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Whilst I may not have included everything gadget and gizmo available we have put onto our  list the best selling bits and pieces you should not be without. A good set of sharp, reliable & comfortable secateurs makes the biggest contribution to a enjoyable time gardening. Your only going to need shears if you have a hedge to look after, metres of box hedging or a rampant climbing plant such as honeysuckle.
Working with a smaller head on a garden fork is much easier than a full sized traditional garden fork allowing you to work easier between established planting. If you have a garden with large shrubs, hedges and trees then you are likely to need a good set of loppers. When a branch is too big (normally anything over 1" in diameter) then you need to turn to something more hefty. Edge your lawn with a really good lawn edging tool and the difference to the overall look of the garden is massive. Just be careful when using around herbaceous plants, you don't want to accidentally cut their life short! Whether you have clematis, climbing roses or honeysuckle you are going to need a good quality twine to tie up your plants.

A hand fork is essential for hand weeding around borders where a border fork would be too large. This is not a definitive list of what you will end up needing but it is the perfect place to start.
Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! The purpose of masonry is to build and repair structures or to cover walls with brick, stone or concrete blocks.
Plate with a short handle, used mainly to hold mortar, plaster and coatings when applying them to a facing. Tool with a rectangular blade, usually used for smoothing plaster and small concrete surfaces. Tool with a trapezoidal blade, used mainly for spreading and smoothing mortar and concrete. Hammer with a long, pointed peen, used for finishing brick and stone and for removing a damaged covering.
Sold separately from the BD699B handle the design of this tree pruner allows you to both prune and cut at a length of 2.4 metres when used with the handle.

Also, if you do not want to bend down too much to further cut up branches ready for the fire or the dreaded car journey to the dump.
This dislodges or cuts off the weed thus not giving it a chance to grow and get itself deep rooted. It does not cut very well with secateurs, this can be really frustrating especially when up a ladder. I prefer not to use a wooden handled hand fork as I seem to only get one season out of them.
I have been professionally gardening for clients for 15 years and have been through a fair few tools, good and bad. There are approximately 12 models in the range to choose from to fit every hand size, left or right handed.
Also traditional twine rots very quickly and you'll find yourself tying back in the same plant sooner than necessary.

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