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You can do a lot of dishes with onions, but even if you aren’t a fan of this vegetable, there is always room for a thin piece of onion to add a bit of flavor to the meal you just prepared for your family or friends. Andy- they should have plenty of nutrients; onions are compressed leaves and almost entirely made C-H-O. THAT being said, you cannot successfully grow anything with it’s roots exposed to sunlight for any great amount of time. Maybe the poster is sugesting that “harvesting” means cutting off the green sprouting stalks,and chopping THEM up and flavouring dishes with them??
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Creative gardeners with limited space are always experimenting with ways to grow food vertically, and some of their solutions are inspiring.
And most of the times, you have some onions in the kitchen but it’s not as fresh as you would want. Unless you used chemical fertilizer, the soil could not support this many onions grown so close together. This is not a method for growing any new onion bulbs, but rather the tasty green stalks that sprout year round. You can also save the roots from various onions you have already used (Can be big round reds, big yellows, little greens . All you are doing is filling the container with potting mix maybe some with fertilizer or plant food already in it. If the point of this is to do something with onions that are too old to eat, how does this make them NOT be too old to eat, as Val suggests?

Wide enough to put extra dirt down the center and with a lid you can easily remove it to add more and if you haven’t killed your cat yet, it will stay out of the dirt. We try to show you what is new and beautiful in this area, arranged in several categories (apartments, ideas, interior design, home decor, home design, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, furniture, hotels & resorts, architecture) related to the area and style.
Though the traditional bamboo wigwam or trellis remain the most common methods of growing crops vertically, there are lots of other options for growing food in places you never thought possible.
Cherry tomato plants, for example, can grow to extreme lengths, so be aware of the growth habit of the variety you choose.
All you do is buy onion sets put one in each hole water and let it sprout when you think it is ready you can pull it out completely for eating of green onions or just cut the greens for scallions in dishes you are cooking.
Have you ever bought a bunch of spring onions from the supermarket and planted the little end with roots.
You may not grow all your groceries the family needs but you can put a dent in the food bill.
Even without a garden to dig up, you can create your own small farm using containers in creative ways. Don’t panic, you won’t need a garden, because you are growing it vertically on the windowsill.
I grow these in flower pots all the time same as kale, romaine, radishes can all be grown in pots. If you really have something good, we will publish it with your own name in our online magazine. Let’s not get confused with everyday bulb garden onion, you are only harvesting the green tips here.
Planters dry out quickly, and those in full sun may need watering twice a day, but be cautious not to overwater.

In no time, onions will sprout out the bulbs, you can watch them grow, and eventually flavor your dishes with them.
Wonder what “auntie dogma” thinks of her intellectual property on your scummy website? You may also do this with the tiny toes of garlic that are not worth peeling: soak and plant.
A layer of gravel or broken pottery at the bottom of a container enables excess water to drain away. Here are some drought-busting tips: 1 Mix water-holding granules with the compost before you plant. Build or buy a planter large enough to hold (and hide) an array of plastic containers for the individual plants. The easiest thing is to use gallon-size nursery planters or water or milk jugs with the tops cut off.
A bonus of the removable-container method is that you can replace sections of the window-box planting if needed.
The gardener can gently pull the trellises partially closed and harvest from indoors without having to lean out the window. The baskets can be lowered for watering, maintenance and harvest, and they can be brought inside should frost, excessive heat or high winds threaten.

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