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I wanted to play the kind of minecraft that has servers so i played planet minecraft but i don't know how to join servers. Planet Minecraft is just a website that gives you a list of different servers, mods, texture packs, etc. Some maps have rules to enforce the quality of gameplay or to avoid any actions that could be game breaking.
In this map, you will lead a group of ragtag survivors in a world infested by zombies and monsters.
In this cruel world, zombies aren’t the only thing that will hunt you, survivors and bandits may also aim for your head so watch out. On your base, you will need to journey out and go on missions to gather food, weapons, and medical supplies.

The NPC survivors will help you in whatever they can, and with enough survivors you can create a big self-sustaining community. The map also features a work table that can be used to upgrade various structures inside the base including fences and other crucial buildings. With the work table you can build a storage room where your fellow survivors place the random items they find and loot, an armory to upgrade your weapons and armors, and more shelter to host more survivors – some may even trade useful items with you. You may also find blueprints along your adventure, take them to the work table to start working on them. In the center of that center are chests containing the most valuable and beneficial items out of all other chests that have been scattered around the map.
So I enjoy managing my maps section the best and you could probably get on my good side really easy talking about it.

Luckily you manage to find a suitable spot to settle down, but settling down is one thing, surviving the zombie apocalypse is another.
The tubes form a circle around the chests and it’s your decision whether you want to battle it out against the other contestants for the items or flee to fight another day. It does have some downside, the loading times are long, especially before starting the game, and some improvements can be pointed here and there. Players will usually have the choice in creating alliances or truces unless the host restricts it.

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