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333 Shares Share295 Tweet2 Pin19 Share17 EmailTwo months ago, I hit a milestone…my 30th birthday. So, before I give you 15 books you need to read before turning 30, I want to provide a few filters for choosing books that will maximize your growth. There was a time when I thought finishing every book was as important as growing from every book. The discipline of reading has been a huge catalyst that the Spirit has used to mature me and sanctify me. Those are just three reasons why I would commend to you the discipline of reading good Christian books. This book has 28 5-star ratings on Amazon and for the last year, the Lord has been reiterating a message to me on forgiving others. They all seem that they would be enlightening and great reads…I plan to read Unglued by Lysa Terkeurst and Let it Go by Karen Lehman. I just finished reading Passionate Parenting by Cary Schmidt and am beginning The Holiness of God by R.C. Join over 28,000 subscribers and enjoy a download of my FREE ebook, Women in the Bible, Beautiful and Brave when you subscribe!
Join over 25,000 subscribers and enjoy a download of my FREE ebook, Women in the Bible, Beautiful and Brave when you subscribe! These books have shaped my faith, given me hope, and challenged me to lead more effectively (as a father, husband, and minister).
But make no mistake, those who maintain their passion, drive, and motivation to make a difference are the ones who learn to slow down. While there are many amazing books that will help you answer questions related to those huge topics, few books remind you of the immense love God has for you.
All of the books above can transform your life, but the Bible is by far the most important book you will ever read. When I read over the reviews for this book, my impression was that every single person who read the book truly gleaned practical lessons to put into real life practice. Prayers for a Woman’s Soul I pinned this book a few months ago and I really want to read this one.

Glimpses of Grace: Treasuring the Gospel in Your Home My awesome friend, Kara, read this book and posted about it.
The Difference Maker: Making Your Attitude Your Greatest Asset Last week I instagrammed a pic of my toddler. I also have been finishing up Stressed~Less Living by Tracie Miles and The Confident Heart by Renee Swipe. Not only did she decide to keep the baby, but she also faced a ten-year battle with her health that included four near-death experiences where God miraculously saved her. But, in a world where information is more readily accessible than ever before, how do you known which books to read? And, as a Christian jumping into the workforce, it’s important to understand the challenges of engaging an increasingly post-Christian America. From reading the summary description, the point of the book seems to be remembering to pray for yourself.
I also read Christian fiction as a treat that I seldom have time for during the school year. I’ve been telling people that if you only have money enough to buy one book this year, this is the one you should buy. Whether it’s a preacher you respect, a business leader you trust, or a writer you admire, send them an e-mail and ask them for recommendations. What separates average from great is how you respond on those days when you don’t feel like reading. If you believe the only way to be successful is by acquiring power, avoiding failure, and hiding your weaknesses, you’re mistaken. I’ve been wanting to read more than I have been lately, but wow, has the time been eaten up. This book may be for a unique audience, in that many of us are so focused on praying for our own needs that we fail to pray for others. It will build your faith like no other, and it’s such a powerful testament to the fact that our God still performs miracles today.
And if you asked me the greatest factors contributing to my growth, I would give you two things: the relationships I built and the books I read.

Victor Frankl, the author, writes about his experience in Auschwitz, a Nazi concentration camp. Yikes- how my attitude can flip and flop like the worst summer shoes you’ve ever worn. Especially since my daughter has already had one surgery on her right foot and will probably get the left foot done before school starts in August.. It’s not just about reading books (although reading something is better than nothing). It was the first book that helped me see the reasons behind my beliefs (and why many of them were faulty).
Honestly, I fall in this category often since I make it a point to pray for everyone else, but sometimes I forget that God wants to hear my needs and desires also. It’s about reading books that challenge your thinking, ignite your passion, restore your hope, and convict you to change something about your life. No one is too sinful or too low on society’s scale to experience the transformative power of Jesus Christ. Because isn’t life just a ball of mixed up dirty dishes and laundry and more trash to take out?
The more of these books you read, the more you will separate yourself from those around you. This book will challenge you to re-think any framework for the gospel that isn’t dirty or messy enough to reach everyone. Because if heaven starts now, every action moves beyond the realm of time into the realm of eternity. I so need Jesus during those times, because frankly, I get bored with dishes and laundry and trash. How was Jesus able to be so productive while staying under control and remaining close to God?

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