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This sort of situation requires a small kit that we can keep with us all or most of the time. Regardless of the specific threat, we are likely to face fire or dust, lighting being out, and debris. Most of the items above are to aid you in getting out of the building you are in, protecting your hands and eyes, making sure you do not breath in dust, and in cleaning yourself up once away from the immediate threat. In fact the first six items will fit into the first kit I suggest, while the first aid kit (with extras), the emergency blanket and the duct tape will fit into a 1 quart ziplock bag. The knife or multi-tool can be kept on your belt or in your pocket, as can the lighter, keychain LED and sun glasses. If you spend all day at a desk then you can keep a few things in your desk drawer, or in your locker if in a factory, like a polar fleece pull over or light jacket, running shoes or hiking boots, spare socks, pair of jeans, t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, some extra food, bottled water and maybe a fleece throw in a small gym type duffel.
Many office workers keep a small gym type duffel at their desk with shoes and athletic gear for when they go to the gym during lunch or  after work. The idea behind a mini urban kit is not to keep you alive in the woods, but to get you out of buildings and to your car, on your way home, or to safety. These should not attract any attention, but can make the difference between life and death or reduced injury.  If you do not have room to keep a spare pair of shoes make sure that whatever shoes you do wear have a good rubber sole and are comfortable for walking. I was once asked to teach more about urban survival “because all anyone ever says is that you have to get out of the city when disaster strikes.” I also came across a radio show host who ostensibly discusses urban survival every week on her show.
Of course I’m referring to challenges on a large scale such as a massive earthquake, power outage, pandemic, or financial collapse. Sustainable Food Sources: thanks to our excellent transportation system in this nation, every grocery store refurbishes every 24-36 hours nowadays.
Water: Frankly, it’s challenging enough to find room for all of my water storage in a suburban home with a decent sized yard.
Transportation: Bottom line, there has never been an example of necessary mass migration that has gone peacefully in the history of our nation.
Medical: While you may feel some semblance of comfort now by living close to the pharmacy, understand that such will do you no good in a disaster scenario. Yes, you and your family can easily endure a week or two in the city presuming that the utilities and government systems stay in place, but if there’s any doubt in your mind that such will be the case, it’s vital that you get out of Dodge sooner rather than later.
Have you ever noticed, when going thru a city on the interstate system, that you will find those concrete pylons or whatever you call them, stacked up on the roadside at major intersections - especially at the city limits?
Dave you really don't need a specific bag for that purpose,heck a duffle bag works even those od flight bags with the 2 handles and a zipper down the middle would work even old army rucksacks. I would suggest being particular about which bag you use if you have any physical conditions which need to be addressed. Kellene, my wife and I live in a town of about 60,000 residents, with a total county population of about 100,000, but we're surrounded on all sides by farmland and we have many friends in the farming communities. I should also add that we're not really in a position to move to a more rural setting at this point, due to my wife being handicapped, but we have lots of family in this area.
Kellene, you know I respect you and my reply will probably upset some of the head bobers, but I am conflicted by your latest article.
As for many people they will simply have no choice but to commit to thier survival in place.
Though I agree with you completely that survival in the city in the long term is nearly impossible, I have another point of view on when to bug out.
Even if you have warning, say, a half hour in advance, how far out can you realistically get in that time?
In Utah County, whenever the freeway backs up, all the side roads back up too, because they're just not equipped to handle that much traffic. I think it is extremely important to play out all possible scenarios prior to any such event as not to panic or even worse hurt somebody or get hurt yourself. It kind of bums me out that your situation is identified by most as "extreme." To me, it's paradise. We purposely picked our new house in an urban area that was less urban, considered "safer" than other areas of the country, and tucked away.
The Skills of Our AncestorsBefore the existence of modern day conveniences like electricity, water treatment, air conditioning, mass food production, and just-in-time transportation delivery systems people still lived long and healthy lives.For thousands of years humanity has thrived on knowledge that has been passed down from parent to child, teacher to student, and master to apprentice. Click here to remove banner ads from this forum.This Forum Is Hosted For FREE By ProBoardsGet Your Own Free Forum! Our book, The One Year Urban Survival Plan, tells you exactly how to prepare for a major disaster in the city or suburbs. A grey man or woman wouldn’t make a post such as this blowing their cover and letting everyone that comes on the page to know they are a prepper. Folks who advertise their capabilities and plans do draw attention, and the idea is to do exactly the opposite. The other persistent thing is human corpses, which are a lot harder to dispose of completely than most people imagine.
