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Your nose will definitely help you confirm that you have found wild onions, Allium canadense, AL-ee-um kan-uh-DEN-see. While northern Indians used the Allium species extensively there are few records of southeastern Indians using them, though various southern tribes had names for the onion.  Some of the tribes considered onions not edible.
ENVIRONMENT: Like most plants onions like rich soil and sun but can grow in poor soil with adequate water. METHOD OF PREPARATION: The entire plant is edible raw or cooked, in salads, seasoning, green, soup base, pickled. Collect onions, dice, add other green items torn into small bits, added tomatoes and other ingredients, toss. I grew up with these wonderful smells and tastes in PA, but am now transplanted here in CO and cannot find them.
I have quite some of these plants growing in my little garden covered in mulch, at my condo, they remind me of what a chive plant would look like if I snipped the leaves, they definitely smell like onion.
I have been searching the web, and can not find any information on eating the seeds of alliums–any variety.
There is a wild onion variety that grows in the creek bottoms (Okmulgee County, Okla.) from late November until early spring.
Local Mvskoke tribal people also make distinction between spring varieties — there are at least three, but creek bottom onions are the most popular. Just to confuse things, over here in the UK we have Allium Ursinum, which we know as Wild Garlic or Ramsons. Also, and also of little consequence, American wild onions and Egyptian onions are related only to the extent that they both belong to the genus Allium.
Basically, anything with FLAT leaves is wild ramp or wild leak which are basically the same. I’m trying to identify a 4 foot tall round stalk with a three inch round blossom at the end of the stalk that opened into tiny lavender buds. None… you can post a picture on the Green Deane Forum on the UFO page, unidentified flowering objects. WILD GARLIC FLOWERS, are actually the top of the garlic plant with the eatable bulb being on the bottom growing int he ground. A guy named NativeSurvival on YouTube does a good job explaining your problem on onions, I’ve been watching his edible videos and he has one about identifying wild onions that match your plant.
Today on one of the cooking shows they garnished the baked chicken with wild garlic flowers.
We have plant that has oblong leaves and smells like sassafras when crushed,is it the real thing? Rita Waters, who is nearly 80, volunteers her gardening skills at the Mount Prospect Historical Society's flower beds.
Rita Waters, right, a senior volunteer gardener for the Mount Prospect Historical Society, with Mount Prospect Garden Club president Nancy Reese.
Hans Kohlmann of Winfield loads his car with meals for the DuPage Senior Citizen Council's Delivered Meal Program in Wheaton. Lynne Mazzone, Wheaton site manager for the DuPage Senior Citizen Council's Delivered Meal Program, brings out a meal as volunteer Hans Pohlmann looks on. Many older adults find that after years of getting up each day and making a meaningful contribution at work, that they cannot suddenly have nothing to do each morning. It is fun to read and relax and catch up on chores around the house for a few weeks and maybe take that trip you have always dreamed of, but most people don't have unlimited funds and you can only take so many brisk walks and spend so much time on the internet.
University of Toronto doctoral candidate Miya Narushima found that 65 percent of senior volunteers she surveyed said they spent their time volunteering in order to feel useful or productive. Other researchers have also found that perceived competence is particularly important to retirees because they have fewer opportunities than younger working adults to demonstrate their abilities. Lucia West Jones, executive director of the Agency on Aging for Northeastern Illinois (covering Lake, DuPage, Kane, McHenry, Will and several other collar counties), advocates for seniors to "never stop moving, no matter how old they get" in order to optimize the quality of their lives as they age. One of the types of volunteer duties that are particularly necessary and popular is the delivery of meals to fellow seniors, she explained. Meal delivery is a volunteer position that only requires that the body and spirit be willing.
Social service agencies that cater to older adults also seek volunteers who are retired medical personnel to help counsel other seniors on self management of chronic diseases like diabetes. Retired medical professionals can use their expertise to offer dietary suggestions, explain how to read medication labels and so forth.

