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But still every garden has it's problems, like the transplanted potentilla that seemed to turn to dust overnight and the gout weed that just keeps coming back.
Echinacea 'Tomato Soup' is a hot echinacea from Terra Nova that stretches what we used to think about coneflowers to an entirely new level. Echinacea 'Hot Papaya' is one of the most revolutionary coneflowers to hit the market in the coneflower craze. This 10-day trip to Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains allows skiers to take in the country’s rich scenery and culture. This leather-trimmed tweed luggage will hold up whether you’re going on a weekender or around the world.
No person in their right mind would venture outdoors with two new seasons of these breakout shows available. Custom made in Canada from steam-bent northern hardwood slats, this old-time sled will inspire the family to venture outside, even in the dead of winter. Wrap your mitts around a mug of tea and experience different cultures without leaving home. Columnist Hilary Beaumont scours marketplaces to bring you a few of the hottest ticket items around.
Eucomis 'Dark Star' is the latest Terra Nova hybrid involving the dwarf Eucomis zambesiaca and Eucomis vandermerwei. We selected this dramatic, purple-foliaged pineapple lily as a seedling in 1983, and it has now become one of the most talked-about plants in our garden.
Ruellia 'Black Beauty' is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and asked about plants in rock gardening circles.

Eucomis autumnalis 'Naude's Neck' is an unusual form of the South African native pineapple lily, Eucomis autumnalis, that we saw on our 2005 trek near Naude's Neck in the Drakensberg Mountains. Spring is coming and a lot of us are thinking about adding some unique look to our lawns or gardens. I wish I could be read better in Spanish, but I found a great site that will be of help with my veggies. And on Tuesday's CrossTalk, master gardener Ross Traverse will answer all our questions. In mid-June (NC), this stunning coneflower hybrid gives rise to 3' tall, black-purple stems, topped with 5" wide, seemingly fluorescent tangerine-pink flowers.
Six days are spent skiing, and travellers also have a chance to explore winding market streets and eat local cuisine while enjoying spring-like temperatures. These durable nylon-elastane tights will last through your winter adventures, and they come in 40 different colours. This easy guide by amateur gardener and enthusiast Elizabeth Peirce offers practical tips, trivia and profiles of farming mentors specific to Nova Scotia.
This dramatic accent plant produces strap-like foliage of dark burgundy forming a rosette to 24" wide.
It's a shame the late Christopher Lloyd isn't still around to create some of his renowned, stirring combinations with this wild and gaudy echinacea.
Ruellia 'Black Beauty' first appeared in the 1990s in the Maryland garden of the late Alexej (Sasha) Borkovec as a probable hybrid of Ruellia ciliosa.
For us, Eucomis autumnalis 'Naude's Neck' forms a rather flat rosette of 1' long glossy green leaves topped, starting in early July (NC), with dense pineapple-like spikes of bright green flowers.

Hortomallas has a great library available to farmers as tutora means tutor as referred to a plant. Good drainage is always important when growing coneflowers like Echinacea 'Solar Flare', and no planting in colder hardiness zones after late summer.
Eucomis 'Sparkling Burgundy' is very easy to grow and tolerates a wide range of garden abuses. In the garden, the winter deciduous Ruellia 'Black Beauty' makes a 10" tall x 18" wide clump of dark black thumb-shaped leaves.
What amazes us most about Eucomis autumnalis 'Naude's Neck' is its compactness, floriferousness, and that the flower stalks remain sturdy and attractive until frost, unlike any other eucomis we've grown. I wonder how they’ll be able to water the hanging plants in the 2nd to the last picture. I ran into this site by mere chance as I was trying to find the ideal product to tutor my backyard vegetables, and did not know that using netting reduces viruses and fungi. Cuttings are nearly impossible to find due to the excess flowering and we've never seen a garden seedling.

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