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Sunflowers are considered easy to grow and are often considered to be a good plant for children. Popping 2 or 3 seeds straight into well prepared ground in a sunny site will allow you to choose the strongest seedling and pinch out the others.
To get the best start for sunflowers sow 2cm deep just covering with soil and place in a 3 inch pot.
I am interested in your advice for Ben, above, who is planning to grow sunflowers for his August wedding. I have a sunflower with 9 heads, is this normal or should i take off the other heads and let the main one mature ???
As an industrious gardener you tend to look for flowers that can add beauty to your background landscape, this can be in its foliage and beautiful spectrum of colors. The plant is also useful, the seeds in the flower’s head are used as bird food and the seeds have also been used to make cooking oil which most of us have used. Between the two varieties, growing the dwarf variety, also known s the Dwarf Sungold, is much easier as compared to the larger variety as these plants can grow to a maximum height of about 24 inches. Firstly to make sure your sunflower plants thrive, you have to know how to grow it and look after it.
The above tips are some of the many that you can use in growing your sunflower plants and making sure that they thrive throughout the year. Kathryn Hatter is a veteran home-school educator and regular contributor to "Natural News." She is an accomplished gardener, seamstress, quilter, crocheter, painter, cook, decorator and digital graphics creator and she enjoys technical and computer gadgets. Gardening is an outdoor activity you can involve your kids in easily, and it’s a great learning experience for them. Plywood planks can be used to actually make a square garden box for them, or you can just give them an area of your landscape. When you go to the store to purchase your gardening needs, let them choose one to three different seeds or bulbs. Help them create garden labels by writing the names on popsicle sticks so they can keep track of where they placed their different plant types.
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Given the right conditions they can grow quickly and provide excellent height and flower in late autumn. I’m planting 3pots of sunflowers (4seeds per pot as instructed by my teacher) for a competition that is due on July.

Leaving it in the school’s eco-garden is very risky since the weather in Singapore is really unpredictable.
They have all grown to about 30 to 40 cms tall,i have put wooden bbq skewers attatched but some have snapped. There are multi headed varieties but if you want one big flower go for a Russian Giant next year.
If you do some research into this subject, you will be able to find numerous testimonies of people growing taller with the help of hypnotherapy.
Do some research beforehand and find out the conditions at which the sunflower plants thrive under, what makes it strong, its growing habits, the type of fertilizers needed if any feeding is needed and so on.
If there is a spot in your garden that can expose your sunflower plant to the sun during the day and to some shade in the afternoon, then make use of this spot for your sunflower plants to thrive. If they are the tall variety, then it is a good idea to plant them next to a wall or a post that can hold their weight and support their stem growth for stronger plants. Get a head start on your summer sunflower grove by starting sunflowers indoors approximately three weeks before the last expected spring frost. Spread a sheet of plastic wrap across the top of the peat pots to help the potting soil retain moisture.
When the seedlings have two sets of leaves, fertilize them once per week with liquid fertilizer mixed at half strength with water. Move the peat pots outside to a shady area that is sheltered from winds and leave them outside for half days for three days, bringing them back inside at night.
Hatter's Internet publications specialize in natural health and she plans to continue her formal education in the health field, focusing on nursing. It’s an opportunity for you to teach them about plants and how they grow, healthy foods like vegetables and fruit, and most importantly, responsibility, all while still having fun! Steer them in the right direction by helping them pick ones that don’t require special care and are easy and fast-growing, like beans, sunflowers, morning glory, and marigolds . You’ll be surprised how much your little one will enjoy poking holes in the soil, dropping in seeds, covering them and watering the area.
Then, help them create a “growth chart” where they can keep track of how the plants are doing and remind them to water and take care of them.
If you choose vegetables, when they’re ripe for picking you can teach them how to harvest and clean them, and EAT them!
You have stated some key points in how to encourage them such as picking easy to maintain seeds.

If going for height, use a nitrogen based fertiliser, switching to potash (tomato food) as the buds begin to appear.
Make sure they are well watered; each watering should aim to reach its roots, rather than just touching the surface. I did as the instructions on the little pot said- water it daily, keep it in the sun and give it plant food and transfer to a bigger pot when it gets to 3 inches, but it still died. Make sure beforehand that you will be able to look after it and provide for it as required.
With even moisture and an indoor grow light, you will have a healthy group of sunflower seedlings to plant outside after frost danger has passed. Wait until the seedlings are approximately two inches high and then remove the weakest seedling so that each pot has only one sunflower seedling growing in it.
After three days, move them to an area that receives some sun and wind and leave them in this area for three half-days. Teach them about the different types of plants and help them understand that some need special light, soil, watering, etc. If you grow sunflowers in blocks it will be easier to provide staking for the group; they will give each other support as they grow. Hence, I’ve decided to put Pot 1 in school, Pot 2 at home, and as for the Pot 3, I put it in school on weekdays and bring home on weekends. How long do the flowers usually take from germination to flowering if they’re started in doors. The sunflower plant has two varieties, that is, a dwarf variety and a variety that is larger and that can grow up to 6-10 foot in full sunlight.
I have about 25,all are growing,when do i repot and put outside,as i am so proud as are my kids.
At the end of the week, leave them outside all night but cover them if the overnight temperature will be approaching freezing.
And if I plant more outside from seed in early May will they have a chance for flowering in August?

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