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Some types of perennial flowers include geraniums, several types of roses, lantana and heredia. Learn about digging a hole for perennials in this free video clip about transplanting irises. I am going tp plant a Perennial garden along side my shed that is 17' 4" by 3' I only have a Lilly and 10 Red Firecrackers and would like to know what else would look beautiful in with these plants? I need help deciding on a perennial to replace the daylily that I am moving to my daylily garden. I am adding perennials to my garden and wondered what each of you have found to be long lasting or how you create a succession of blooms using various perennials. Hi all, I have a couple things growing in my front yard, in an unkempt area where I want to extend my garden beds.
Please look at the following picture: My grandmother gave this plant to me and she doesn't know what it is and I can't remember where she got it. Once again, this lovely flower is blooming in one of my flower beds and I have no idea where it came from. I bought a bottle of a no-odor fish fertilizer, "Alaska Fish Fertilizer" from Wal-Mart today.

Hi all, I have a ton of different seeds that I can trade I will list a few, but let me know if you are looking for something specific! With their plump leaves and striking appearance, succulents make interesting and unusual houseplants. Glenda started a round robin seed swap, got up to 7 members by her cutoff date, said it was closed because there weren't the 10 she asked for. As I have been going through my stock I am weeding out the things I dont have as much interest in to make more space for things I do.
My neighbors are snowbirds and won't be back until June, so I have been getting their yard picked up a bit and I also cleaned out her front planter. My neighbor across the road has one of the orange-red-yellow variegated types and it comes back from the root every year. You can pick more then 1 just tell us what you like about it or why it is a fav of yours , and pictures of the plant in question would be cool too. Wanted to share it with you all as I will be going the store right now to buy the 15% 20 liter of this Vingear. These plants are what remains in back flowerbed after all identified plants have been removed and replanted elsewhere.

I originally thought they were rose of sharon seedlings, as in the past that tree has gave me alot of headaches with the seedlings it throws everywhere. I am lucky it grew so big last year and was hopeful this spring, but I haven't seen any signs of it yet. The cactus is looking mushy at the bottom, and the succulent has had almost all the leaves fall off! I'm so happy it's doing well as I just divided the plant and transplanted it a couple weeks ago from somewhere else in my landscaping. Unfortunately it isn't now and I don't have a picture handy, but it makes the most beautiful crimson trumpet shaped flowers.

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