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Lavishly illustrated with amazing traditional, historical, and contemporary depictions of saints, this exquisite gift book offers up a year’s worth of saints, highlighting both the well-known and the unexpected or obscure contributors to our rich Christian heritage.Organized by feast day throughout the calendar year, The Book of Saints is both a definitive reference work and a spectacular art book.
Twenty-five years before, Lucky Starr's parents had been destroyed during a pirate raid on the Terrestrial Empire. This book, Restoring Survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse, should find its place in the libraries of pastors, church leaders, Bible schools, etc.
A kidnapper and his teenaged captive in forced togetherness in the woods, amid the real-life beauty, fascination, and cruelty, of nature. Featuring fascinating stories of more than 500 saints from around the world, the book includes approximately 600 works of historic and contemporary art.

This finely crafted and affordable series offers the works of these world-renowned authors to a wider audience.Includes A Christmas Carol and Other Tales, The Old Curiosity Shop, and A Tale of Two Cities.
Written from a Christian point of view, the author gives a description of not only what SRA is but of her experience of working with people who are its victims. However, there are six things that the Lord hates and seven that are an abomination to Him. This extraordinary reference book is a stunning keepsake and essential resource that makes a perfect christening, confirmation, or birthday gift, and is a great addition to any family library.The Book of Saints is an illustrated treasury of compelling information for the devout and the culturally inquisitive alike.
His ship was heavily armed, the pirates were at hand, the the time for sweet blaster vengeance was near!

One that will, just as Leviathan does, literally usurp the growth of many, causing spiritual blindness, deception and eventual rebellion.
Where intense hostility transmutes into warmth and trust in a pair of hearts that were once achingly empty.

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