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During WW2 when the cities were bombed relentlessly the fear was high explosives from air raids. There are all kinds of reasons why someone might want the reassurance of several tons of concrete reinforcement around their home.
Beware of the low cost, corrugated drain pipe bunkers, or fiberglass cocoons, that are little more than overrated storm shelters. An underground bunker made of heavy duty 10 gauge steel that is welded on the inside and the outside to resist water intrusion. Smaller bunkers, urban foxholes that no one knows about and are accessed from your own home or located under your patio can be used for securing your family and your food and water and arms storage, they can be used as a safe when you are not at home, they can even be used as a wine cellar.
An urban foxhole in London's elite area of Kensington features a ballroom and swimming pool with hot tub, gym, ping pong and billiards room, climbing wall, bowling alley, sauna and massage room, cinema, media suites, wine cellar, kitchen, servants' quarters, as well as 15 bedrooms, seven bathrooms and 20 toilets. Over the past four years, the local authority of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea alone has granted planning applications for more than 800 underground bunkers of a kind, refused 90, and has a further 20 bunker plans outstanding.
Finally, you can have an affordable, private shelter ready to assemble and install on your own property in just a few days. After years of development and market feedback, Vivos has developed the solution that everyone wants: a ‘DIY’ shelter with all of the critical components delivered in just one box. Make it luxurious like an underground yacht, or Spartan and military-like with just the basics. The Quantum 'shelter in a box' is being offered at a special introductory price of just $5,995, for a very limited number of units. For a fraction of the cost of all other options, Quantum will save your life, provided your shelter is ordered before it is too late! If the Holocaust actually happened the way the filthy jews say it did, then we'd all be CELEBRATING it instead of DENYING it!
If Edmund got paid every time he got fucked in the ass he wouldn't be on Canaduhs welfare system.
Keep this shelter as small as you can get away with, it will keep you warmer and take less time to construct. The classic two-man debris huy starts off in life as a modified tripod, with two long legs and one short.
Load the sticks onto the main frame so that they are perpendicular to the ground and not the long angled poles.
In fine weather it is quite nice to leave the front open to benifit from the warmth of a small fire. Then it’s simply a case of piling on lots of light curved sticks to trap the leaf mould.
This debris hut is quite leaf intensive, so alway position it where you have an abundance of thatching material. The shelter is a perfect size to acomodate one person sleeping in front of a small campfire, with room for a rucksack tucked away at the back of the shelter.
Check out our new photo-montage from last year’s Coastal Forager course up in bonnie Scotland! Bunkers were built of brick and stone, covered with arched corrugated metal, and then buried under few feet of dirt. Economic collapse, social collapse, anarchy created form the collapse of our own monetary system, pandemic, coronal mass ejections, terrorism and other natural disasters such as tornados and hurricanes. Bunker is sandblasted down to the bare metal and then coated with coal tar epoxy and painted on the interior with a white gloss enamel. In these systems you will enter and exit it throughout the day or night and take cover in it when needed. An obvious necessity in case of a zombie apocalypse is a car lift and turntable to evacuate Ferraris into underground vintage car museum. Having a jobless, microcephalic, incestuous, mouth-breathing, spineless, cocksucking, stick nigger socio-parasite in the forum really offers a good view of the retarded mind. It is not a survival shelter, it is more like a semi-permanent dwelling that allows you to live comfortably in the bush.
When hammered into the ground, you want the base of the Y’s to be at low-sternum height. There is no need to weave branches (like in the survival books), this wastes time and energy… just keep adding branches and light brash. Lots of dead leaves, and forest floor debris are required to rain-proof and insulate this shelter, but it is worth the effort! The short forked upright should have an off-set fork, to allow you to pound it into the ground.

