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The Survival Pod is a perfect gift for your a fishing enthusiast or backwoods hiker or skier. With the 7 feet of paracord, you can use the inner strands to make a fishing net or use the outer strands to wrap a knife handle. In the future, taxi cabs will be a lonely ride.  That is, if the British-designed Personal Rapid Transport (PRT) system takes over the current crop of urban commute vehicles, as its creators are envisioning.
Designed to work on specialized roads reserved for them, the space age pods are intended to work without any drivers, delivering passengers to specified locations all on their own.  At its current state, the PRTs can only bring customers to locations within the Heathrow Airport, but future evolutions might see it expand its services to wider destinations (provided they manage to put together the infrastructure for it). The new transportation system was unveiled at the Science Museum in London recently, and touted as an early precursor for automated taxi solutions.  Laden with a bubble shape that brings to mind concept vehicles from science fiction films, each pod can seat four people and travel at up to 25mph.

Developed by Professor Martin Lowson, whose previous work included the Saturn V Rocket, and the Bristol-based Advanced Transport Systems, the taxi pods will get a chance to demonstrate their viability beginning  in 2010.  Eighteen of the vehicles are scheduled to debut at the Heathrow Airport, shuttling passengers between various car parks and Terminal 5. By creating an account at MCS USA you will be able to shop faster, be up to date on an orders status, and keep track of the orders you have previously made. The carabiner and paracord are useful on their own; but with the other accessories, this set is a lifesaving gem. The carabiner gives you even more uses, like hanging a kettle over a fire or creating a snare.
Comes with custom electronic trigger that can fire in semi-auto, 3 shot burst and full auto modes.

Wrapped up in 7 feet of 350-pound paracord is a useful set of fishing gear and cooking supplies, too.
You can not only use the 7 feet of paracord for over 100 uses, but you can also go fishing and prepare your meal without the conveniences of a modern kitchen. The tinfoil, razor, and fishing accessories, you can improvise to meet any emergency needs you might encounter.

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