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12 – сантиметровое острое лезвие прекрасно подходят для самых разных работ, начинаю от рубки ветвей и до ювелирного разделывания форели. Based off of Gerber's original Ultimate Fixed Blade, the new Ultimate Pro Fixed Blade takes the Survival category to another level.
The EKA FireSharp is highly recommended for armies, survival experts, hunters, fishermen and campers. The sharpener with crossed carbide blades provides a quick edge setting, while the crossed ceramic blades provide a razor sharp edge.

Featuring a full fine edge and an easily accessible carbide pull-through sharpener integrated into the sheath, the Ultimate Pro will always be sharp when you need it most. The Fire Starter consists of 1 foldable Fire Steel and 1 mobile striker to makes fire building easy in any weather, at any altitude.
Fungerar lika bra som kamerastativ, du skruvar bort klykan och har skruven till kamerafäset. The vertically mounted ferrocerium fire starter is sure to provide a spark in all conditions while the updated whistle ensures you'll always be heard.

Bear's Priorities of Survival Pocket Guide fits securely in the sheath, making this the ultimate in survival gear.

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