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When asked to write something about “American English”, my first thought was “American English?
I first discovered Labov’s work in particular while researching my own book about language and identity. But one surprise did come when he compared the difference in how much different classes “corrected” themselves. Imagine my surprise on coming to graduate school in Oxford, years later, and being considered the local southerner; people told me again and again they could hear a southern accent in me that I couldn’t hear in myself.
I spent 10 weeks in Long Island, New York when I was sixteen and since I already could communicate fairly well in English I benefited from my stay by acquiring a good American accent (in my opinion and that of others). I spent my earliest linguistic years in Georgia and then moved to rural North Carolina at age 7, where everyone made fun of my accent. However, when I spent a week in London, as someone who is good at accents and also a long time viewer of a variety of BBC TV shows, I had to actually work to stop myself from automatically repeating back the London accent I heard around me. In this weekly post, we bring more useful content from the Macmillan Dictionary to English language learners.
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Spoiler warning!This article may contain plot details about the game, anime and other media.
Laito Sakamaki (?? ??? Sakamaki Raito) is the fifth son (biologically the third) of the Sakamaki household.
Laito has shoulder-length reddish-brown hair, with a lighter blondish color to the tips, a mole on the right side of his chin, and green eyes just like his triplet brother, Ayato. In Haunted Dark Bridal, Laito usually wears an unzipped blue hoodie with white cuffed sleeves over a striped sweater with sleeves that almost cover his hands and an white dress shirt with a red tie. In MORE,BLOOD, Laito wears a white dress shirt with a grey vest and two scarves, one white and one black. His school uniform consists of the black uniform jacket over a red jacket that has fur bordering the hood. However, his personality suddenly changes when something goes against his wishes and when Yui is too defiant around him. Laito takes pleasures in making Yui do what she refuses to do and then to make her enjoy what she hates.
Young Laito Laito is the youngest triplet, with Ayato being the oldest and Kanato being the middle. Since he saw her as a lover, he couldn't avoid looking at things she did with other men as cheating on him. When Cordelia was attacked by Ayato and ran to Laito for help, he pushed her off the balcony in response. He calls her "Bitch-chan" which he actually means "little bitch" and always get in her way just to drink her blood by perverted means. Just like Ayato, Kanato is part of the triplets together with Laito, and they too share a strained a relationship. Like all vampires, he has an inhuman strength as well as increased speed, increased vision and hearing, and smell.

Along with his siblings, he appears to be capable of teleporting from nowhere in an instant.
Like all vampires, he gets slightly weakened by holy objects but this only enrages him more.
Since he is a pure born vampire, he can only die if his head is cut off, however if his body is too damaged to heal fast enough it might also be life threatening even if not directly. Perhaps this is a good point to stop and ask this question again: What is American English?
What’s that?” The language spoken between Florida and Alaska is a messy thing, internally divided by almost as many features as it is divided as a whole from British, Irish or South African English. One of the founding fathers of sociolinguistics, Labov sought to explain variation in American English. He found that the “r-dropping” characteristic of that accent was more common in a lower-end department store than in a higher-end one. I think that the variation that Labov and others put their finger on is so interesting because mobility is such a key aspect of the American life, both geographical mobility and, at least in our American dreams, social.
I had half-worried that my southern family back home would really disown me if they heard me come out with a “queue” or a “motorway”.
It hasn’t left too much of an imprint on the way I speak, except that I probably speak faster than I do down South. In a way, I’m a perfect American, just like that Italian-American from Michigan Madonna is a perfect American, with the half-British diction she’s been mocked back home for after years of living in England. Midwestern sounding, however people here don’t realize there is a California accent too.
Laito, along with Kanato and Ayato, the triplets, are the sons of Cordelia and Karlheinz, the Vampire King. He has fair skin and is usually seen in a pose where he holds the tip of his hat as it looks like he is trying to pull it down. He doesn't like it when the heroine disobeys his orders and he often punishes her because of that.
He is an open pervert type of character and also a voyeur, which makes him wish to share his prey with others and enjoy seeing her get messed up by others, but then he becomes possessive and jealous and punishes her for it. Even though he was born first, the order of the triplets is determined by an old Japanese tradition where the last one to be born in a multiple birth is considered the oldest, making him the fifth son. The overall shock and the situation ended up with Laito becoming perverted and not having a clear understanding of love. Laito has an unclear understanding of love by believing it largely to be lust which he tries to explain to Yui.
She taught him how love is different in other ways and not the normal way of teaching, and thus "having sex with a woman" is his mindset of love.
They were seen as close when they were children, making a game of catching bats with Ayato however, they later grew apart. This time the answer comes from Robert Lane Greene, journalist, blogger and author of a soon to be published (and now thoroughly copy-edited) book, You Are What You Speak, about language and identity.
His master’s thesis was on a distinctive vowel on Martha’s Vineyard, the storied island off the coast of Massachusetts. But the lower-middle class corrected themselves even more than the upper-middle class did, relatively speaking.

