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Tools and hoes for weeding including the Korean garden hoe, and weeding forks are one essential tool for any gardener. Gardening Gloves help prevent, dirty hands and fingernails, cuts from thorns etc, blisters, broken fingernails and irritating sap from plants causing rashes. Look for gloves that feel soft when you put them on, are comfortable and flexible and are designed for the task. A good garden fork is an essential weeding tool will have a forged socket that the handle goes into and strong tines.

We look at some of the best weeding tools, as well as a few weeding accessories that should make life easier. The essential basic weeding tool is a garden fork, a garden fork is great for larger weeds and lots of general gardening tasks. Other essentials for weeding are garden gloves and garden kneelers are great for those with bad knees. A Dutch hoe or a Korean Hoe, may not remove the roots completely, however they will stop the weed from growing and setting seed.

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