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This is the third installment in my buying garden tools series and for this article I will review what to look for when buying garden loppers. Like with secateurs there are a few kinds of loppers but once again the most prevelant are called bypass loppers, named after the style of the blade used. As far as I am concerned the two most important things to take into account when buying loppers after you have decided which type you want is weight and handle length.
Garden loppers normally range in price from $15 to $150, I wouldn’t touch a pair cheaper than $30 and would probably look at the tools in the $50-$60 cost range. VIRAX manufactures and sells hand tools and equipment design for professional use in the plumbing, heating, roofing, sanitary and maintenance industries.
For over 90 years VIRAX has been the leader in the French and European market for these industries. Tomato cages prevent tomato plants from breaking under the weight of the fruit and keep fruit elevated, reducing the risk of disease or damage from insects.
Position growing stems and branches through the openings of the cage so that foliage grows freely to avoid misshapen or damaged stems trapped beneath the wire guides. Nannette Richford is an avid gardener, teacher and nature enthusiast with more than four years' experience in online writing. This 9 page SWMS details how to safely Fell and Clear Trees with an Excavator, including operating plant, overhead hazards, plant and pedestrian safety. The curved hook stainless grape knife is great for harvesting large quantities of fruits and vegetables quickly. This curved hook grape knife is designed to quickly harvest large quantities of fruit and vegetables.

Zenport Industries is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of professional and consumer specialty horticulture tools and supplies. Megen in Vermont shared this picture of our ground cover being used to suppress weeds in her greenhouse.
If you want more, including a free buyers guide for my top gardening tools, click here for all my best advice, exclusive content and FREE bonuses! Garden loppers, hedge shears and secateurs are the three most important tools a gardener can own for pruning plants.
However there is another decision to be made with loppers and that is whether to buy loppers that have a ratchet action or not.
If there is no way of testing the tools on a branch in store then find a piece of paper and test it. If you make the right decision with lopper purchase the tool quite possibly will last you for life as good garden loppers that are not made of metals likely to rust really do tend to handle the life of a garden tool well.
VIRAX manufactures their tools in Epernay, France and maintains its consistency of delivering high quality and reliable hand tools to customers worldwide. The type of tomato cage you choose depends on the variety you grow, its size at maturity and your personal preferences. Gardening stores and home improvement centers provide a selection of steel or wire cages in early spring. Richford holds a Bachelor of Science in secondary education from the University of Maine Orono and certifications in teaching 7-12 English, K-8 General Elementary and Birth to age 5.
The serrated hook blade easily slices through tough stems such as grapes, melons, squash, zucchini and much more.

Secateurs and Hedge Shears are good for trimming or pruning the skinny limbs of plants but there are times when pruning involves the removal of limbs thicker than your thumb. Ratchet loppers basically cut the limb in stages, allowing the best leverage possible with minimal effort.
If you plan to trim plants with limbs that are quite high up then you will need to buy loppers either with longer natural handles OR with the ability to be lengthened.
Commercial tomato cages come in a variety of styles, the most common being a tiered circular or square cage installed over the plant. Tomato plants grow quickly, and installing the cage can be difficult once plants have gained some size.
If you trim these with secateurs or hedge shears you risk damaging the tool and it is for this very reason that loppers are a must-own tool for you. If you plan on regularly cutting decent width limbs or if you don’t have a lot of strength in your hands then I strongly recommend looking for loppers with a ratchet action.
Also, in this scenario a lot of work will be taking place above your head so you will want to have light handles (probably made of a slightly strengthened aluminium) so you don’t tire quite so quickly. Inexpensive cages can be purchased for a few dollars, but if they are not constructed of sturdy wire, they will not hold the weight of a mature plant.

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