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Sydney and Elizabeth are on-site in the nation’s capital when odd happenings occur at the Vietnam Memorial. The second book in the Camp Club Girls series published by Barbour Publishing does not disappoint. Tamaki’s father and grandmother, the heads of the powerful Suoh Corp., are behind the Host Club’s suspension and the plan for Haruhi to be shipped off abroad.
In the second book of the Camp Club Girls series, this book focuses on two of the six girls, Sydney and Elizabeth. Each books has focused on a different member of the club, and this time it’s Jenna, the official taste-tester of Peace, Love and Cupcakes.Along with the sweet recipes and hijinks that the club finds themselves in, each story deals with subjects and issues that students may find themselves facing on a daily basis.
The Joy Luck club is a gathering that a few families have where they gather to talk and play mah-jong.
Now the Host Club members must pull out all the stops to save their beloved leader from his family’s infighting. They use their special skills to tackle an adventure that leads them not only to Baltimore’s Ft. In this book, the story follows around Jenna, the easy going, taste testing member of the club. Then Claudia is told the terrible news--she is being dropped back to seventh grade.With a new locker and a new lunch hour, Claudia feels as if she doesn't fit in anywhere. Through their eyes we see life in pre-revolutionary China and life in downtown San Francisco, and also women who struggle to find a cultural identity that can include a past and a future.

She has one last chance to redeem herself: Write a report explaining why she hasn't done her schoolwork--and make the explanation good.
When Stephanie meets Luke, the boy of her dreams, she knows she's going to have the perfect summer!There's just one problem -- the five Flamingo girls are at Camp Sail-Away, too. The purpose of this book is some weird and dangerous mysteries are going on at the Vietnam Memorial in the nation's capital. They announce they're getting married, too, and want PLC to do the cupcakes for the reception. Jenna maintains her dislike of Leo and it’s only through her friends, the club and the love and attention of a sweet little puppy that Jenna starts to think differently.
Her mother had located the address of her long lost daughters and the people from the Joy Luck club gather mother and encourage Jing-Mei to go find her long lost sisters. Kate also briefly comes in from Philadelphia in this one too.I enjoyed seeing more of the girls and learning more about Sydney and Beth. Jenna has a lot of things thrown at her in the course of only a couple months but she doesn’t let them bring her down. The mothers are strictly old school and keep their customs very strong throughout the story.
Her friends will help with encouraging emails, phone calls--whatever it takes to get Stevie through this crisis.
They try to approach problems as best they can and they love looking for clues and trying to help out others.It's another inspirational and fun book for your tweens - I enjoyed it and I can see young teenage girls with a love of mystery enjoying this series also.

She is, after all, an important member of Peace, Love and Cupcakes and she has her friends to keep her strong and proud.
They may not have much money, but they have each other, and she is not ready to change her life style for Leo and his daughter. They are growing up in an American society but their mothers want them to follow Chinese customs. I feel the girls are the same ones I met in book one and book two just expands on the girls and their adventures.
This book appealed to me in an emotional way because my parents are immigrants from the Dominican Republic. Growing up, they wanted to me to things a certain way as if we were living there, but it’s hard to follow those customs when you actually aren’t living in that place.
Overall, this was a great story and I recommend it if you are interested in different cultures.

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