventually pay almost £30bn in subsidies for the power produced under a deal agreed by the government. In addition to the unknown reliability and accuracy of enemy missiles to start with, there are three interesting complications. It may have developed a bacterial infection because of poisoning from nuclear fallout.  This meat even if thoroughly cooked could cause illness or death. Do not eat meat close to the bones and joints, as 90% of the radiation is in the animal’s skeleton. Examples would be potatoes, turnips, carrots, or Jerusalem Artichokes.  These should be safe to eat, once you scrub them and remove their skins.
Washing can remove up to 90% of the nuclear fallout from smooth skin plants, but only 50% from rough skinned ones. Accidental nuclear fires can contaminate grassland, which, if cows eat will pass into their milk.
Accidental nuclear fires and nuclear explosions release the volatile iodine where it gets into the food chain.
Upland areas of Britain are still badly contaminated with caesium-137 resulting from the fire at the Chernoble nuclear power station in 1986, preventing human consumption of contaminated sheep.

It now contaminates the whole Earth through atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons and accidental releases from nuclear power stations.
One day, they also dumped some sodium (used as coolant) down the shaft, which happened to be waterlogged. The graphic design was not superb and the idea wasn't exactly innovative, but the gamers were hooked.
To do that, you will need to build new chambers in the caves of the mountains to have proper space for people to hide in. The government will now consider carefully all the component parts of this project and make its decision in the early autumn,” said Clark. However, the delay will be interpreted by many that May is not fully behind the plans for the UK’s first new nuclear plant in decades.
Although the company’s 18-strong board yesterday backed the investment case for the controversial power plant, reports put the vote at 10 board members for it and seven against.
Through its chemical resemblance to calcium, the strontium-90 contaminated milk becomes incorporated into humans bones, where it can cause leukaemia. Iodine is an essential mineral required by the thyroid gland, which if deficient in iodine, will sequester the radioactive variety instead. Pu-239, halflife 24,100 years needs waste management for 250,000 years, but 500,000 years would be better as there is now so much of it around! There was a large explosion as the sodium re-combined with water forming sodium hydroxide, pulverising and blasting the radioactive waste up the shaft and far asunder. A year after that, a sequel was issued but it did not have the same warm welcome as the first part, therefore, before giving us the third part, the developers took ten years. We daresay, not in vain, for during the two years that the game was out it was downloaded over 6,000,000 times.
The United States and Russia maintain roughly 1,800 of their nuclear weapons on high-alert status – ready to be launched within minutes of a warning. After a radioactive release, residents in the surrounding area are advised to take iodine tablets (which contain the only stable isotope of iodine, iodine-127), so that their thyroid glands will be less likely to absorb the contaminating radioactive iodine-131.
If WW3 begins, this may be the last war of the human race for no one can stay alive with such forces at bay.

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