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On the twentieth anniversary of his death, this volume celebrates the life, spirit and legacy of Oscar Romero, the martyred archbishop of San Salvador."It is an extraordinary privilege to read this account of Oscar Romero because it reveals his deep inner spirit.
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If you scored a 30 on English, a 28 on Math, a 32 on Reading, and a 25 on Science, for example, your overall composite score would be the average of those numbers—in this case, a 28.75, which would be rounded up to a 28.
The scores from 1 to 36 on each of the four tests are called “scaled scores.” They’re calculated by taking your raw score (that is, the number of questions you answered correctly) and converting it to a scale of 1 to 36. To know him in this way becomes a call to find the face of God in the poor as he did and to live the way of gospel love, whatever the cost.
It’s a number from 1 to 36 that represents the average of your scaled scores from each of the four tests. The same raw score on different tests might result in a different scaled score, mainly due to difficulty level.
These reflect what’s called your “percentile ranking”—that’s the percentage of people whom you did better than.

You might, for example, have done better than 80% of test takers on Algebra—in which case, congratulations!
Two graders score the essay holistically—based on their overall impressions—out of 6, and those scores are combined to form your essay score. Archbishop Romero had the courage to stand again state terrorism in El Salvador, speaking out when so many others kept silent and speaking on behalf of poor El Salvadorans who were brutalised and murdered by their own government. Each of those four tests—English, Math, Reading, and Science—is scored separately, so on your score report you’ll see how you did on each.
A statistical process called “equating” is used to ensure that results are fair and consistent across tests. If your percentile ranking is an 85%, then, it means you performed better than 85% of those who took the ACT.
To find your raw score, calculate the total number of questions you got correct on each test, then look on the conversion chart to find your corresponding scaled score. Gumbleton"The word of Monsenor Romero is, like the truth and because it is true, 'always old and always new,' as St.
It is hard to imagine standing against that kind of state terror - death squads, mutilations, rapes, bombings, murders and the torture of his people in El Salvador.

The aim of this score is to provide colleges a similar score to the SAT Writing score, should they desire to consult such a score. The way Archbishop Romero stood against this violence with love, compassion, truth and justice is something that is both inspirational and challenging. Once you’ve done this for all four tests, average those scores together and round to the nearest whole number. Today as much as yesterday, that word keeps casting light on the reality of our world, unmasking lies, demanding justice and conversion. It is inspirational because it makes us realise that we too can emulate his courage and his love.
It pushes us to look beyond our own lives and see if there are things that we need to stand for, to see if there are people we need to stand with but also to see if there are issues that we too need to stand up and speak about, whether in our homes, schools, work places or places of worship.

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