So basically just let looters loot and mind your own business because it might be a neighbor that you’ve never seen before. Trust me if things are bad and there are looters out there shooting there will be no neighbors coming to see if you are ok they will be at home protecting their own butt just like you are. They used to hang horse thieves because losing your horse could easily mean losing your life, your family, your livelihood. The 1% are becoming concerned about societal breakdown due to economic decline or collapse.
I had already delivered the next several episodes of Survival Tips to World Net Daily, but I wanted to bring you this information as quickly as possible.
Each of these bags is a kind of survival kit, but they serve different purposes and so they must be outfitted differently. The BOB is what you’ll need if you decide to leave the house and head for safety in the hills.
You’ve got a lot of flexibility in deciding what and how much stuff to build into your BOB, because it pretty much stays by the front door or in your vehicle until bugout time.
Remember, make your kit as compact, convenient, and useful as possible, so you’ll always be happy to have it with you. The Get Home Bag must be small, convenient, and comfortable to carry, because you’ll have it with you at all times.
A side-carry bag like theA Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack will contain everything in the get home kit except maybe some of the clothing. But if you’re going for something lighter and more stylish, there are excellent offerings from outdoor adventure outfitters like Deuter, The North Face, and Granite Gear.
Your bugout bag is not as weight sensitive as your get home bag, because you don’t have to tote it all the time.
But you do have to know what’s going to happen when you leave the car and hoof it with your bugout bag. Backpacks designed for heavy loads need a stronger suspension, which makes the pack itself heavier. New Lethal Force Seminar Announced For Detroit Area Audience a€“ January 11, 2014 Federal Court Strikes Down Magazine Limit but Upholds NY Assault Weapons Ban Was Mysterious Power Grid Attack Dress Rehearsal For Larger Assault?
If we base our mini urban kit on the average office worker we can also apply that to any other work setting.
Since we’re in a city we need a minimum of equipment, even a few blocks is enough to put most dangers far enough away that we can relax for a  bit and worry about getting home from there. A small waist or fanny pack of no more than 4 inches thick by 6 inches high by 10 inches wide (about the size of a 1 gallon ziplock bag) is enough room to fit everything we need.
If you were to purchase a windbreaker with zippered pockets you could fit  the all of the items, minus the water bottle into the pockets of the windbreaker. A bandana can be kept in your back pocket and the military style can opener on your keychain.
When you think about it, most of the items on the list are fairly common items that we see many office people with.
With some looking you can find shoes that meet these requirements and remain appropriate for dress wear. If you’re getting a fishing vest and plan on wearing it in the city you may want to carefully remove the fly  patch. If your feet go cold, you are going to fall apart at the seams and they can go cold easily.
Well, I hope she’s got a very creative mind because if I were to address “urban survival” it would last about one hour, because frankly, there’s no such thing as urban survival folks. This isn’t exactly  what you countless city-dwellers want to hear, I’m sure, but it’s a fact. But even some of the more common crisis’ such as unemployment and long-term illness may be better dealt with further from the city due to decreasing costs of living, less pollution and other such benefits.
If you can’t flush your waste then what are you going to be able to do with it when you’re surrounded by concrete and asphalt?  After only 72 hours of losing sanitation services you will likely face some serious consequences.
So lets say you are prepared with the butane stove with enough butane to cook a couple meals a day for a year, the fact is, as the survivors around you diminish and as the loot becomes more scarce, a warm can of Chef Boyardee is going to give away your inconspicuous living and your safety.
Please do not live your life now planning on the pharmacy being a part of your “plan.” Always fill your regular prescriptions as early as you are able so that you can slowly build up a reserve for your necessary daily medications. So this wasn’t exactly the most peaceful article I’ve written over the years, and perhaps that’s why I haven’t written much on it sooner, but the conversations I’ve had with the majority of my friends and family lately have provided me with the urging I needed to write this out.
There were a couple of instances which I thought were ridiculous, but I have to say, it's the best mainstream attempt at addressing the topic that I've seen. In three decades time you won't even be able to tell where the roadways were, much less still be able to see the lane markings.
