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According to the investigation, antibiotics in chicken feed is a “standard practice” that continues throughout most birds’ lives raised by companies including Tyson Foods, Pilgrim’s Pride, George’s, Koch Foods and Perdue Farms (the company has stated that it recently removed antibiotics from its hatcheries).

Reuters says it reviewed more than 320 documents from six major poultry companies in the last two years. Reuters’ access to the documents marks the first time this information has ever been made available to the public. The animal rights group claims the birds are bred to grow so quickly they suffer 'crippling deformities'Some of the birds also have their heads crushed in the cage doors as they are transported to the slaughterhouse.The video then shows the chickens being slung upside down on metal shackles on a conveyor belt which drags them through an 'electrified vat of water' to stun them.
This, it claims, often only partially paralyses them, leaving them still conscious when they are pulled across a blade to cut their throats.Some of the birds, however, are still breathing when they are dragged through scolding water to remove their feathers, burning them alive, the video claims. And there’s a big cause for concern: “About 10 percent of the feed tickets reviewed by Reuters list antibiotics belonging to medically important drug classes [for humans],” the news site reported. But Reuters found that the major poultry processors all stated publicly that antibiotic use was limited to the health of the flocks and preventing diseases.

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In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the use of any type of antibiotic, not just medically important ones, contributes to resistance.

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