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The first investment you should make when gardening is a really nice pair of gardening gloves. When we got home last night I was blown away at how they'd opened up and how such a cheapo pack of flowers looked so beautiful. Jamie told me to sprinkle cayenne powder or chili powder on the dirt around the mums so I sprinkled both and the mums were left alone.
I then told them there was no need to re-send me flowers as the thought was more than enough because that's how we roll. I read an article recently about improving the air quality in your home and how plants are VERY good at doing this for you.

I think I'm finally mature enough to care for plants the way they need to be taken care of but 25 of them is just crazy talk.
On the corner by our house the grass is coming back all weird so The Robinator decided to spread some seeds. This year, instead of dropping a few hundred on flowering plants for my planters and pots, I decided to start seedlings of flowers. Would you do this instead of the Spring trek to Home Depot or the nursery for flowering plants to spruce up for Spring? The very thought of an Easter BASKET when you're 13 made E shudder so he got an Easter JAR.

You need a layer of gravel for drainage so excess water has somewhere to sit, and a mix of top soil, manure, peat moss and potting soil.
If your passion is roses, choose a longer pair of gloves to protect your forearms when pruning.
I planted them on Sunday and they are already sprouting in the Jiffy Greenhouse and make me happy.

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