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Our collection of 19+ unique varieties of Memorial Tree Urns are a hit with families looking for a way to celebrate life by planting a memorial tree.
If you live or would like to plant a memorial in zones 1, 2, 11, or 12, or if you would prefer a different variety of tree than what we offer, we suggest using our Personal Choice urn.
Never content to leave well enough alone, the USDA and the American Horticultural Society undertook in 2003 another map revision, based on more recent weather data. Established tall fescue lawns are low maintenance and need infrequent mowing and watering, except in very hot summers. Few diseases bother the grass but some rusts and fungus may become a problem, especially in new lawns.
Older lawns may develop empty patches and it may become necessary to sow seed again in fall to rejuvenate a patchy sod. Do you want to incorporate shrubs into the landscape but find that most of your space is limited by shade?
Carolina allspice – Carolina allspice is a shade-loving shrub that not only adds interest with its reddish-purple flowers, but this shrub also emits a pleasant spicy aroma. Viburnum – Viburnum shrubs not only provide attractive, fragrant blooms but are also tolerant of shade.
Witch hazel – A rather large shrub but highly fragrant and exceptional for shade, is the witch hazel.
Juneberry – If you want to brighten areas of light shade, consider the Juneberry shrub. Yew shrubs – Yew shrubs can provide a pleasant background for light-colored foliage plants and flowers.
Barberry – Perhaps not a good shrub for those having little ones, the barberry enjoys partial shade and happily thrives in a number of growing conditions. While I personally love them, many people consider wild strawberry plants (Fragaria spp.) as nothing more than weeds—weeds that they want gone! While physical removal is not that hard, the number of runners can link plants several feet away, making it difficult to get all of them. How do you get rid of wild strawberries growing in a lawn without the use of potentially harmful chemicals?
Corn gluten meal – Corn meal is an organic weed preventive that can discourage new sprouts of wild strawberries.
Spot treatments of wild strawberry herbicide is probably one of the most effective means of getting rid of wild strawberry patches. The most effective types for use on wild strawberries generally contain three different herbicides (called three-way herbicides), such as Trimec.
Now that you know how to get rid of wild strawberries, with or without the use of chemicals, you can enjoy a weed-free lawn. Commonly named for the attractive, exfoliating bark of the species, growing ninebark shrubs is simple. Though the Physocarpus ninebark family is small, ninebark shrub info indicates there is a cultivar for every landscape. Learning how to grow a ninebark bush includes the proper location and correct planting of the ninebark bush. Established ninebark shrubs are drought tolerant and can thrive with only occasional watering and limited fertilization in spring with a balanced fertilizer as part of ninebark shrub care.

Pruning for shape and thinning inner branches will likely be all that is necessary to keep growing ninebark shrubs healthy and attractive. These small, earth-conscious urns contain tree seeds in the lid, hold 35 cubic inches of cremated remains, and are buried (i.e.
But we can help you begin to pinpoint the right memorial tree by organizing these tree seed urns by state and planting zone, which is what we have done below. This unit comes with the same biodegradable and eco-friendly plant matter which will neutralize the effects of the remains, but includes an area within the lid which will allow you to insert the seeds of your choice, creating a completely personalized memorial tree in honor of your loved one. Cobb county and above became Zone 7a and everything below that point down to Macon became Zone 7b.
According to that map, most of Georgia falls into Zone 8 with only mountainous north Georgia remaining Zone 7.
My bottom line answer is that most plant labels refer to the 1960 USDA map, which puts the northern half of the state in Zone 7. It is the most common lawn grass in California and useful from the Pacific Northwest to the southern states. Tall fescue grass is one such sod grass and it also has low mowing and fertilization needs. The plant is available in numerous cultivars, many of which resemble fine fescue but have wider leaf blades. While you may find numerous varieties to choose from, the climbing variety will add height when trained on a trellis or similar structure.
These shrubs are especially suited to woodland gardens, opening up dark areas with their white blooms. This lovely shade-loving shrub is covered with masses of small white flowers in the spring followed by small reddish-purple berries later on. This shade-loving shrub is most noteworthy for its thorny stems and red berries but some varieties also produce spectacular yellow blooms.
These evergreen shade lovers bloom in later winter or early spring in shades of red, pink, white, or bicolor. So if you happen to be one of these people and want to learn how to get rid of wild strawberries, keep on reading.
Wild strawberries are perennial, which means they survive winter and will happily return the following season. In addition, it may also kill the surrounding grass, so applying it in the lawn may be tricky. Since wild strawberry weeds (and other broadleaf types) are more susceptible to herbicides when they are actively growing, it is better to wait until temperatures cool off—with mid-spring or early fall applications being the best time. You should also wait until there is rain to stimulate the weeds growth before applying an herbicide, but don’t apply during rain to avoid runoff.
Learning how to grow a ninebark bush successfully is primarily in the location and soil you choose. Gently fill in around the roots to make sure there are no air pockets and water well until established. With correct ninebark shrub care, the species reaches 6 to 10 feet in height and 6 to 8 feet in height. This map will give you a good idea of whether a particular tree will work well in the intended area, but we do advise checking with local experts to ensure that the tree will grow well and that it will be a healthy addition to the indigenous plants native to the region.

This option enables you to plant a living memorial in just about any state or region imaginable. I recommend plants labeled to grow in Zone 7 and warmer and I think most gardeners will have success with them. Tall fescue maintenance is a dream for the lazy gardener because it needs infrequent mowing and has low nutrient needs. There are actually many beautiful, shade-loving shrubs that thrive in anything from dappled to heavy shade. Even if you opt for the more shrubby variety, this shade lover should be placed close by, where its fragrance can be better appreciated.
They are evergreen, which will provide year-round interest, but it’s their intensely fragrant, white flowers that really steal the show. Their clustered, summer-flowering blooms are spectacular, and there are many varieties in shades of pink, blue, and white.
These shade-loving shrubs are loved for their colorful blooms and interesting, evergreen foliage.
In addition to spreading through runners, new plants can also start from seed, which may be dropped by birds or other animals that have eaten the fruits. The Physocarpus ninebark, a North American native, prefers a soil that is only slightly acidic. Make sure the crown of the ninebark is even with the top of the soil surrounding the planting area.
Allow room for the well-branching shrub to spread out when planting in the landscape, as ninebark shrub care does not necessarily include heavy pruning. Utilizing a special biodegradable and eco-friendly mixture which neutralizes the ph found in cremated ashes, these urns actually incorporate the remains into the growth process for the memorial tree. Shrubs have many uses in the landscape such as foundation plantings, privacy hedges, and specimen plants. Hydrangea shrubs work well in woodland gardens, informal borders, and as specimen plantings.
As with any type of chemical control, these must be used with care, so read and follow all label instructions. The grass is a perennial bunch grass which establishes quickly and is low maintenance in appropriate locations.
Therefore, improving any drainage issues and aerating the lawn when necessary will help reduce their appeal to your lawn. If you are in a temperate to warm region, learn how to grow tall fescue as an easy turf grass alternative. Tall fescue grass is a bunch grass and established lawns may eventually have die out in some areas, requiring spring reseeding.

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