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Communication has become an integral part of our everyday life in the competitive modern age. Effective communication refers to the process of sharing information between two or more entities which leads to the desired outcome. 1.Nonverbal communication includes the effective use of body language to express a desired meaning or message.
2.Attentive listening not only includes understanding what the other person says, but also understanding the meaning and the messages implied along with it as well.
A message casually sent out does not mean communication, unless it is understood well enough by the receiving party.
Activities, from basic things like cooking and giving exams to more complex ones like running an organisation and formulating laws and regulations all depend on communication. The information shared is conveyed and received efficiently without the intended meaning being distorted or changed. It includes facial expressions, movement of body parts like hand and legs, eye contact, posture and tone of voice. It leads to better and effective understanding among the entities and clarity in sharing information. It leads to understanding among the entities as to how they perceive others and how others perceive them.
It includes not just activities like meditation, reading or exercise, but also emotional control and quick response to stress. Activities can be carried out efficiently only if the communication flow is smooth and unhindered. These skills often need to be learned and applied in everyday situations to have the desired outcome.
I am studying Communication and Culture as a course this year in school and I have learnt beneficial and beautiful information I am going to share here.
Messages are transmitted verbally (sounds), with discreet symbols (words, print), or using non-verbal cues (gesture, color, touch, clothing, pitch of voice, facial expressions). Interactions are symmetrical (act in the same way) or complimentary (act in opposing ways). Hence, the message should be framed well enough before sharing it, to ensure that it is received and understood well by the receiver.
It includes skills like non-verbal communication, attentive listening, ability to understand and to control one’s own emotions and managing stress. For example, while interacting with colleagues, a cross-handed posture implies that the person is defensive and unwilling to accommodate other people’s opinions.
It also negates any kind of negative emotions so as to create a safe and healthy environment for communication.

Effective communication becomes ineffective if the entities are too emotional or out of touch with others emotions.
It helps us develop and sustain meaningful relationships satisfying the need for inclusion, control and affection (needs of humans are postulated by Psychologist, William Schutz). The reaction for this is either confirmation, rejection or disconfirmation (telling people off as nonetities). That only means effective communication.Effective Communication always gets positive response.
For example, paying attention during meetings helps in understanding the content and the implied message. If he or she likes music then listening to a particular type of music can help in relieving stress. For example, if a colleague disagrees with a certain plan or strategy, understanding his emotional state can help in convincing him otherwise.
While the means of communication may change due to evolving technology, effective communication still remains as the foundation for executing work. For that, a businessman should have good communication skills, which will help him to send his message out loud and clear. The data is sent to the main office, which is usually located at a distance from the polling stations. The data is sent at regular intervals via a medium like telephone which is entered into the computer system in a given format by the people in the office. This data is sent for analysis to a programmer who interprets it and sends it back to the office as the final report. It is well known that all successful businessmen in the world have strong communication skills and today their position is enough to do the talking. The data has to be sent unadulterated from the polling station to the office and then to the programmer. So selecting the right set of words backed by a strong voice can help you go a long way.Lead your employeesYour employees are the ones who will play a major role in your way towards success.
If there are mistakes while sending the data, then there will be errors in the entire report.
For this, it is essential that you efficiently communicate your thoughts, goals and plans to them. It is only then, that they will understand your motto and will work with dedication and will ensure success in your business.MotivationMotivation plays a very important role in the functioning of any organization. So, if you wish great success for your business, it is extremely essential that you empower and motivate your employees time to time and correctly. This will inspire them and make them work even harder.HOW CAN ONE IMPROVISE ONES SKILLSYour communication skills will not improve at the blink of the eye.

Developing a good hand over communication takes constant effort and building of confidence. But it requires training in the direction, which will help you master your skills faster.First is, know where and which part of communication you are lagging behind. Analyze how you plan to work on them.Next, after checking where you lack, make sure you take the right steps of practice.
Taking professional help is always better.Following these guidelines, it is very sure that you will be able to master your communication skills. Whether you want to have better conversations in your social life or get your ideas across at work better, we bring to you some essential tips for learning to communicate more effectively:10. Getting Rid of Unnecessary Conversation Fillers:Using fillers in your conversations, gives an impression that you are not confident of what you are speaking. Have a Script for Small talk and other occasions:Not many people have mastered the art of small talk. For the inevitable, awkward silences with people you hardly know, this helps to have a plan. This method might help you come up with topics to discuss and you can also turn small talk into conversation by sharing information that could help you and the other person find common ground.7.
Ask Questions and Repeat the other person:We all get annoyed when someone else talks or mishear the other person. Put Away the Distractions:Most of us use our phones when someone is talking to us, which is pretty rude! Tailor your Message:One of the best signs of a good communication is that the efficient communicators adjust how they talk to different sets of people. Try keeping the other person’s  perspective in mind when you try to get your message across.3. Of course be clear, concise, concrete, complete, coherent, correct and courteous – the 7 Cs of communication!2.
Practice taking the opposing and contradicting viewpoint so you can reduce the difficulty and anxiety that sometimes arises when trying to truly communicate with others. Develop empathy, which will help you better understand even the unspoken parts of your communication with others.
Listening To What the other person is saying:Finally the best thing to improve your communication skills is to learn to listen! When you listen to others, you too will be listened to!These are the simple rules you need to follow while conversing.

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