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Emirati car culture seems to be focused on two things: ludicrously fast supercars and dune-crushing off-roaders.
Though only renderings have been shown so far, according to Zarooq director Mohammed Al Qadi, the chassis and engine have been developed and the car is set to debut fully early in 2016. What's New, NowToday in Gear: August 15, 2016A new streetwear-meets-travel bag collab by some of the greats, stoneware you'll want to stock up on quickly, a 20th anniversary double IPA and much more. The Bowlus Road Chief Limited Edition Lithium+The Original Travel Trailer, Made NewThe Bowlus Road Chief was the original travel trailer.
More: Pebble Beach BeautiesThese Boots Are Made For Ridin'Low Key Motorcycle Boots for the Casual RideThey don't have to be knee high, tactical or shiny. More: MotoringSlip On, Drive Off6 Stylish Driving MoccasinsSlim, comfortable and grippy — if you're looking for the perfect driving shoe, look no further than the classic driving moccasin.
More: Italian Car Design"Where We're Going, We Don't Need Roads"6 Great Adventure MotorcyclesThe popularity of adventure motorcycles is growing. Sentri, a home security system funded in part by Microsoft Ventures, plays host to most of the usual smart home features — motion detection, air quality monitoring, microphones and speakers, etc. This Seattle-made hoodie is weather resistant, can handle a beating and is great for a casual Saturday at home.
Vintage Industrial’s furniture is crafted from a mishmash of reclaimed, American-manufactured and sustainably sourced materials. Stop what you’re doing and look at this 14,000 RPM-redline sports bike from the Tokyo Motor Show. The Gear You MissedThis Week in Gear: August 8-12A look back at an entire week's worth of gear. Cities are graveyards for stolen bikes, with bent wheels and ragged frames hanging off anything nailed to the ground.
Most Innovative Shackle: Blackburn makes a variety of bike accoutrements, from bags and multi-tools to saddles and lights. Best U-Lock: With its yellow and black vinyl coating, the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini is as ubiquitous as it is battle-ready. Best Accessory to a Lock: Though not meant to be used solo, the KryptoFlex cable gives added security to a bike already socked in with a U-lock. Best Handcuff-Inspired Lock: Though the main deterrent of the Street Cuffs maybe be the hope that thieves will be frightened by the mere sight of handcuffs, these are also pretty tough thanks to hardened laminated steel and a pivoting link that makes them extremely difficult to break with a lever.
Funkiest Lock: Australia-based Knog makes a range of design-forward bike products, including lights, computers and bags.
Best Skewer Lock: The second product of German engineering on this list, Pitlock makes what is arguably the best system of locks for wheels, seats, top caps and disc brake calipers.
Best Lock Alternative: Want added protection, or like the idea of having your bike stolen and then tracking down the thief for some vigilante justice? More: Staff FavoritesThese Boots Are Made For Ridin'Low Key Motorcycle Boots for the Casual RideThey don't have to be knee high, tactical or shiny. More: Health and FitnessCooking 10120 Essential Kitchen Tools Under $20Build the perfect kitchen with tools and gadgets that get the job done, but won't break the bank. Bringing the expected gaming controller feel to the iPhone, this plug and play two-parter provides every button and joystick you’ll need to race little cars and build little armies and cut fruit in half with katanas. Super collapsible and built to take on large loads in many configurations, the Cargo Hauler features easy-grab handles of all kinds and shoulder straps for longer hauls. A group of Concorde enthusiasts think its feasible to get the old jet airworthy again, but a Concorde captain of 25 years strongly disagrees. Great Products, Great PricesDeals of Note: August 15, 2016How to save on Cole Haan Zerogrand wingtips, a wi-fi extender and a Herschel Supply duffel. More: 5 Great New Cameras of 2016Extra Safe for When You Go in the Drink3 Bags That Will Protect Your Camera and Keep It DryWhether you're headed to the mountain or the river, these three camera bags will keep your gear safe and sound. More: DSLR NecessitiesSharp Shooters5 Great Cameras, Field Tested and ReviewedFrom Canon to Sony, with every Leica in between.
More: Action CamerasThe Leica M-DIs There an Argument for a $6,000 Digital Camera with No Screen?Merging the convenience of digital photography and the serenity of shooting film. More: Camera AccessoriesTake Better PhotosQuick Essentials for Your DSLRTools for the photographer in pursuit of perfect photos. Save $86: The most dangerous tool in the kitchen is a dull knife, and these two Global knives will ensure your chopping, slicing and cutting stay precise.