For example, I have this great older couple that I'm friends with and the thought of them strapping on a backpak or lugging a duffle bag just isn't realistic for them. I also believe they can take steps to increase their chances of survival in place no matter thier location although the challenges are far more difficult in the cities versus sub-urban and urban areas. With 29 episodes before it was cancelled, this small town had to figure out all the logistics of how to survive after more than a dozen nukes landed on American cities. I think you were very gentle,I have already moved 65 miles out of the city, and still have taken extreme precautions in the event that people will migrate out to our area during this type of event. We are probably a little extreme when it comes to survival, you know solar, gardens, live stock, fish pond, self defence, faith, basicly self contained.
Not having these skills could literally get you killed, but there are many urban survival mistakes that could also get you killed.
There are some useful suggestions in it, at the least it gets one thinking and reassessing their plans. Keep a low profile, plan and quietly work out the logisitics and acquisitions, then practice the scenario – quietly and with a minimum of fanfare. Say you get trigger-happy and shoot one of your neighbors who was just checking for abandoned pets and turning off the gas in vacant buildings. Useful fact: trying to dispose of the corpse, rather than reporting the death, has been considered strong evidence of guilt since before punctuation was invented.
In a recent article at Marotta Wealth Management, David Marotta advises his wealthy clients to be like a survivalist and get a bug out bag. Props to WND for their flexibility in revising the show schedule — they know how important this is.
This bag stays with you at all times, so of course it is smaller than a BOB and has less stuff in it. This could happen if you need to evacuate for a storm, a flood, or sudden social breakdown and rioting. However, the Get Home Bag (or everyday carry bag) is different because you keep it with you all the time.

Therefore, we’ll be more choosy, more selective about the items that go into the kit. In fact, almost the whole kit will fit into a 1 gallon plastic storage bag, with the exception of a filter bottle and a couple of clothing items. If you’re storing your flashlight for long periods of non-use, store your batteries separately to keep them from leaking and ruining the flashlight. You already have your bladed multitool, so you’re OK, but a fixed-blade knife at your hip is extra-handy. You can getA a lot of 50 for under $30 at Amazon, and place them all around the house, in every pack, and every vehicle. You’re getting ready for a major catastrophe, so it only makes sense to be ready for everyday things too, like an impromptu decision to spend the night away from home.
If you already tend to take a laptop on your commute, you can just add the get home kit to this bag. The pack is worn on the back, but the single sling lets you slide the pack to your chest when you need to access the contents. TheA Javelin VSlinger is like the Maxpedition Sitka; one of the notable differences is that Vanquest packs sport a bright orange interior that makes finding stuff in the bag much quicker and easier.
Small 10 liter hydration pack with a broad waist band for stability (it’s designed to wear on a bike).
TheA Athabasca is the smallest GG pack with a waist belt, but they do have smaller packs without a belt. Your load will probably top out at about 40 lbs, like mine, just out of necessity; most of us are simply not in condition to carry 60-80 lb loads all day. You can access the contents from the top, the sides, the front, or the bottom, depending on how the pack is designed. The Black Diamond, for example, has a pivoting waist belt so the belt can sway with your hips without knocking the pack off-axis. My Test 6 Handy Fire Starting Tools test CrossBreed Holsters Looks to Future with New Production Headquarters Ruger Announces Promotion of Christopher J. The average office worker has a minimum  amount of room to carry things with them, plus those items must fit into the general attire of the office worker. You wouldn’t come close to using all of the pockets on the vest and your items would be with you at all times.
When it comes to dealing with a bona fide disaster, you need to get out of the city, plain and simple. But the focus of my article today is in dealing with the realities of a disaster that Mother Nature or perhaps an act of war would force you to face in your area.
Sure, Hollywood “end of day” movies always end up showing a city becoming desolate with plenty of food and water to loot by survivors, but the fact of the matter is, it’s not sustainable. Yet, one more reason to get out of Dodge as soon as you even suspect there will be a problem or breakdown in services.  The more dense a population is, the faster a problem will spread, whether it be a pandemic, fire, panic, etc. Lights seen through your window or smoke exuding from your chimney will only serve to mark you as a target for the desperate criminals, with no law to protect or defend you. Unless your last name is Trump, it’s unlikely that you benefit from a large enough space in which to store sufficient water supplies for a long-term challenge, and yet you simply cannot survive with good mental faculties without it.
