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These are the crinkly and reflective foil-like space blankets designed to keep you warm during emergencies or outdoors. Basically, such emergency thermal blankets help to reduce the amount of body heat lost through radiation, so you need to cover yourself completely with the blanket to trap warm pockets of air around you.
Bencore Emergency Blankets are the only blankets in the industry guaranteed to be safe, Environmentally friendly and not contain lead and phthalates.
Pound for pound warmer than wool, this amazingly tough laminate of fiber scrim and aluminized plastic reflects back up to 80% of body heat.
SE EB1311 Polyester Emergency Waterproof and Windproof Survival Sleeping Bag Need more than one? We recommend drivers to buy a box of emergency tin foil thermal blankets and keep in the first aid kit of your car. SPACE Brand Emergency Blankets are used worldwide by disaster relief, rescue and militaries.

Even though these mylar thermal blankets are very cheap, they do work to retain body heat if you know how to use them correctly.
The correct way to use mylar thermal blankets is to squat down and wrap it around you without clinging tightly to it.
The Emergency Sleeping Bag is made of the same Mylar material as our emergency blanket but is formed into a sleeping bag to prevent heat loss even more efficiently. This compact blanket provides warmth (retains and reflects up to 90 percent of body heat), a waterproof and windproof shelter barrier, and a covering to help reduce shock when someone is injured.
You never know if your vehicle breaks down in the middle of nowhere and its really cold at night. You're now following space blanket in your eBay Feed.You will receive email alerts for new listings. Never get caught out in the wild without any protection, this emergency survival sleeping bag is ideal for those moments of unexpected situations.

If you have a sleeping pad or sleeping bag, you can also use the thermal blanket inside your sleeping bag as a liner. Made of durable insulating mylar material designed by NASA for space exploration Reusable, waterproof and windproof. Bencore Products guaranteed to be safe & in full compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act that restricts the use of lead and phthalates.

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