Great Products, Great PricesDeals of Note: August 8, 2016How to save on a wireless Bluetooth speaker, a smart TV and APL running sneakers. Great Products, Great PricesDeals of Note: August 5, 2016How to save on Bose noise-canceling headphones, a Garmin smartwatch and Billy Reid x K Swiss sneakers. Feature StoryEDC Three Ways3 Perfect Valet Trays, CuratedA place to put your favorite goods. While anything on two wheels works for an extended journey, there are certain motorcycles that are better equipped for the long haul. The concept behind the sport touring motorcycle boils down to farkling your favorite superbike. Any BMW boxer engine is a beauty to behold, and all new in 2014, the air-to-water-cooled unit lying low and exposed in the new R1200 RT is BMW’s finest yet.

Tracing its roots from the world of superbikes, the Yamaha FJR1300 ES excels at showing knee-draggers how to carve canyons while lugging enough gear to keep you away for weeks at a time. Combining the mind-blowing engine from the Super Duke R with the formidable chassis from KTM’s already best-in-class Adventure R, the 1290 Super Adventure is easily the most capable adventure bike on the market today. If stump-pulling power isn’t a prerequisite for your long way ‘round, the Triumph Tiger 800 XCx is the best middleweight adventure bike you can buy. With the look and feel of an overlander but a bias towards tearing up tarmac, the adventure sport bike is a relative new breed. We were entirely smitten with Ducati’s last-generation Multistrada, and their mid-cycle refresh is even better.
The Suzuki V-Strom has perpetually offered the biggest bang for your buck in the Adventure Sport class.
They’ve been referred to as rolling couches and pirate ships, but make no mistake: if devouring mile after mile of interstate is your goal, a Bagger is your best choice.
With heated grips, heated seats (front and rear), a powered windshield and 114 years of heritage held between its contact patches, the Indian Roadmaster is poised to give Milwaukee a run for its your money. Considering that, a new UAE auto company called Zarooq Motors should do well with the local gearheads.
Being able to go from asphalt to dirt without sacrificing performance is extremely alluring, and these ADV bikes do it the best. The San Quentin U-Lock is their meatiest lock that isn’t a chain, and its selling point is a hexagonal alloy steel shackle (to prevent the shackle from spinning) with an anti-scratch liner (to prevent said shackle from scuffing) and a dual-bolt lock mechanism. The 18mm hardened steel shackle and oversized steel sleeve covering the crossbar are designed to thwart bolt cutters, and the small size makes prying with a lever downright tricky. Just lace the 10mm braided steel cable onto the shackle and around anything else that a thief might want, like wheels, baskets and Rolex Submariners. While the portability of the Street Cuffs is a definite plus, the small size also means they only lock from frame to anchor of choice — nice for grabbing take-out, but maybe not enough for an overnight. The Beast is one such chain, made of 14mm link titanium reinforced chain coupled with a short shackle u-lock. Consider the TiGr lock, which looks like an avant-garde pair of tongs but is actually a titanium bow covered in clear PVC that, in it’s longer iterations, can lock around a bike frame and both wheels. The skewers lock with a coded nut recessed in a free-rotating housing, which means thieves armed with pliers and vice-grips will just be flummoxed. We don’t advocate the latter, but the tool to do it is Spybike, a GPS tracker that looks like a typical topcap. It should only be used in a pinch, but these 301-stainless-steel tools are engineered for simple, effective triage.
This smoker allows for measured venting and temp control, and uses a 254-square-inch smoking grate to do the work. The mesh pockets are made to drain, there’s a chalk bag loop out back, a knife wedge and a slim cut.
Daisy-chain tie-downs and myriad pockets make packing a breeze, and since the duffel comes in four sizes, you’ll not be wanting for room. Even if you haven’t mastered the skill of shooting while edging down the mountain, the F-Stop bag still looks like a dandy case for lugging all the photography gear you could possibly need. This 6-inch chef knife and 3-inch paring knife are all one really needs in the kitchen (maybe also a bread knife, but only maybe), and they come with Global’s super-sharp, double-beveled edges.
Interior clothing straps and a zip pocket keep items tidy inside and TSA-approved locks keep your case secure when traveling into the urban wild.
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Great Cases, Rolls and Pouches for Traveling With Your WatchesTen ways to keep those timepieces safe and orderly on the go.The Original Gadgets That Inspired the Men Behind Leica, Fender and MoreThe gear that inspired obsessions. These touring motorcycles often feature an upright seating position, panniers, a tall windshield and a large fuel tank. Designed as a high-speed hybrid of sorts, sport touring motorcycles feature side-mounted hard bags for stowage and have a bias towards carving canyons and other technical tarmac.
A MotoGP-derived traction control system modulates each of the 145 available horses to keep you shiny side-up, and the electronic, rider-adjustable suspension settings maintain chassis balance under aggressive maneuvers. With its ability to ride nearly everywhere, this dual-sport tourer is an essential tool for riders looking to escape predictable roads in favor of overlanding through more exotic routes. The 800cc inline triple delivers enough torque to get slideways in the dirt and the all-new ride-by-wire technology unleashes everything in a smooth and predictable fashion. The upright seating positioning and longer travel suspension separates these bikes from the focused “sport” tourers, while sticky street tires and a smaller front hoop limit off-road abilities.
