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Let’s take a look at the 25 Must Have Items to ensure your survival during a disaster – either at home or in the wild, in no particular order.
Water Filters and Purifiers.  Stock up on these, as well as portable ones if you are forced to be on the move. Guns, Ammo, Knives and Bats.  Be sure that you are comfortable using them and have adequate training. Charcoal, Lighters, and Matches.  These are must haves whether you are home bound or are on the move. Matches and Lighters.  Store strike anywhere matches in a waterproof container, as well as lighters. Flashlights and Batteries.  These will also help you in a situation where you may need to signal for help. Flash Drive.  Store all your important personal documents for each family member on a flash drive, including medical records and birth certificates. Tinder and Kindling.  These are a must to quickly start fire and keep it going throughout the night.
Portable Toilets.  While you can get by without it, it makes the list because it can be a great bartering item.
Basic Tools.  Having basic tools like a saw, ax, and a hammer will be helpful in building a shelter if you need to do so with natural materials in the woods. Gun enthusiasts who rushed to purchase AR-15s at the height of Congress’s recent debate over gun control may soon regret having spent so much money.
The average price of an AR-15 has in recent weeks returned to the $800-$1,050 range, down from its all-time high of $2,500 (averaged), according to the gun blog The Truth About Guns. And it appears the supply of AR-15s, once feared by many to have run dry, is flowing again. And although this news may come as a bit of a headache for those who maxed out their credit cards a few months ago, those who held out for lower prices are in luck. When you’re looking for retirement gift ideas, it can be especially hard to find retirement gifts for women. You can either choose to make the gift heartfelt and sincere or you can go the route of doing a fun or gag gift. The choice is up to you, but these cool gift ideas will make choosing the perfect retirement gift for someone special in your life much easier.
How To Retire Happy Wild and Free is a book that is perfect for anyone who wants to have some advice that their financial advisor won’t tell them.

It features non traditional tips and pointers that will help anyone get through their retirement the way it is supposed to be. The book is also very easy to wrap up and give at a retirement party- everyone will love looking through the ideas listed in it and you’ll be bringing the life of the party.
They are fun, will protect your eyes and will be perfect for days of lounging by the sea and soaking up the retirement rays. Make sure she knows that you’re looking out for the protection of her eyes as well as the protection of her fashion sense with these glasses! The retirement survival kit is one of the best retirement gift ideas that you will want to give her for her retirement. The kit features everything that she could possibly need in the beginning and throughout her entire retirement.
Make sure she’s able to survive her retirement when you give her this excellently filled and thoughtful retirement survival kit- made specially for the retiree in your life. She’s a retirement princess, you know that she knows that and this tiara will make everyone else around her know it too!
She might be the princess of retirement, but this retirement tiara is officially fit for only the best of the best queens. The tea, spa and treats set is perfect and will allow you to show her that you really want her to have an enjoyable retirement. There is no better time to do an at home spa and you can make it completely the most relaxing experience she has ever had. The gift also comes in a sweet little chest that she can store all of her treasures in after she uses the treats. Unlike retail stores, we're able to bring you the lowest prices around, from quality knives to cheap crossbows, you won't find better prices on things like folding knives and hunting knives anywhere. We also have a wide selection of fixed-blade survival knives that will bring out the inner woodsman in you. Whatever your hunting style, we have the right equipment and the right prices to give you reliability in the field that won't let you down when you need it most. For those of you looking for folding knives that deliver quality while displaying fast-action and craftsmanship that is unparallelled, we've got you covered. Every man, woman and child needs a folding knife in order to always be prepared for anything that comes up.
In addition to our wide selection of crossbows and knives, we also carry many of the sleeker, stealthier tactical knives that were made popular by elite police and military forces.

Thanks to advancements in technology, there has never been more selections available for enthusiasts of crossbows and knives. People were maxing out their credit cards on fears that America’s favorite firearm was about to be banned by the powers that be,” writes Nick Leghorn, the testing and reviews editor for the blog. Even if they emptied their bank accounts to do it, they have their rifle,” the report continues. People are no longer willing to buy at the inflated panic-level prices, and dealers are starting to discount the guns in order to clear their shelves,” it adds. Coupled with increased manufacturing and dwindling demand, now is a great time to buy an AR-15. The book is a fun read that your loved one will want to soak up into the first few days of their retirement.
She’ll make a fashion statement while letting everyone know that she has earned her position as a great and wonderful retired woman. It has hours of entertainment, things to show off and fun necessities within the inside of it.
These survival knives look as sharp as they are—plus, they come with hollowed out handles featuring essentials like survival kits and compasses. Our special relationship with dealers allows us to give you special discounts on hunting knives and crossbows. From fixed handles to folding knives, anything you need to stay quick, sharp and on the cutting edge of technology in the field is right here waiting for you. All of our folding knives are perfectly balanced to ensure that every cut you make is clean, safe and done with the utmost precision. We carry the largest selection of not only crossbows and knives, but also equipment like compound crossbows, hunting knives, survival knives and folding knives. Plus, with our shipping policies being amongst the best in the world, you can be sure that you'll get your items on time and in pristine condition. All of our crossbows and knives are made from the highest quality materials, bringing performance and reliability straight to your.

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