The premise was that a virus spread quickly throughout the world killing the majority of all populations. The hospitals and doctors office may bring you peace of mind now, but in a crisis they will be nothing short of a death trap for you. I still feel strongly though that even a scenario like this can be converted from an “emergency” to an uncomfortable transition in our life if we prayerfully prepare today for the possibility of such circumstances now. In my case, I have older parents who may not be able to leave the city and who I can't leave behind.
I have often written and taught people about the dangers city dwellers will face in times of emergency as well as the dangers of Country life because they to are fraught with peril.
We have put back up food and water in underground bunkers in the event that our above ground food storage is over taken. We believe in charity but a line needs to be drawn when your own families survival comes at stake. People who do pretty much anything on impulse usually forget something, or run into a problem. The recommendation is a good one, as far as it goes, but several urban-specific issues must be addressed to get you metro-dwellers on the right track for your survival plans.
Then, if you need to abandon the vehicle and hoof it, you can trim the pack down to whatever you can carry.
Also, because its purpose is primarily to get you home traveling through populated areas, we’ll omit a lot of items that you would include if you were hiking the Appalachian Trail, like a signal mirror or fishing gear. If you work in Phoenix and live in Chandler, you have an 8 to 10-hour walk, and you’ll need a snack to keep you going. Your vehicular route will probably be a good bit longer than a more direct pedestrian route, and since you probably don’t walk home that often, you need a map. TheA Champion Plus model has everything I want, including a magnifying glass as an extra fire-starting method. It’s ultra-strong, and lighter than paracord, but paracord is also excellent, and much less expensive.
TheA Mora Companion is great because it’s so cheap, you can buy several and put one in every kit.
It adds a little weight, but it’s extremely tough, and waterproof to 100 feet, so it keeps the contents from getting crushed in your bag, and even if you swim for it, everything inside will be dry.
If you develop a blister, apply some lip balm and cover with one of your adhesive bandages.
As you prepare the pack and stick it in the car, go ahead and stock it with everything you’ll need for a three-day trip from your home to your safe retreat, especially including your emergency water stock. When you figure the carry weight of the bugout kit, exclude the officially-recommended 3 gallons of water (1 gallon per day for a 3 day trip).
More zippers means you can reach stuff inside without taking everything out, but it also means more weight.
The tradeoff is that this tends to push the load farther away from your spine, making it feel a little heavier.
This means that there’s a reason why you “only hear instructions to get out of the city when disaster strikes assuming you expect to last longer than a couple of weeks, at best. At some point you will run out of such resources and it’s not likely that you’ll be able to create enough food on the cement deck of your apartment to feed your family indefinitely.  This is one of the primary reasons why leaving the city life behind is vital. Even if you’re well armed with some sort of protection against incidental problems, you will not be able to hold off determined criminals for long. Yet one more reason why you've got to move to more spacious areas where you're likely to find more natural sources of water (such as dried creek beds, dew on the leaves) or wells and cisterns.
But for some reason the directors showed the aftermath of such a crisis with vacant streets and freeways almost everywhere. And the longer you stay in the city environment, the more you will be exposed to whatever illness, mayhem, or death that will transpire.
I will have to prepare as best I can and hope, if that time comes, I have the answers I need.
I admit is is self serving of me to suggest people are capable of surviving in place because as I mentioned WE teach just that. But he says the worst crimes are committed in the countryside, where law enforcement can't get out there in time to stop gangs of marauders from breaking in and even torturing residents to find out where they have more food stashed away, and killing them. The other option is to plan to shelter in place for three weeks to three months until the majority of the horde has left. I've consistently navigated true side streets to avoid the traffic--especially when there's a snow storm.
We have also played escape routs off our protery in case of such an event, negociations with food as a gift is our fist option, firearms our second option and escape our last option.
