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By Lesley Cuddington, Vancouver Physiotherapist at Teamworks Health Clinic  What is the pelvic floor?
Avoid prolonged bending, pushing and pulling while raking and hoeing, which can strain shoulders or the lower back.Use long-handled tools, or the resulting forward and sideways bending can aggravate the neck or lower back. To avoid strain and muscle spasm on one side of the body, switch hands frequently while raking or hoeing.
When using a hedge trimmer, keep your back straight and use short strokes to avoid upper arm and neck strain. Carry medium-to-small sized loads of debris close to your body, or use a wheelbarrow to avoid strain on your back. Our collective of highly qualified and accredited healthcare practitioners share a passion for professional collaboration and comprehensive patient care. Client Feedback"About a month ago I had my first appointment with Kate from Chipperfield Physio. Like emails, dusting and dishes, it often feels like the moment you’ve completed your tasks, they start to pile up all over again. School may be out for the summer, but for some food security advocates, the connections between education, poverty and nutrition are in session. BCLiving has tips for urban or rural gardening, picking the best plants and vegetables for container or indoor gardening, and more. Once your body is warm from your brisk walk, perform some stretches to get your muscles prepared for activity. By following the tips below you can minimize injury, alleviate pain and get the most enjoyment out of your day in the garden.

When sweeping or raking, move your feet instead of twisting your trunk or over-reaching with your arms. Follow this by stretching your back, legs, neck, hands and fingers to help prevent strain or injury. When lifting heavy bags or pots, use your legs, keep your back straight, and hold objects close to your body to prevent unnecessary strain on your back.
I had ruptured my bursa in my right knee and it has been several months since I was able to go back to sports. The key is efficiency, organization, and perseverance.The work of gardening can be intense. Ensure your tools are sharp when pruning or sawing to minimize your workload and select tools with long handles to avoid reaching.
BC physiotherapists are the most physically active healthcare professionals in Canada and the ones physicians recommend most.
Kate insisted that once every 2 weeks would suffice and with her help and expertise after 2 sessions my knee has been healed and I can finally get back to playing hockey again!
My average week looks like this: Monday to Friday, I’m away from the garden at my full-time job. On Saturday mornings, I hop on my bike and spend the next six to eight hours harvesting, sowing seeds, taking photos and doing garden maintenance projects in our backyard farm, which consists of six four-by-eight-foot raised beds and a few side areas. Instead, I have to harvest large amounts once per week, almost like running a CSA (community-supported agriculture) program for just me and my loved ones.
They’ve taught me that the more focused and organized I am, the more easily I can enter a flow-state of pure relaxation and really enjoy being in the garden.Harvesting tiny blueberries can make for time-consuming but rewarding work.

Designate one day per week as your “gardening day."Many tasks, like sowing seeds, pruning tomatoes and weeding, are well-suited to batching together in a weekly schedule. Have a garden plan.By knowing when to plant seeds and where you’re putting them, you can maximize space and make quick decisions. Even a rough sketch of where each crop is going can really take your garden to the next level.3.
Enlist the help of friends and family.My parents are my gardening partners, watering, gathering supplies and handling various tasks between my visits. With big garden projects, it’s very efficient to get help in exchange for part of the harvest.4.
Multitask… but not in the way you’re thinking.Gardening is so much more than just gardening.
Use a checklist.My biggest game-changer has been to create a garden checklist with my main recurring tasks, in a specific order that maximizes efficiency. This essentially ‘automates’ my garden days so that I don’t have to worry about forgetting anything. Each week, I print out a blank copy of the checklist on recycled paper, put it in a binder, and fill it out in the field. The slow time of winter will be here before you know it, and you’ll be wishing for the return of long sunny days outside, away from your computer, working with your hands.Rebecca Cuttler is an urban gardening teacher, member of the Vancouver Food Policy Council and board member of the Environmental Youth Alliance.

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