With the introduction of variable valve timing, the big Duc is both more powerful and more efficient than its predecessor, and it still delivers fully customizable, rider-controlled delivery options. Fully festooned with saddlebags, a beer box, backrests, wide front fairings and footboards (no pegs here pal), comfort is rarely a reason to halt your ride.
It’s big (102 inches tip to tail), powerful (115 lb-ft of torque) and comes equipped with more creature features than most mid-size sedans.
Indian’s all-new Thunderstroke engine produces an earth-turning 119 lb-ft of torque that can only be drowned out by the Roadmaster’s 200W stereo system.

The company is building the SandRacer: a svelte, two-door SUV that blends both on-road excitement with monstrous off-roading prowess.
The SandRacer is powered by a mid-mounted 3.5-liter V6 making 304 horsepower and 274 lb-ft of torque sent to the rear wheels by way of a six-speed, paddle-shift, automatic transmission. You craft brews demand Damascus steel and an ergonomically designed hand piece chiseled from aerospace aluminum.
The air is thick with the ghosts of bikes that were stolen completely — Fujis, Treks, Surlys. If the device is armed and detects movement, it’ll alert the owner via text, at which point you can pull up a map on the phone or computer and start tracking.
And what a six months it’s been, from gut-wrenching celebrity deaths to contentious political races and debates, to national tragedies and Brexits. They’re all about the underdog — the artists, boxers, skateboarders and trainers who value simplicity, and who fight harder than everyone else.
Included: six safety pins, four needles, three bandage clips, two tweezers, two serrated blades, one tick fork, one nail scraper. Rider positioning is partially tucked, placing more weight on the wrists to execute transitions as quick as the wind. Combined with the fully active suspension setup, BMW has created a quickness and agility rarely found on bikes of this size. A unified, ABS braking system links two of the eight front-caliper pistons to reign you in evenly, so you can let the guy in the kangaroo onesie by, just to chase him down again. Long travel suspension, crash protection, torquey engines and the ability to serve as a pack mule typify these incredible machines. KTM also integrated four switchable rider modes that work in conjunction with strategically placed sensors and accelerometers to take rider safety to new levels. Four rider modes are standard, as is rider-controlled ABS and a WP suspension setup that is similar to the KTM’s sublime unit (minus the semi-active control). These bikes are an ideal escape machine for riders looking only to flirt with the odd fire-road or logging route while dive-bombing mountain passes and scraping pegs in apexes.
Wheelie control, cornering-specific ABS and integrated cruise control find their way onto the features list while Ducati’s adaptive Skyhook suspension carries over for the S models. Harley Davidson may epitomize the genre, but Honda’s Gold Wing has enjoyed 40 years of success. The car is designed for road use, but Zarooq also has aspirations to start its own one-make desert racing series using racing-tuned versions of the SandRacer.
Toss it in your glovebox or dopp kit and hope you won’t have to Survivor Man your weekend. Removable storage pockets are also included for housing accessories like cords, batteries, and memory cards. The best sport tourers blur the line between track bikes and cruisers to an imperceptible level. Optioned up with advanced rider aids like Dynamic ESA and a host of creature comforts including heated seating and grips, the R1200 RT is the perfect reason to disappear for extended stints. In 2014, potential overlanders made up 24 percent of all bikes sold, and with the two bikes below now in the mix, expect that number to rise. Active lean-angle modulation, hill-hold control and motor slip regulation are just a few of the added e-features that the Super Adventure flaunts to stymie any excuses you may have. The Tiger 800, in XCx trim, is Triumph’s most adept adventure bike to date — which is saying a lot. The new Multistrada is available in multiple trims, with each one tweaked for specific rider desires, making it a true Swiss army knife for Ducatisti everywhere. The seating position is upright, placing riders high in the saddle, but the V-Strom maintains relatively low ground clearance with its low slung motor. That being said, when it comes to the best baggers, our picks are still the home-grown breeds.
It’s water-cooled and employs linked ABS brakes with four-piston Brembo calipers, while still looking every bit the Hog it is.
It features lightweight, ultra-breathable mesh, a slip-resistant rubber outsole, a micro-suede tongue and comes in low and mid versions.
Just in case you were concerned with where your beer fits into all of this, the bag also features a side-access cooler pocket and beverage stash area.
That’s why the touring category is subdivided, and these days, riders can quickly narrow their focus to find a steed to suit their wandering ways. Color options include black, gray and white — nothing flashy, but York Athletics Mfg. The good news is that with a serious lock, proper locking technique and the good sense to take the darn thing inside at night, we’ll all meet again in the bike lane when the sun rises tomorrow.

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