But the triangular trip from the south to England to the northeastern United States has made it so that when I think about it for just a second, everything sounds foreign or put on—including myself.
He also found that if he asked them to repeat themselves, pretending he hadn’t heard, the r was more likely to appear the second time.
Labov posited “hypercorrection”—the aspiration of those in a lower-status group to try to sound more upper-class.
People also do move up and down the social ladder, and even those who don’t think they can and will. I settled down into a lightly southern-inflected English there, with a Georgia-born father who said rassle and brefuss (for “wrestle” and “breakfast”) pulling me in one direction, and a Wisconsin-born mother pulling me in the other. Coltrane – the class differences in southern accents are underappreciated by outsiders) to the mixed bag of Brits and foreigners at my college. My wife, Scandinavian, often says that I get more southern when I get excited or strident (or when I have a few drinks).
But to me it seems poignantly and particularly American, with physical movement and social aspiration so big part of the national story. Ayato had the purpose to be the heir, Kanato was a singer for Cordelia, yet he had no purpose at all.
Later Cordelia went to see him and told him that she was now having entertainment with someone else, and that all this time, Laito wasn't any special for her among all the other men. Because of Cordelia demanding to him to do it with her, he grew to "love" his mother, but he was quite uncomfortable yet okay with it, as if the feelings of "love" were confusing for him.
Despite being the eldest biologically, Laito still views Ayato as his older brother (he calls him like that in the Radio special from 2012).
Another such look at American English can be had for around $750 from Mouton de Gruyter, the 2005 Atlas of North American English by William Labov, Sharon Ash and Charles Boberg.
It turned out to be a sociological variable: that those with the strongest attachment to the island’s traditional ways—often fisherman annoyed with the “summer people” who had recently discovered the island’s charms—moved their accent further in the direction of the traditional one, probably unconsciously. Those already in the upper-middle class were more content with where they were, r-dropping and all. But friends sometimes ask me why I don’t have a southern accent, and all of a sudden I truly can’t sound neutral to myself; either I sound too Yankee or too southern, and nothing is me. An American can be someone who says y’all come back or foath floah, or, just as easily, someone who has tried them both and more.
Anyhow, I’ve been teaching English for many years, therefore my pronunciation has become more careful but I would have never expected anybody to say I had an English accent and that’s what a young British colleague said to me a few days ago!
In the end, Cordelia begged Laito to kill Ayato when he attacked her, but he couldn’t do that and instead pushed her over the balcony. They enjoy doing mischief together but usually Ayato doesn't handle it well when Laito gets too happy and aroused by watching him suck blood from someone.
He further went on, in separate testing, to show that the r appeared more often when people read words off of a list and did other formal tests than when they spoke spontaneously.
Laito is quite cynic about love and thinks Ayato has always been too sheltered and views him as a spoiled brat that needs to face the reality.

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