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Growing barley grass at home is as simple and inexpensive as growing wheat grass, and some people find they prefer the taste of barley grass juice to wheat grass juice, for its milder flavor.
1 cup of barley seeds (A? lb) is enough for a 10×10-inch tray and grows enough grass to make about 10 ounces of barley grass juice. ShannonShannon is a mama to four small children, homesteader, freelance writer, and picture-taker.
Degu should be fed twice a day, dividing their daily requirements into two meals and feeding morning and evening and only refilling the bowl once empty.
Degu require diets that are high in fibre therefore a high proportion of  their diet should be made up if good quality hay and this should be fed together with a good quality pellet or nugget. Degu can have a small portion of suitable vegetables but too much or the wrong type can be harmful so limit how much they eat each day.
Your degu should have a supply of fresh clean water constantly available and this is best dispensed from a water bottle secured to their cage. Degu’s should have a solid surface exercise wheel (11 inches is a good size) in their cage. Handling - allow your degu a few days to get used to their new surroundings, when you take them home, without being disturbed. Join a community garden to benefit from locally grown food if you don't have space to grow your own vegetables at home. Surrey currently has 5 established community gardens located in City parks - but, we're keen to support more if there is interest.
Check out the City's Sustainability Dashboard for maps and key indicators related to local food, including community gardens and access to farmers markets. Smell the blooms at Dunsmuir Community Gardens, or enjoy the green space in this South Surrey park's natural areas and trails.

Experience urban agriculture at its best with a visit to the Hazelnut Meadows Community Garden, located in Hazlenut Meadows Park. Spend some time in the community garden, or on the playground, baseball diamond and other sports amenities in Holly Park. Visit the garden located behind the South Surrey Recreation and Arts Centre and learn about the therapeutic benefits of gardening. Find out about other community gardens in Surrey that are not operated by the City of Surrey. Follow the steps below to begin growing your own barley grass at home and make homemadeA barley grass juice! Nutritional content of grass from the second harvest is much lower than grass from the first harvest. Mr Johnson's Supreme chinchilla & degu food is a pellet full of all the essential nutriants your degu will need when fed with good quality hay.
Abrupt changes in their diet could trigger digestive upsets, especially in babies or degu that are stressed (for example if they have moved to a new home). Hay not only meets a basic nutritional requirement, but it helps to keep your pet occupied, reducing boredom and hence helping to prevent some behavioural problems.
Fresh fruit can contain reasonable high levels of natural sugar so should probably be best avoided altogether. For a couple of Degu’s a minimum of 24 inches by 18 inches by 24 inches tall is about the minimum size.
A nest box is necessary to give Degu’s a sense of security - a wooden box about 6 by 8 by 6 inches is appropriate and if it has a flat roof the Degu’s can use it as a shelf to sit on. Thick branches can be added to the cage and will offer both exercise (climbing) and chewing opportunities.

Several times a week a bath filled with chinchilla sand should be placed in the cage so it may be used as a bath.
It is their most deeply revered treasure, central to its culture, spirituality, traditions and norms. In the wild a degu diet would be high in fibre so it’s essential the diet you feed them supplies them with this fibre. If you want to change their diet, it is recommended that this change takes place gradually over a 10 day period. Larger is definitely better and large multilevel cages such as those made for ferrets or chinchillas are ideal. This can be done by mixing small quantities of the new food in with their existing food, while reducing their existing food proportionally until the food is fully changed over. Using heavy ceramic dishes is a good idea (chew proof), and a water bottle with a sipper tube can be used for water. However, the cage must have a solid (not wire) floor and shelves and ledges should also be made of a solid surface since Degu’s are prone to foot problems.
Hold your pet facing you, close to your chest you with one hand over its back and the other hand supporting its bottom. It’s important that you handle your pets regularly to develop their confidence and maintain your relationship with them. Degu's do wriggle a lot but once they’re at ease with you, they may sit on you and allow you to stroke them.

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