Back in 2008, I had lots of training and supplies but a crappy plan in my head that had no chance of working in the real world. First things first: There is no perfect plan just like there is no perfect training scenario. If you survive and stay put, you and your neighbors are going to be each other’s most important resource. Certainly, if you’re capable of carrying a gallon of water, do it, but if that weight and bulk tempts you to leave the Get Home Bag behind, then just carry a filter bottle full of water, which you can refill on the way home. Because this is a small, take-it-everywhere-you-go kit, you might want a very small gun like the Ruger LCP or my favorite small gun, the Sig-Sauer P238. Get something you can eat without cooking; an energy bar and a can of sardines with an easy-pull top will be enough. Besides, to use the Phoenix example again, you’ll need to plan a route that takes you past the canals so you can refill your water bottle on the way. A butane lighter is your go-to way to light a fire, but don’t rely on it alone, as the gas can accidentally discharge in your pack. AnyA Leatherman like this one is a good alternative; just be sure you have a blade, a can-opener, a bottle opener, and a flat-head screwdriver. Here’s some info about it on Amazon, but I buy mine in bulk from a local distributor. You can also smear a little glob of it onto some paper and give your fire starting a boost. The market it saturated with bags of nearly every conceivable kind, so you just need to decide what you like, and you can probably find it. It has no molle webbing and comes in many non-tactical colors (even hot pink), but it’s still very rugged, like all things Maxpedition. Lighter packs are lighter because their suspension is not as sturdy, so they start deforming if you put too much weight in them.
The problem, though, is that the longer you wait to get out of the city, the more dangerous your exit will be and the more problems will confront you as well.
You’ll need to find your way to an area in which you can create a more sustainable food source in addition to the supplies that you’ve built up during your pro-active self-reliance times. They will simply keep coming back with more until they have just the right number of allies to overpower you. You want to at least give yourself a fighting chance with what you’ve got in your car.) Pre-Plan with your family and friends with an action plan that you will implement in order to relocate elsewhere in the event of an emergency. I will conceed it will be more difficult to survive within the cities borders rather than living on a farm and being self sufficient. We have installed survaeillance cameras and intercomes at our gates and borders to try to deal with this at a distance. I worried EVERY TIME I went out of town that a€?ita€? would happen when I wasna€™t at home to protect my family. But, despite whatever strife may befall a city, or country or continent, there are always those people who are able to adapt and change because of an already established knowledge base.Whether it's growing food because the cost to acquire it from somewhere else becomes prohibitive, or being able to protect your land from looters during civil disorder, or having to evacuate your home and never come back because of a massive disaster - there are people who have been through it. The gear listed below are pricey, but we feel you should never cheap out on gear when it comes to urban survival because the quality of your gear could mean the difference between life and death. In my opinion, the best bottle is theA Berkey Sport Bottle with the basic carbon filter, because it filters most pathogens and improves the taste of the water.
In the rare case that you have to finish your trip on foot, you can pare down the weight of your pack at that time. Packs are supposed to transfer their weight to your hips, and when you pack them beyond their capacity, the suspension bends itself out of shape and starts loading down your shoulders.
An emergency can happen at any time, and we should be close enough to gear to get out of the office and on your way to escaping the  general area.

So I realize that this article isn’t exactly “happy news” to the majority of you, but then again, that’s what makes it that much more necessary. I hate to say this, because it’s not exactly a peaceful thought, but it’s very naive to think that such persons are only interested in your food or medicines you might have on hand.  You simply cannot afford to underestimate the extent of evil that’s possible in desperate people.
Whether it’s an EMP, earthquake, or pandemic, you will not find yourself with free reign to travel on the roads as you see fit. This necessitates you having a working knowledge of how to best care for you and your family in the absence of a doctor and to stock up on alternative medical resources. Also if it were a panepidemic situation, do you really want to be out there with all the potentially infected people? The last thing we want is violence we have purchased extra food to be able to share and help, but will resist force. Keep in mind that this kit is a work in progress and we would greatly appreciate any input you could give us.
You need to plan your trip with a realistic assessment of your physical capabilities, and that means carrying 1 or 2 liters of water and the means to get more on the way. Such statics mean that in dire circumstances you’ll be surrounded by more death, more disease, more crime, more want, more waste, and more desperation—none of which is ideal for safe and comfortable self-reliant living. Thus the sooner you make the decision to evacuate the better before gridlock compounds your problem of safety; and I would certainly be sure to be very familiar with the back roads instead of the main roads as well.
Be sure you, your family members, and close friends are all familiar with the contingency plan for when you are displaced from your city home and most importantly be sure that ALL of your family members are aware of this plan in the event you get separated for whatever reason.
I absolutely agree with your article's content and suggestions about preparedness but do not agree that survival in place is hopeless. As I talked to other people about their plans, they ALL depend on everyone being home when a€?ita€? happens.
