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Great Science Fiction Stories About Mars, and check out Great Science Fiction Stories About Mars on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. Great Science Fiction Stories About Mars is a 1966 anthology of science fiction short stories edited by T. We're sorry, but there's no news about "Great Science Fiction Stories About Mars" right now. In this favorite childhood book of many girls (and boys), awkward nerd Meg Murry, along with her younger brother Charles Wallace and dreamy schoolmate Calvin O’Keefe, conquers the forces of evil and saves her scientist father through the combined powers of her considerable intellect and her familial love.
Miyazaki’s Nausicaa is one of our favorite female protagonists, science fiction or otherwise. One of the best new science fiction books of the past few years, this novel, set in set in 23rd century Thailand, follows Emiko, an abandoned Japanese-designed windup girl programmed to find a master and obey his every whim, as she fights to escape her fate and make a true, independent life for herself.
This book is another mainstay of the science fiction genre, the masterwork of the prolific and important Robert Heinlein.
In an Election that Pits Inspiration Against Evil, How Should We Treat Political Dissenters? The Red Rook, sequel to Dispensing Justice and the second novel of Nova Genesis World is now available for Kindle or as a paperback at Amazon. In The Red Rook, Penny confronts her doubts about becoming a superhero as events around the disappearance of one her school mates unfolds.
This is a story that wears its science fiction on its sleeve, or perhaps more accurately on its jacket.
Russell deliberately avoids explaining the tech and the science in her novels unless it’s something the character would think about, explaining in an interview, “Would Henry James stop and explain to his readers how a telephone worked? Quick, brutal, and introspective, this is a good book to give people who have gotten wise to the fact that the The Handmaid’s Tale is science fiction.
Daughters of the North takes a look at what happens when an all-female commune goes to war.
The story is set in a science fiction universe, but it has the soul of a pulp action romance.
Yeah, this is the book we all saw at airports in the mid-2000s, but there’s a reason why it had a wider reach than most science fiction novels. There are many specific types of science fiction, but the genre can be very roughly divided into two very general categories — books that focus on the spaceships, the technology, and the time travel, and books that only use those elements to heighten the drama, or the stakes, in familiar situations. The Shining Girls represents a science fiction spin on that most popular of book genres — the crime thriller.
Of all of his novels, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency makes this list because it slips under the radar while still being solidly a science fiction story.
This is a strange endeavour, mostly because I have no idea why people do or do not like sci-fi, which makes it impossible to know what might be palatable to them. Within that setting people write romance novels, detective novels, crime fiction, horror, war stories and every other genre under the suns. Futurist Ray Kurzweil has theorised that the technological singularity -- the moment when artificial intelligence surpasses all human intelligence and brings about the end of humanity as we know it -- will happen in the next three decades.

As The New York Times points out, it’s one of the few science fiction books to have drawn a large female fan base. Meg didn’t have all the answers and was neither a witch, nor a princess, nor a damsel in distress, but a regular (if smart-as-a-whip) geek with her family on the line, and we expect she will be a favorite for 50 years to come. On the planet of Winter, the citizens have no genders or sexual urges except for once a month for procreation purposes — LeGuin was interested in what would remain basic to human nature once gender was no longer a factor. In this post-apocalyptic manga series, Nausicaa is the princess of a small nation pulled into a war as environmental devastation threatens the globe.
The Female Man is the most famous of her books, following four women living in parallel universes that meet, each ultimately changing their ideas of what it does and should mean to be a woman in her particular world — and the world at large.
This aside from the fact that everyone should probably read this book at one time or another.
The first of a series, this is one of those books that just about everyone we know likes, a lush universe you can immerse yourself in without ever wanting to emerge. The story is told by Offred (because she belongs to Fred), who is a concubine for the Commander, as she furtively struggles against the new regime and finds agency in the very femininity that is so maligned by those in power. The main benefit is the fact that the person you’ve given it to absolutely will not put it down until they finally figure out what the hell is going on.
Shards of Honour, the story of Miles Vorkosigan’s mother, is a sort of prequel, by dint of publication order. If that sounds like a lot of words to describe one slim book, don’t underestimate Lois McMaster Bujold.
It’s definitely science fiction, but it subverts most of the tropes that go not only with science fiction, but with storytelling in general. It shows us how gut wrenching it can be when exactly the wrong person stumbles onto something that gives them the ability to travel through time. For example, I was sure my father would enjoy Walter Jon Williams' Days of Atonement because it is set only a few years into the future and is mostly a crime novel with minimal science. I'd put Brian Aldiss's Helliconia trilogy in that category, along with George Alec Effinger's Marid Audron series.
The Slow Mo Guys have channelled their inner 10-year-olds for their latest high-speed experiment that involves crashing a LEGO airliner into a miniature city built of plastic bricks.
We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right. At the time of its publication, science fiction was not often market to girls, and the genre is still often considered to be mostly the purview of men. A warrior and a peacekeeper all at once, Nausicaa discovers the secrets of the plague slowly overtaking her home, but chooses faith in the natural order as opposed to brute force to combat the threat. What recommends it to science fiction newbies is its immediacy and relevancy, plus the fact that once you pick it up, you pretty much can’t put it down until you reach the end. But the good news is, genre is expansive, and there’s almost always a little corner of it where even the most science fiction-averse person can curl up and enjoy themselves. Instead of starting in the oppressive society, we start out by leaving the oppressive society behind.

Squeezed between a post-apocalyptic world and an oppressive regime, these women go to increasing extremes for an increasingly hopeless cause.
Cordelia Naismith is surveying a planet with her team when disaster strikes and she finds herself the captive of Captain Lord Arral Vorkosigan, a notorious war criminal. The movie adaptation that came out in 2009 was short-changed by a trailer that made it look like a Nicholas Sparks romance. It's something we all probably did as kids at one time or another, but the results are far more satisfying when filmed at 2500 frames per second.
Most of the stories had originally appeared in the magazines Startling Stories, Argosy, Thrilling Wonder Stories, Amazing Stories, Super Science Stories and Astounding. LeGuin’s creativity and explorations of humanity make her another legend of the genre beloved by men and women (and those in-between) alike. It’s about them quietly thinking about a situation that, to us, is unimaginable horror and to them is just the way the world works. It presents the protagonist with the impossible task of pursuing a killer into a place that doesn’t even exist on her spacio-temporal plane. It’s only when they get near the end of the story that a reader will find themselves dumped into a world of time travellers and robots.
Sawyer's Quantum Night, is just a terrific book that happens to be about a couple of university professors, one of whom is a scientist.
That’s a summary of both an action adventure pulp and a shameless romance, and there are elements of both in the story. It’s tough to say whether any movie could really capture the nature of the book, in which we see a couple who love each other but are often out-of-sync because at any given moment, one of them can be furious about a fight that, for the other one, happened ten years ago. The fact is people don’t quite know how to classify this Vonnegut novel, and they are not to blame for that.
Give this book to someone who reads those thick paperbacks with the author’s name embossed in gold letters on the front. Click through to check out our picks, and let us know if we’ve missed any of your own favorites in the comments!
She just happened, in this case, to write a book about characters in a science fiction setting. Although the science fiction conceit is woven inextricably into the fabric of the story, the aliens, their views, and the time travel work so well because they help the reader understand the chaos of war.
When they’re done, mention that Lauren Beukes has written another book like it and watch their face light up.
Vonnegut can only make sense of the helplessness and bewilderment soldiers feel by presenting us with aliens who don’t have a concept of causality. This concept works so well, and the vividness of the war story, make the science fiction aspects of this book fade away in most people’s memory.

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