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Safety Psychology TerminologySome Basics on Social Psychology & RiskUnderstanding The Social Psychology of Risk – Prof Karl E. I think establishing and understanding the reason for doing the assessment is important as is who the customer is – usually it’s not because we want to or for our own benefit!
The risk management process consists of hazard identification, risk assessment and hazard control. Very comprehensive checklist that can be used to document a risk assessment to manage health and safety hazards and risks. Free Risk Assessment Form Use this free form to describe, analyse,assess, rate and control hazards or risks. Free Risk Assessment Forms Another great source of free risk assessment forms and templates. Free Risk Assessment Training The University of Newcastle website offers some excellent free safety training resources. Blank Risk Assessment Form Example of a blank risk assessment form from YHA used to assess risks associated with school excursions.
Unlimited Streaming gives you unlimited access to a massive library of 140+ online safety training videos. Free Online Risk Assessment Tools The SAFETY GURU website offers a number of really neat online risk assessment tools.
Plant Risk Assessment–Brisbane Plant Risk Assessment Advantage Safety & Risk Management Services are experienced safety consultants working in and around the Brisbane area. Basic Risk Register Template for recording site hazards and risks including planned controls and before and after risk ratings. This DRAFT is one of the simplest, yet all encompassing, guides to the principles of risk management and the risk management tools involved that I have come across. Small Business Safety Assessment Tool – Worksafe This checklist is intended for small businesses to determine what safety issues may need to addressed or improved, and when more information may be needed. Chemical Self Assessment Tool – Worksafe This tool is designed to help manage chemicals safely, meet legal requirements and protect people and the environment. Safety Self Assessment Tool – Workcover This tool has been developed to give small and medium sized businesses an indication of how well they are handling their workplace health, safety and injury management and provide further guidance for improvement.
Liability Risk Assessment Template – A really good, practical tool used by Dept of Defence Procurement Dept. Don't miss a post - enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
We know from social psychology that the way we attribute risk to various activities is in part affected by many cognitive biases.
It also might be good to bring outsiders and novices on audits and assessment walks, just because they don’t think like you.
A risk assessment is not a mathematical or engineering exercise but rather a human social process that should focus more on conversation than some shifting of colours and scores that have no meaning. The risk assessment exercise is a thinking conversation and strategic task, if we think it is an engineering and mathematical task, we are in trouble. The best risk assessment should have a section at the end for thinking, learning, conversation outcomes, dialogue, adaptability and resilience thinking.
The aim of the Risk Rating or Scoring System is to have a consistent standard across an organisation for rating risks.
Hi, I just came upon this site and I would be really interested in using this tool for a non-profit organisation.
As for the part where you say that risk can’t be measured in this way, I completely agree. Hi Mark – well you seem to think along the same lines as me in regards to the value of these things and the people we still need to please so you inspired me to do a little research and I stumbled upon an easy fix – Thankyou!
Yeah that is an exercise I love to do and it works perfectly when it goes wrong ie everyone gets a different score. Whilst it’s good to have a checklist, it’s even more important to know the purpose of the checklist and the bias of the checklist. Some people tend to get fixated on the risk assessment part and do not place enough emphasis on hazard control.

Risk Assess is online software that makes performing risk assessments for Science quick and easy for teachers and laboratory technicians. The interactive form lets you choose hazards and appropriate safety control measures or insert your own from the extensive drop down boxes.
These are all blank and mostly in word for so that you can adapt them to suit your own needs. TIRA stands for Task Inventory and Risk Assessments and is a comprehensive risk management and analysis program, designed to be used by both the safety professional and those with part time safety  responsibilities. Use this template to conduct job hazard analysis and risk assessments on individual tasks to assist in developing Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS). One of the main complaints we get from employees and contractors during the interview phase of safety audits is that when they report something, like a hazard, it is either forgotten about, ignored or not actioned for a long time and they never receive recognition for reporting the issue or feedback about progress with resolution or control. Produced for Emergency Services personnel as part of the the National Emergency Risk Assessment Guidelines (NERAG) Project is a key step in the Implementation Plan for the National Risk Assessment Framework that has been developed to meet the outcomes sought by Reform Commitment One (RC1) from the Council of Australian Governments’ (COAG) report on natural disaster mitigation, relief and recovery in Australia. Chemical safety requires a thorough, technical approach, especially to ensure the subtle and hidden hazards do not lead to catastrophic results.
This checklist is used to assist in conducting a risk assessment for hazardous substances and chemicals in the hairdressing, nail and beauty industry.
I thought it was totally awesome and it was one of the first things I published on this blog over six years ago (even before all the safety slogans and safety fail photos!) It was high tech in it’s day – back when if someone said “they needed an app” – they meant a quick sleep. At first I was chuffed at the number of people I’ve been able to help out and all the thankyou emails I received.  But now I’m shuddering to think of the damage it may have caused? It said: “This tool is flawed, our team used it in a recent safety meeting to assess a factory hazard and every person got a completely different score!”. The ‘availability heuristic’ and ‘probability neglect’ are two mechanisms that powerfully affect the way we attribute risk. There is nothing more dangerous to an audit or assessment than the problem of ‘confirmation bias’. Risk assessment should be a conversation and dialogue about the subjective understanding of uncertainties.
The notion of ‘controlling’ the unexpected and uncertainty actually diminishes any thought about adaptability and resilience.
We lead risk assessment teams, write up risk assessment processes, ‘teach’ people how to do risk assessments or report on the outcomes of risk assessments. There have been times in the past where our approach to ‘risk assessment’ in health and safety has troubled me, and I wonder if other health and safety professionals have felt the same? The Ratings used for the Risk Calculation have been adapted from Fine, Journal of Safety Research 1971 page-159. This is a legislative requirement in most jurisdictions and a criteria for self insurers to be met as part of an organisations self insurer licence. But it is an easy way to quickly obtain a founded image of the situation, rather than using a more exact but also a longer and more difficult method. What I find, before we even get to outcome or probability is the fact that we don’t even establishes the context well upfront ie are we all talking about the same risk. The uptrend has given manifold business opportunities to terrace and balcony farmers to turn their passion into a fruitful business.
The paradox is, some checklists and tools disable to capability of a person to think and this is the nature of dumb down safety. Most strategies are built upon specific beliefs about the future unfortunately, the future is unpredictable.
Although is used to assess disasters and emergencies, the principals and tools are relevant to any situation or workplace hazard. This self assessment tool is designed to assist in this task for sites that have a significant exposure to chemical hazards.
Depending what is ‘available’ to our memory or our senses we magnify, distort or dismiss the value of certain risks.
We all like to have the agreement of others and the back slapping that eschews but this also limits our capability to think ‘outside the box’. It was Karl Weick who constantly stated: ‘I can’t know what I believe until I see what I do’.
So whilst it is helpful to talk about the future, this helps us imagine and process possibilities but not certainties. The outcome of applying a consistent risk rating system across the organisation will be improved decision making in choosing appropriate, adequate risk control measures leading to more effective management of risks and prevention of injury and property and environmental damage. Modern browsers seem to treat these files with suspicion as I assume they can be used to transmit viruses?

