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The above map covers part of Ontario and Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland (but not Labrador). The colour key is a little hard to read on the graphic so I have attempted to reproduce it here. New orange, bright-red and pink varieties add a color twist to the beloved yellow original. Suited for full sun to light shade, cosmos comes in a broad spectrum of warm and cool tones, making it a good choice for just about any location. This durable plant has dense foliage and loads of small, fan-shaped flowers in purple, blue or white. This fast-growing annual, which blooms in late summer and autumn, reaches 6 feet in height. More Top 10sTop 10 Miniature Plants for Small Space GardeningGood things come in small packages with these plant picks. 10 Plants For Bees and Other PollinatorsTry some or all of these bee friendly plants and flowers in your yard to encourage pollination. 9 Little-known HerbsGrow these delicious culinary plants in your flower bed, container garden or windowsill. The Sceletium tortuosum plant, commonly called kanna, is a succulent blooming ground cover used for mass coverage in areas where other plants often fail. According to some info, kanna is used medicinally in its native Cape Provinces of South Africa as a mood elevator and anti-depressant. Unfortunately, kanna plant is not often grown in cultivation and information about kanna plants says it is dying out in the wild. Information about kanna plants indicates it is a low growing shrub related to the ice plant. Once seeds have sprouted and have two sets of true leaves, scoop up the clump, along with a good amount of surrounding soil, and plant out into a small container.
Seedlings need less water and soil should be allowed to dry out slightly between waterings. Seedlings benefit from bright light, but avoid direct sun until the plants are moved outside.

After the long winter of cold and ice, we will be ready to enjoy plants like Agastache ‘Kudos Gold’. As with all gardening zone maps it should only be used as a rough guide for plant hardiness. The darker colour in each temperature range is the colder part and the lighter shade is the warmer area.
Choose from these top heat-tolerant plants for your summer flower garden.Blazing sun have you worked up into a sweat? Fan flower performs best in well-draining soil and has a trailing habit, sprawling out to roughly 3 feet.
The narrow, tubular flowers, often in shades of red, yellow or magenta, entice bees and butterflies. South Africans chew the plant, which is also said to aid in weight loss and to quell the addictions of smoking and alcoholism. One source encourages growers to attempt growing kanna plants so they can be saved from extinction.
Attractive flowers vary in color from white to yellow and occasionally pale orange or pink.
If you are able to acquire already sprouted seedlings, the growth process will move along more quickly. Though this plant is not a cactus, when learning how to care for kanna plant, you’ll find that it benefits from similar care.
The kanna plant can be planted into a bigger container or into similar soil outdoors when all danger of frost is past. Container grown plants can be moved into a greenhouse or garage where temperatures remain above freezing.
We love that it blooms from early spring until autumn and that it is tidy, compact and mildew-resistant.
The plants rated for Zone 3 and sometimes even those rated for Zone 4 may be grown in areas shown as Zone 2 but not all plants rated for Zone 2 can be grown reliably in all parts of Zone 2. Cool off with these fuss-free heat-tolerant plants, tough enough to handle whatever Mother Nature dishes out.

Blanket flower thrives in full sun and well-drained soil, and is sometimes grown as an annual. The crested type resembles a rooster’s comb, which explains the ?ower’s other name, cockscomb. For smaller spaces, there’s a dwarf variety, Fiesta Del Sol, that grows to just 3 feet tall. For a unique variety, look for the Variegata cultivar; its white-edged, blue-green leaves take on a pink tinge in colder weather. Kanna plant care is exacting when plants are young, though becomes minimal as the plants mature. Blooms of the Sceletium tortuosum plant are spiky and appear similar to blooms of the spider mum. With all its wonderful attributes, it begs the question—why isn’t this in every dry, sunny garden? Micro climates, not only in local areas but in different parts of your own property, play a major role in the survival factor of the plants you grow.
Plumed varieties like the one shown at far right unfurl feathery, upright ?owers; pinch back the tips to encourage branching for a showier display.
Should it get a bit worn and tattered, simply cut it back and it will return with more blooms.
Even the fact that a plant survives for several years is no guarantee that it is going to prove to be totally hardy because of variations in growing conditions over any particular season.
We like to see it in large stands in the garden as well as in containers—so to enjoy its fragrance any time. That is part of the excitement and challenge of gardening however, and is a fact of horticultural life no matter what "zone" you are in.

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