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When my nephew got married this spring in his bride’s home state of Hawaii, I had the pleasure of traveling there for the big event. Besides the beaches and mountains and, of course, the beauty of the bride, one of the things that impressed me was being able to walk around outside and see plants that we know only as houseplants. It had never occurred to me that the plants we tend so carefully inside actually live in the wild (or at least in an outdoor garden) somewhere else in the world. Not all of the plants that you see in this article are native to Hawaii, but the climate there supports growing them outside in arboretums. Philodendron is a houseplant that does very well for me, but outdoors it can get woody stems and grow as large as a person.
I grow some sedum in pots indoors, but mostly I try to grow it outdoors between stepping stones in my garden. I’ll never forget how shocked I was when I moved to London and walked down the street past a hedge of fuchsia in full bloom.

In an nonbotanical vein, someone once told me about growing up in a country where squirrels were found only in zoos; she was astonished to see them roaming wild in America. I agree with Anne, when in San Fran this year I saw more than a fair share of HUGE houseplants. I’m so glad there are people who understand my fascination with seeing houseplants out in the wild. Kirsten, I kept a poinsettia for more than a year once, but it was mostly spindly until it died. I have seen Philodendrons grow like crazy on the side of my grandmother’s house when I was a child in Philadelphia Pa. The garden included these crotons, six-foot-tall shrubs that I had seen before only as small potted plants.
It made me wonder whether common Western New York plants are considered exotic elsewhere in the world.

Ironically, I gave my mother-in-law’s tongue to my son-in-law who has been able to nurture it into a huge specimen. This specimen of philodendron microstitcum was at Waimea Arboretum and Botanical Garden in Oahu.
Is somebody somewhere carefully tending a pot of dandelions, thrilled with these fragrant yellow flowers that get the interesting puffy seeds?
Do you think I have a chance of growing it outside and does it grow better in the sun or the shade? Notice that they’ve had to trim back some of the leaves so the postal carrier can open the mailbox.

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