Professional players, here in Koramangala, are joining-in to provide their services to builders, companies and households. So, this is not some simplistic put down of these tools but rather a challenge for safety people to remain vigilant in their thinking. The system incorporates a form similar to the one available below and a procedures whereby the form is recorded, commented on by those responsible and feedback given to the originator. It covers the use of tools such as ALARP, Risk Assessment Matrix, Bow Tie Diagram, Risk Curves, Risk Registers, Brainstorming and Risk Workshops with some simple examples.
Questions like: “What is the algorithm it uses?”, “Why won’t it work on a Mac?” “When are you going to make it into and app?”, “Can criteria be weighted?”, “Can the criteria be changed?” etc etc. We neglect the probability of something happening depending how distant our emotions are from the subject. Maybe the apparently ‘dumb’ questions of others unfamiliar with your auditing bias are just what you need, particularly if you have been doing the same auditing processes for some time. Rather, having a focus on resilience and skills of adaptability we might be more able to manage the unexpected. The risk score so calculated should be interpreted with caution.  It should only be used as a basis for consistency of reasoned judgment. MySunnyBalcony, a garden design company started by four gar- den enthusiasts in 2009, to give everyone the customised garden right outside their windows has seen a considerable growth in the kitchen gardening segment in the last few years. This site more than anything attracts people who want templates and don’t get me wrong templates can save time and effort but they are not neutral and were developed by some other person for a purpose, that template has a trajectory and a purpose”. The idea that humans assess risk objectively or just calculate risk based on the common criteria in any risk matrix (exposure, frequency, probability and consequence) is not supported by the evidence. This is also called the ‘recency effect’, people tend to overestimate risk if their experience of an event is more recent and personal. When we talk about what we have done, we rationalize backwards, when we talk about what we might do we imagine what might happen. The venture's co-founder Sriram Aravamudan said that the people of Bangalore are turning to kitchen gardens more than ever and the trend is evident most among people from Koramangala. Or are we making our workplace more ‘fragile’ (Taleb) to surprise so that when that surprise comes, things fall apart rather than hold together? Kitchen gardening's monthly running costs comes around Rs 2000, as it needs only seeds, soil and containers as material, besides the regular handy main- tenance. The most popular and easiest veggies grown by people are spinach, brinjal, and several other green leafy vegetables. However, he said that revenue-wise the kitchen garden constitutes only 10 to 15 per cent as the company gives the kitchen garden service on subsidised rates, but the number of clientele for the segment has grown to 90 per cent in the recent past.
From being a designing company, now it has started selling organic and farming's product online too.
In terms of trends, he has observed that a lot people in the Garden City are growing a lot of herbs and are shedding money for the same. Mysunnybalcony specialises in selling customised containers for various fruits and veggies. Similarly, Koramangala-based gardening solutions showroom, Green Carpet which basically sells high-end gardening products and accessories has seen significant growth in their products related to kitchen gardening, especially driven by Koramangala residents owning to their high disposable incomes. Most of my clients are in the age group of 35 to 45 years, and average purchases by them starts with Rs 5,000 and goes upto lakh," said Batavia. The business, she started with an initial investment of Rs 9 lakh, has now grown by few more crores.
Corporate push "Companies are going greener now, we hold Do It Yourself (DIY) workshops for kitchen gardening in companies," Aravamudan pointed out another upcoming trend. Green Carpet's Batavia also told that most sold products at the showroom are self-watering pots, from the German company, Lechuza.
The working couples of Koramangala who have less time for maintenance of their garden are increasingly buying these plants, Batavia pointed out.
Radha eashwar, founder of ArtyPlantz, a garden solution provider, has helped Koramangala's citizens to create home gardens and urban farms. An architect by profession, Radha believes that Koramangala's corporate as well as public spaces are in need of this. Eashwar said that while a builder or a campus devel- oper may ask for a private terrace designed especially for a pool area, an individual customer may just be looking for a more compact and low maintenance green space.

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