Social service agencies and other nonprofits are also constantly looking for volunteers to serve on their boards, advisory councils and committees, according to West.
For instance, the Agency on Aging holds a Celebrity Chef event each year in Oak Brook and they are always looking for volunteer help.
Luther Village resident and volunteer Bea Koch, 94, helps preschool students Ethan Charoenrath, left, and Travis Grotjan plant flowers at Luther Village in Arlington Heights.
Rita Waters of Mount Prospect is nearly 80, she said, but she is still spry enough to be a volunteer gardener for the Mount Prospect Historical Society.
Waters' association with the Mount Prospect Historical Society has also grown over the years. If a comment violates these standards or our terms of service, click the X in the upper right corner of the comment box. My question is: Is it normal for the bulbs to have a bitterness than becomes mild after blanching?
Do you know if ramps, garlic, and onions grow here, and of any other aquatic plants in the area? And concerning a possible Celtic origin, in 1883 John Cameron (Gaelic names of plants) wrote, “Allium — The derivation of this word is said to be from all (Celtic), hot, burning.
Mechaka is the native name for the delicious wild onion & garlic that has been harvested throughout the Snake River Valley, our ancestral home. Instead, I prefer to snip off the tender green shoots that come up in spring and use them like chives.
But, if you are going to wait until winter to sow them, store in a dry place and leave them outside a couple of weeks in the winter before planting. It fills the hours with meaningful, enjoyable activity and assures the individual that they are still competent and have skills that others value. Volunteering allows people to feel a sense of accomplishment that is much more satisfying than cleaning out gutters or a closet.
Engaging in fulfilling volunteer activities is a wonderful way for seniors to stay active, engaged and excited about life and it also provides useful services to agencies and organizations that desperately need them.
In addition, it is good for them to know that someone is expecting them to be somewhere at a certain time and that they are needed. Some are not as lucky as they are and it helps them to appreciate their own positive aging," she said. Volunteers are generally invited into their homes and they may be that person's only visitor for several days. If a meal recipient is unable to answer the door for their delivery, the volunteers are trained to call 911 and request assistance," West said. They like giving back to the community and claim that it doubles as a physical workout for them," said Marylin Krolak, executive director of the DuPage Senior Citizen Council. The retired Amoco chemist has been volunteering with the program for 20 years, delivering seven or eight meals, one day each week.
They use their professional expertise to teach classes, which allow older people to manage their own conditions.
In fact, the Agency on Aging is currently searching for two board members in DuPage County, one in Will County and two in McHenry County.
Call and ask to be considered for a position on their board or offer to help them with fundraising or event planning. She spends an hour each week helping at the Shepherd's Flock preschool where she reads to the three-year-olds, plays picture card bingo with them and even participates in their science experiments like a recent one involving cocoons and butterflies. For the past five or six years, she and six to eight others have gathered in the museum garden one hour each week during the growing season to plant, weed, water, trim, mulch and whatever else is necessary to keep the garden looking pristine. She makes arrangements of fresh holiday greens each December for the museum and helps on the newsletter mailing committee.
The disease causes death and casting (dropping) of needles in spruces, especially Colorado spruce and occasionally white spruce. Infected 2-year old needles become spotted or mottled, some turning yellow and some developing a purplish brown color in late summer.
Of the fungicides mentioned in Strategy 5, consult the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI™) for appropriate organic copper products.
If you do not smell a garlic or an onion odor but you have the right look beware you might have a similar-looking toxic plant.
Locally all of the Wild Onions I’ve seen grow in damp places, or, places where run off gathers before seeping in.

3) There are at least four different ways to say Dead Latin: Roman, Catholic, English and American.
TALL hollow leaves are a single wild garlic plant with pink or purple flowers on top in late spring, bulb is on the bottom and should be dug up after flowering. The cloves smell like garlic but I can’t find anything online that shows garlic with no husk.
They also taste good, and garlicky.they grow larger,and nicer to cook with when they are in rich soil, but will grow in fairly dry rocky areas. Some research has even found that activities like volunteering may lower the risk of health problems, including dementia, by keeping the brain and body active.
When you are volunteering, you can choose whatever really interests you and offer to do that," she explained. You can volunteer to raise funds for your local hospice, historical society or civic organization or help with the local blood drive.
So when I retired, I started my own garden at home and when the Garden Club of Mount Prospect was looking for volunteers to help maintain the garden at the historical society, I decided I wanted to give back to Mount Prospect. It was split down the middle in a recent storm and doesn't look so nice from all angles any more and it's getting a little too big. It is usually first evident on the lower branches of the tree and can cause severe defoliation and death of branches if allowed to persist.
Browning becomes general in late winter to early spring, and needles are prematurely shed during summer and fall, 12 to 15 months after initial infection. Severe infections should be sprayed with chlorothalonil (Daconil), thiophanate methyl (Cleary 3336), or copper-containing fungicides registered for use against this disease. For example, we have a native lily here in Florida that looks like an onion but has no aroma. Farther north they are called “wild leeks.”  Unlike onions and garlic, ramps have wide leaves but are used the same way. I gather it young just before the flowers develop and preserve it by lacto-fermentation with sea salt. 4) There is no consensus on the plant pronunciation with different high authorities giving conflicting pronunciations. I collected a small head of seeds from a plant I found on a coastal shore, and have used them in my garden as dry area plants.They start with a tiny thin tube then as they mature,the leaves are tall,thin and flat,After 2 years, they grow like multiplier onions After 4 years, I separate them ,and share . I will go in and visit with those who invite me in and I enjoy talking to them about their dogs and cats. Volunteering also affords the opportunity for seniors to meet new people in a nonthreatening, nontherapeutic environments and that is priceless," she continued. I am trying to identify the edible plants in our state so that we can substitute them in our diet. 5) Some pronunciation instruction is better than none, and 6) Most of Dead Latin is bastardized Greek and Etruscan.
It’s called both names because while it is a wild onion it has a very strong garlic aroma. Also if I dig them up and separate them and transplant will they grow OK or even get a bit bigger ?
If the plant in question does not distinctly smell like either garlic or onion, then it would be neither… and there are toxic look-alikes. As I am Greek I prefer the original GREEK pronunciation to mangled Dead Latin, such as oh-PUNT-tee-ah for oh-PUN-see-ah, or thee-oh-SCORE-ree-ah over the most horrible dye-ah-SCORE-ree-ha.
Wild chives is the hollow blade, dark green clumps that grow in the middle of your front yard in full sun. Across the continent, there are many native wild onion varieties, and within those the local specimens can vary by where they grow. In the latter, mites and fine webbing may be visible; the lines of black fruiting bodies on the needles will also be absent.

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