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In the latest romantic romp from New York Times bestselling author Zane, two hapless lovers get lost in a dating game gone awry. Since we know that many of you are avid fans of the LEGO NinjaGo world, we thought we’d let you know that a brand new LEGO NinjaGo book will be hitting stores this August 2014. I personally have a couple of NinjaGo books with me and I must say that they are quite fun to read. ABOUT USGroove Bricks is your ultimate source of LEGO News, Entertainment, MOCs, Brickfilms and more! In this classic, a lone camper in the forest overhears a conversation that convinces him to leave his wild paradise to save a young woman from certain doom.

I only have the comics though so I’m guessing that this activity book will be a million times cooler.
The Man of the Forest isn't about to let a tough guy kill Helen to get his hands on her uncle's ranch. Within those 32 pages, you’ll find┬ástories, games, and activities about the Masters of Spinjitzu and as you may already foresee,┬áthere will also be a minifigure included with the book. If you would like to be notified about this updates you could follow us on Twitter, Youtube, and Flickr!
But after barely surviving a dating disaster with her hairdresser's brother and then falling for a member of her church band who, it turns out, is celibate, she's on the verge of giving up.

That is, until Yardley -- discouraged by his own slew of dead-end romances -- finally works up the courage to give her a try. Weaving the carnal and the comical in true Zane fashion, Rayne and Yardley's struggle to find love in a world gone mad is a timeless talk about everything that can go wrong in the dating game -- and a few things that can go right.

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