For bad weather, it is worth thatching down the inside of the long poles and making a small porch roof. Make sure to crown it with a big armful of leaves, so there are no sticks protruding to act as rain channels.
These provide the main frame of the shelter, so take a little time to find the right shapes, with gentle sweeping curves. In shallow snow just dig down to bare earth and use a dead wood platform to light your fire on. No part of this website may be reproduced, stored, introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording,or otherwise) without the prior written permission of Woodsmoke.
They must protect themselves from hazardous weather conditions that could force them into precarious positions, such as on icy mountain tops or in raging rivers. Maybe it was just intended for sleeping but it does not leave any headroom for sitting or easily getting back down. See also pictures from the Churchill's underground bunker in picturesque Dollis Hill, north-west London. The cold war era shelter was a deep underground bunker able to be self sufficient for very long periods of time and protect from nuclear blasts and radiation.
They can be stocked with food, water and fuel for a minimum of one year for a company of 4 or 12. Have a real, concrete and steel bunker that is built to survive virtually any catastrophe that may be ahead.
During times of civil unrest your family can sleep in the shelter, and someone will always stand guard in the main parts of the house. Disasters, Physical Attacks and Serious Events in Life is a subject like taxes or death, no one wants to talk or think about it. This shelter hoovers up lots of natural resources, especially dead leaves – so make your life easy and build where the resources are abundant! Then add the cross beams… these should be strong enough to hang off – they are going to support a lot of weight!
Unlike the other one-man and two-man varities, this shelter allows for a fire inside, which makes it very warm. Deep snow needs a bit more planning, as you need to make a use a platform for the fire – otherwise you will end up sitting round a hole! The MAK7 Personal Protection & Life Survival Skills Program is NOT about and totally DIFFERENT from alarmism or paranoia. It is importand to insulate the interior from the wind to allow the smoke from the fire to draw upwards and not swirl around inside.
Simply dig a pit and fill it with alternate layers of green boughs and snow, with a final ground-level platform of green logs.
If your tempted by a seafood extravaganza, with the odd venison steak thrown in… check it out!
A forest fire could force someone to travel through rocky areas with treacherous trees and shrubs. If the home has to be abandoned because of flooding, everything will be safe while you are gone. Digging down is the preferred option, as you can sculpt a sheltered seating area, and it is much easier to disguise the fire site when leaving. Backpacks and holsters should resist damage from rain and resist being ripped by sharp tree branches.
And remember, you never want you bunker to be your coffin, so make certain you have an emergency escape! Too many people mistakenly believe there are no preparation training and life survival skills for disasters, physical attacks and serious situations.
Others mistakenly believe all they have to do is wait for help after a dire situation or a serious event. Still others believe nothing bad will ever happen to them personally, and we hope they are right.
But when a disaster, a violent assault or a deadly event does occur, will a person be a survivor, a winner or a victim.
What will they name the "It Event or It Situation" when it strikes your city, your family, your loved one or you personally?It's your personal right to turn your fears, uncertainty, anxiety, or helplessness into "Survival Mindset and Self Confidence." Each person has the power to learn life survival mindset and skills, personal defenses and prepare themselves and family for all types of possible disasters, assaults and serious events. The cloth is usually treated for water resistance and quickly dries, which helps to remove the weight of any water from the load.Most bug out gear is designed to accommodate three days of travel.
Disaster Preparedness, Assault Defenses and Life Survival Mindset and Skills is Risk Management for your Life.

There are usually compression straps that allow the load to be safely secured inside the pouches or backpacks. A few simple tools, knowledge, techniques, know how, plans, and life survival mindset and skills can save your Life. Someone could be injured by gear that rolls around, such as a tiny compass or a bulky weapon.
The MAK7 Personal Protection & Life Survival Skills Program will cover different types of emergency, assault defenses and disaster events as a new form of self-development.
Skin abrasions and blisters could be caused by loose gear, which is like a grinding tool that repeatedly strikes the same spot. Tactical gear is designed to handle rugged conditions and to protect stored items with insulation or closed-cell foam padding.A soldier may have only 30 seconds to grab a backpack and leave an area before the enemy strikes with deadly force. Life Survival Mindset and Skills is of primary importance to all human beings, only second to breathing. Any equipment that is left behind could force that soldier into a life-threatening situation. However, none are so strong as to be beyond the panic and fear of a fierce disaster, a violent assault or a violent and painful situation, which justifies Life Survival Mindset and Skills as the Highest Necessity. When a disaster strikes, there is usually no way for someone to know when the threat will stop.When a disaster strikes, there may not be enough time to prepare for a quick evacuation. Everyone should have a plan about the necessary actions and equipment that will used in the event of a fire or flood. Military personnel and members of emergency crews are trained to evacuate areas, while also ensuring for future survival.
Like professional sports, rescue teams and anti-terrorism entry teams training, you’re given a primary skill set and you will easily adapt to the worst possible scenarios.
From your first lesson you will see and learn how to become realistic in defending Your Life (The Only One You Got). No matter what you have heard about life survival skills or what your super-being instructor tells you.
The WORLD we live in is NOT nice and NOT smooth, foam padded with mats or make believe. That means we have been evaluated, screened and approved to instruct US Military Forces, Specialized Combat Units, Secret Intelligence Operatives, Sensitive Operations Personnel, Extreme Risk Close Protection Personnel, Diplomats and Dignitaries Problem Resolve, Embassies, Consulates and Government Agencies Worldwide. Firstly, the mentality of most arts is skewed towards what we like to call "sport self-defense or sport combat". That is they train within parameters designed by the art or their instructors which both usually have a moral code of ethics and a finite socially acceptable level of "defense".The problem with this is that the criminals, terrorists and offenders also train.
They work with elements such as real weapons and surprise, and their intent is to get what they came for.
Extreme Violence is their work, their expertise, their game, and is king for them.Violent offenders don't care if you are a world champion boxer or an MMA champion or you have a black belt, a gun or a knife, they are counting on the fact that your experience in real street combat and violence is limited to what you practice or train which is not normally near as intense and realistic as what they do every day.
They know that despite the hundreds or thousands of hours you spent training in boxing, MMA, martial arts or at the shooting range, they can intimidate and pulverize you, cause you to falter under street violence stress and even fear them--which is exactly what they expect.Why? Because you will not rise to the threat when that time comes, but merely default to your own level of training and mindset.
So what is the solution?Gear your training and survival mindset for the streets and extreme situations! You must be able to meet violence with violence and the only way to do this is to alter your training methods and survival mindset.
For example our training centers and our organization, the Eagle Group International trains people to deal with real world threats by re-organizing their thinking and survival mindset. Giving them the "tools" to mentally and physically engage all manner of threat including lethal force threats.We focus on progressive reality based defensive training that does not stop at a single attacker. More than twice as many untrained as trained individuals experience PTSD following exposure to trauma or threat. During these first few seconds you will likely not react to the threat as the body and mind go thru a sort of temporary freeze while you process what is happening.

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