If you want to contribute to this site and the prepping community at large, offer your feedback below. Short of a nuclear blast there is nothing that is going to make me give up on the house and my neighbors. With its high filtration capacity, it’s far more cost effective in the long run (the Berkey filters have to be replaced periodically), so take your pick. Keep your fuel tank full as much as possible (and always above half at least) with an extra canister of fuel that you rotate each time you fill up, plus keep your car in good working condition, complete with a spare tire and the skills to change it. There are dangers in everyones location and we should prepare for them and yes even the unspeakable ones. Everybody should be good for the first few weeks before the shit gets too deep, then it will be time to reassess the situation and implement the necessary plans for continued survival. If such an option is not viable for you then I suggest you make friends with the likeminded folks who are a part of our blog here or our Facebook Group as well as other similar groups available throughout the internet.
Thank you for your article as it helps people in the preparedness community plan their actions before acting on their plans.
It's nice to think that we'll have advanced notice because our super-prepper powers keep us aware of things others would ignore, but it's simply not true. In addition, all of them miss one of the seven key factors for helping you create the perfect survival plan.The Perfect Survival Plan should bea€¦. Otherwise, someone somewhere is liable to say, “Hey, remember such-and-such from work who has food and supplies stockpiled? I also am consistent in plugging my cell phone in the charger in the car when I get in, even though it doesn’t need it. While you may not have a lot of these kinds of supplies in a “Bug Out Bags” I suggest you storing these kinds of items in larger containers that you can easily grab on your way out.
I will be the first one to tell you, I have some preps, after I watched the earthquake, tsunami and subsequent radiological disaster in Japan I decided that shit was not going to happen to me. I looked around the house, took stock and picked up on the basics needed to stay safe and healthy for a month.
Shooting Looters On Sight – We’ve all seen those looters will be shot signs, but there are three reasons why this is a bad idea: 1) It advertises the fact that you have guns. Because if I do run into trouble I want to have the strongest possible battery in the event I’ve got to go a long time without the opportunity to recharge. Many a€?expertsa€? seem to think city dwellers are doomed if they dona€™t have a fully stocked rural retreat. After seeing on the news with the government flying in Ebola patients I wanted to be able to close the doors and not open them for 6 months. During the summer some of the water in the jug dissipates, but I am certain to always refill it. Now just watching the news with everything that is going on, on all fronts 6 months is not enough. Understand that there may very well come a time when travel is forbidden under the “wrong” circumstances. I’m getting into gardening, and learning to live off grid as well as learning some basic first aid skills.
This is yet another reason why getting out of the city sooner rather than later is a favorable strategy.
As I said I will be the first person to tell everyone this information because nearly everyone I speak to realizes I’m not a nut job waiting for the zombie apocalypse but someone who is concerned enough by what I see happening in the world around me to take steps and they come to the conclusion they should do the same. Keep in mind that any plan to relocate elsewhere must be supplemented by the resources you need to do so. A half tank of gas won’t get you from Ohio to Idaho, of course, and it’s unlikely that in such a scenario you’ll have unfettered access to more fuel. So either plan on taking your needed fuel with you, or be sure your place of refuge is realistic for the distance you’re able to travel safely in your vehicle or on foot—which brings a whole other set of considerations—tune in later for more on this topic. Breaking the Law – If you see people breaking through store windows and grabbing everything they can, you might be tempted to grab your share. You could get trampled in a riot, caught in a building that’s on fire, or attacked by someone even greedier than you are. I didna€™t need half of the stuff I had, and the things I was missing were inexpensive and useful regardless of whether or not I ever actually had to survive a disaster.To top it off, Ia€™d been confusing a€?survivala€? with a€?primitive livinga€?, which are two completely different skill sets.
I pity the fool who decides to grind wheat and bake bread 21 days into an urban survival situation.
That smell will draw the a€?zombiesa€? in from blocks away and hunger will be the least of his problems!The biggest part that they helped me with wasna€™t a€?stuffa€?. Most of them thought that fancy survival a€?stuffa€? was just a crutch to compensate for a lack of a solid plan. Neglecting Home Security – If your plan is to shelter in place, have you thought about how to make your home safe from intruders? Burglaries skyrocket during disasters, but there are many things you can do to deter burglars and make your home safer.
Dona€™t you agree?They showed me how to ruthlessly go through my plan, find the vulnerabilities, and fix them through proper planning rather than by throwing money at the problem.
