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We had tons of games and fun for attendees and we even tried to incorporate some of our low-impact lifestyle into the party planning. We continue our love for this season this morning, with our guide to the ultimate party tipples and treats to serve this Autumn. The end of summer harvest brings an array of delicious produce and with it a whole host of mouthwatering flavours which your guests will adore.
If you are throwing a dinner party, then opt for comforting and bold flavours such as home made pumpkin soup with a hint of chilli; you could even serve the soup up in small hollowed out blue pumpkins to add colour and interest to your table.
For treats or wedding favours, toffee apples look and taste great, making them a guaranteed crowd pleaser. No party would be complete without a centrepiece cake and there are endless possibilities here, from pumpkin muffins to sticky toffee flavours.
When it comes to Autumnal tipples, you want something warming and comforting to fight off the chill; think bourbon, rum or warm cider. Jessica Padykula is a freelance writer and editor in Toronto, Canada covering a wide range of  topics for several online lifestyle publications.
There's nothing quite like sitting around with friends in your backyard, eating great food that’s been grilled to perfection and drinking fruity beverages you can only get away with serving between now and Labor Day.
The food and drinks you serve at a summer party don't have to be complicated, but they do have to be tasty, fresh and colorful. Oh, the joys of the summer birthday party when the nice weather means celebrating with friends out-of-doors. Related: 18 easy cake decorating ideas that make a store-bought cake something super special. Even if the closest body of water is the kiddie pool, an under-the-sea party makes perfect sense on a summer’s day.
We know our kids will definitely scream for a party as cute and cool as this one by Hostess with the Mostess for PBK. And, if you want the perfect birthday gift that will drive your child wild, check out the most adorable cardboard ice cream truck playhouse from Famous Oto. We also love this idea for a DIY rainbow cake topper from La Recita de la Felicidad that you can find in our post on decorating your own store-bought ice cream cakes. Then keep the kids busy with fun rainbow themed activities we included on our post, like playing Pin the Cloud on the Rainbow, or getting all mixed up in a Rainbow Yarn Trail Game. Cake Decorating Tip: You can add nearly any (clean, new!) items at all to top a Carvel ice cream cake, and make it extra cool and original without spending a fortune. If you want to roll up your sleeves and grab a cookie cutter and some melon, we put together 11 impressive ways to serve a watermelon, like these cute melon flower skewers. Fun games for both boys and girls at a garden birthday party can include Pin the Ladybug on the Flower, or set up a craft table to let kids decorate and fill their own flowerpots to bring home.
Food is a snap with a theme like this — think fruit salad in carved out pineapples, skewered kabobs for something hearty. We also really like the sophisticated DIY tropical party ideas at Studio DIY (also featured at very top), like the fun palm frond balloons you can make yourself.
As for activities, keep your birthday guests busy seeing who can hula hoop for the longest amount of time, and then bring out the limbo stick to see how low they can go. Then again, it’s kind of simple — who needs tons of decorations when you just require a handmade sign directing kids to the mud pit? Since a party like this usually takes more planning and elbow grease, definitely buy a delicious ice cream cake from your grocer’s freezer then go to town with decorations yourself. As for activities, where do we start! Send kids out on a scavenger hunt, decorate pine cones, paint rocks, sing campfire songs, host a color war series of old-fashioned camp games like tug-of-war and three-legged races.
And be sure to visit our Ultimate Birthday Party Gift Guide for the coolest ideas for kids of all ages.

