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I’ve been trying to do this for many years now so I feel like I have a lot to offer with this discussion. However there are many things to consider first before figuring out if you can grow enough food to feed your family. How much produce your family can grow to support your diet depends on how much of it you eat. If you have a hardiness zone of 2 with potential frosts mid-summer, your potential to grow food to support your family is greatly diminished compared to a zone 8. The more usable land you have, the more potential to grow all of your family’s produce needs.
We happen to have a very large food garden and grow all our veggies from May to November, plus we preserve lots and practice winter gardening to supplement the off-season. Protein is an important part of our diet and many small homesteads include animals for meat or eggs for this reason.
Some areas won’t have the right zone to grow protein as they often take 80-100 days to mature.

Of course it greatly depends on what you grow and that depends on what you eat and your climate. You’ll learn what your family eats, the ways to maximize your garden bounty and how to create an awesome sowing schedule. This 145 page book is beautifully photographedand full of everything you need to design and plan your family’s food garden! Give any room the perfect finishing touch or a completely new look with these wonderful and easy wall art ideas.
No matter how creative you are, you’ll love making these easy pieces of art, plus they are significantly cheaper than store bought alternatives.
Things to keep in mind are sun exposure and how much time you have to devote to your garden. But because of our limited food storage means, especially without having a cold room, we cannot grow and store all the produce we’d like to. Ask any farmer and most spend a large portion of the year planning what to grow, crop rotation, sowing and transplanting schedules etc.

Not only do they look fantastic but it is a great way to add something completely personal and unique to your home.
I didn’t maximize our fall and winter garden which would of added a couple months more.
Being able to provide fresh and healthy food for your family is becoming more important and harder to do.
On a good note there are many frost hardy crops for these cold climates, you just won’t be able to grow warm season crops.

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