You’re much better off taking these precautions than planning on shooting anyone that sets foot on your property. I was the only person they knew whoa€™d gone through the trouble to contact so many experts and create my own logical written survival plan.
Ia€™ve got to work to put food on the table and it got to where I couldna€™t keep being everyonea€™s survival research department. However, there are certain situations where you must bug out, and ignoring them could be deadly.
I quickly realized that I was either going to have to put together a training system to help them or stop answering my phone and email.Second, Ia€™ll be honest with you. As for other scenarios, take your location and your preps into account and ask yourself what your bug out triggers are. Fortunately, Ia€™m going to show you how you can get access to all of this research in just a few minutes.When you sign up, you wona€™t be alone. The last thing you want to do is advertise your preparations to your neighbors and make yourself a target. Then check out these similar articles: 7 Worst Rookie Prepper Mistakes 10 Common Prepping Mistakes To Avoid 9 Urban Survival Skills That Could Save Your Life Don’t forget to like us on Facebook (button below) to get new posts in your feed every single day!
What you need is a practical weekly a€?herea€™s what you do nexta€? action step to complete. There is a very real problem these days with a€?information overloada€? where the reader simply has too much information to absorb.
Instead of giving you the usual a€?this is what Ia€™ve done and why Ia€™m so coola€? stuff, Ia€™m giving you a€?this is what you do nexta€? stuff!
From there, wea€™ll move into intermediate and then advanced tactics for surviving in an urban setting. Beginners wona€™t get lost from the start and veterans wona€™t get bored as Ia€™ll throw in some golden nuggets along the way for our experienced crowd. As you train your brain and acquire simple skills, youa€™ll actually be able to see yourself growing step-by-step because youa€™ll be following a systematic, weekly plan of action. Everything you need to understand the concepts and get started is included in just a few short pages.The format is simple - Lesson number one will explain a basic overview of the concept of Urban Survival and why you need to prepare for it, regardless of how well stocked your retreat location is.
While you and I have probably never met, we are brothers under the skin and Ia€™m telling you therea€™s information here that you dona€™t have, but that may very well mean the difference between life and death in a survival situation.As much as youa€™ve dug into this topic, some of the most valuable information that Ia€™m going to share with you has been very well hidden. And some of it you just havena€™t had time to look into or figure out.I have been fortunate enough to spend almost all of my waking hours researching, interviewing, training, and testing since late 2008, but you dona€™t have to. Ia€™m offering you a shortcut to the information that maybe you could find out if you had access to the same expert sources, time, and money that I have invested to compile and test all of this vital information. In fact, Ia€™m going to give it all to you on a nice shiny silver platter.Want to know the best part?
Check this out-The complete Survive In Place Urban Survival program is just $27 per month for 3 months a single payment of just $47 and ita€™s backed by a 100% FULL satisfaction guarantee.
Here are a few examples and Ia€™ve included 81 (EIGHTY ONE!!) more at the bottom of this page:a€?Excellent advice!a€?a€?Excellent advice! Thanks!!a€? a€“ Phila€?As law enforcement officer of 24 years with lots of time in SWAT and undercover narcotics, I appreciated reading this.
Ia€™ve included valuable information from over a dozen survival, firearms, and medical courses that cost $300-$2000 APIECE. So, in keeping your guard up with a a€?suspicious minda€? youa€™d have to ask the question, right?
Well, truthfully, there is a catcha€¦This low pricing is a VERY limited testa€¦and wona€™t be around for long.Ia€™ve sold this course in packages ranging from $81 to $200, but not everyone can afford that price and we NEED to get this information out. So, Ia€™m going to do a limited time test to see if I can keep putting food on the table if I drop the price down to $47. So, I just want to be up front with you and let you know that if you leave without taking advantage of this offer, it will probably be more expensive when you come back later.As if that werena€™t enougha€¦You Get $91 in Valuable Bonuses FREE By Taking Action Today!Simply try the Survive In Place Urban Survival Guide today and get these amazing bonuses. Anything that you download is yours to keep.BONUS #1 a€“a€?Regaining Privacy Onlinea€?This is my critically-acclaimed book on how to remove yourself from over 40 online directories that are currently giving away your personal information online.
With armed house invaders increasingly using the internet to find their next victim, ita€™s a foolish break in operational security to have your personal information posted on the internet.

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