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A beautifully crafted garden hand, or planting, trowel with slightly sharpened edges, making it easier to insert into the soil.
Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. DescriptionAn all-purpose shovel suitable for digging, spading, mixing concrete, general garden work and shifting and spreading.
Find specific info on creating a butterfly garden and how to raise monarchs by clicking on the navigation links above or hover over them for more options.

Check out the latest articles from the Monarch Butterfly Garden Blog below and feel free to post content-related questions in the comment section at the bottom of any post. August 8 by Tony Gomez 138 Comments One of the biggest mistakes you can make raising monarch butterflies is choosing the wrong caterpillar cage.
August 6 by Tony Gomez 99 Comments Before you raise monarch migration butterflies, try these tips for preparing milkweed plants so you’re more likely to receive a monarch egg deposit.
July 26 by Tony Gomez 17 Comments Are these Mysterious Milkweed Globes Friend or Foe to Monarch Eggs and Caterpillars?

6 Butterfly Flowers Irresistible to Monarchs…and Hummingbirds!Which Butterfly Plants Also Attract Hummingbirds? The oak leaf lettuce is easy to grow lettuce, which requires little space and accessible to all.

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