From food choices to having little trash, we tried to incorporate an eco-party idea into the mix! We gathered up old crayons, markers, and pens to color them and then for the little kids, we provided some stickers so they could also participate.
Outdoor Games –  We used pumpkins and nuts for some cute and easy games for adults and kids (But if you are planning a spring or summer party, pumpkins could easily be replaced by flower pots and small plants). The benefit in this was that we served it on a flower pot tray so it looked like dirt with a flower stem coming out (the candle). Look forward to some upcoming posts on a recycled photobooth activity and for the homemade apple cider recipe I used at the party that was one of the biggest hits of the day! Put her in a pot to show her growing! If you will notice in the top picture, she is sitting down in the pot being watered at 12 months, but standing at one year old. Summer is all about highlighting the freshest ingredients and getting them to your table not long after they've been harvested.
If you're hosting an event in the summer you can be sure that unless it rains, it's going to be hot out -- and the last thing people want when they're spending time in the sun is to eat a really heavy or greasy meal. As much as summer is synonymous with steaks and juicy beef burgers grilled to perfection, not everyone eats meat -- and for a vegetarian, barbecues can be particularly precarious because the standard menu usually only features two options: hot dogs and hamburgers. You don't want to be chopping, stirring, sautéing and mixing all day and during the party, so opt for dishes that can be cooked quickly without much maintenance. Laura from Make Life Lovely has so many great ideas on her site, like using some ocean-hued table coverings and lots of shells, sand, and other beachy items scattered on the table. And the sandy topping on her beautiful cake is something we could all easily recreate with a store-bought round ice cream cake, graham crackers, and candy seashells. If you want to save a ton of time, check out the complete pirate party in a box from Parties by Alex, which makes it so easy to get everything you need.
Our editor Christina threw a riotously fun pirate party for her little rapscallions using Paper and Cake’s printable pirate birthday party decorations. It works as outdoor summer party decor then turns into a favorite plaything for a long time. From bright streamers (the photo above is from Studio DIY) to delicious rainbow-colored snacks, you’ll find a ton of rainbow party ideas.
All it takes is one of those rainbow Airheads candy strips and a few other tips you’ll find on her site. Art projects can include creating unique abstract rainbow art, making rainbow sand art jars — or just put out some chalk and let the kids decorate your driveway or front walk in rainbow colors. Which is why we think a bubble-filled birthday would be totally over-the-top fun especially for a preschooler or kindergartener. For summer parties, think about beach toys, bubble wands, swim goggles, shells, or even just little balloons tied on top of skewers.
It would also be easy to create a scavenger hunt that sends kids on a trek to find plastic toy bugs hidden around the yard. The set of luau party printables at Ellinee make turning a suburban backyard or apartment balcony into an island paradise a whole lot easier to do.
Her ideas are proof that a luau theme can doesn’t have to be over-the-top campy, should you prefer a direction that might appeal to adults too.
When everyone needs to cool down — make some clever Tiki Puppets or flowery leis for everyone to wear home. Oh, we know a lot of kids who would nominate us for Parents of the Year if we let down our guard enough to throw a mud party. In fact, she lays out every item and the total price, and it helps you realize just happy you can make your kids without spending a fortune. The rustic, printable party invitations shown here from Amanda’s Printables set the tone for a laid-back, old-fashioned-fun party.

You can end the day with a cool-down craft, like friendship bracelets or lanyards you make in the shade. We had seed and soil so they could have their own little micro-garden or seed starter (whichever worked for their family).
Though they looked like reindeer worms, I tried to make some caterpillars with some grapes and celery. We had a Nut Toss game where there were three baskets at different intervals which was best for older kids and adults.
Rather than trolling the grocery store aisles for your goods, try a farmers market or shop that stocks local and seasonal goods.
Instead, opt for lighter meals that offer sustenance and flavor without weighing people down. Do your best to offer grilled vegetables alongside your meats, along with some substantial sides like potato or pasta salad. The grill is great for this because you can cook lots of things all at once without ever having to turn on the oven. Visit the site to find all the delicious ice cream cakes available right in your grocery store freezer, so you can grab your cake while you’re doing the rest of your party food shopping and save all that time and energy. Set up the sprinkler (away from the cake!) and let the kids experience the aquatic theme first hand. We’re talking pirate hats for all the guests, vests, eye patches, hooks (probably the reason pirates all wear eye patches), decorations, place settings, games, and loads more.
To keep her pirates from getting into too much trouble, she kept them running with a multi-stage scavenger hunt that had them swabbing the deck and digging for treasure.
We also love her balloons which become ice cream cones with an added paper cone, and even the glittery whipped cream cans for topping off your ice cream cake yourself. Serve delicious in-season garden veggies and veggie dip, and top cupcakes or (our pick) a Carvel ice cream cake with green grass topping and pretty butterflies poking out of the top. For extra points, get some cheap hula skirts from a local party store and affix them to the edges of the table so they drape down off the sides. Of course you can also look for paper plates and cups with a fun, tropical motif like big flowers, pineapples or palm trees.
And we love the idea for setting up a fresh tropical fruit juice bar (with parasols in the cups perhaps?), like this one from Green Wedding shoes.
Then again, they’ll probably be thanking you for doing what they wouldn’t dream of doing!
We’ve also got ideas for printable invitations, and a cool printable camping emblem placemat that lets kids design their own merit badges. From decor and organization to ideas on what to serve and how to keep everyone entertained and mingling, consider this your go-to outdoor entertaining guide for summer 2011. Play pin-the-tail on the mermaid, and let kids decorate their own seahorses out of construction paper.
You can even have kids decorate their own with trim, rhinestones and glitter as a craft that becomes a party favor. And finally, we had a ring toss that was medium to hard The ring could be tossed on the stems of the pumpkins and then back to the branches. Find a place near you to shop local using Local Harvest, a website devoted to keeping consumers up-to-date on what's been grown closest to them.
We used embroidery hoops and ball jar rings to create levels of difficulty and have varied sizes. We like these pretty sparkly ones at Such Pretty Things (though they definitely aren’t watercolors).

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