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Do you have a fairy garden?  And do you make your own accessories?  Here at Flea market Gardening, we like to make our own and here you’ll find all our favorite tips and examples.
Denise Shepherd tells us, “You can make houses out of recycled cardboard, wood, branches, Quikcrete and stones, or pottery.
Sally Timperley says, “I have been collecting miniature houses and animals from the thrift stores to make a fairy garden.

Becky Norris says, “I made several doors for my gnomes so they could enter their secret home. Jeannie Rhodes says, “ I’ve seen fairy villages set up in a bird bath that could no longer hold water. I made a model from clay and then made a silicone mold, poured the mold with a resin and then painted and sealed the doors before adding them to my Gnomedom. I just put some of the furniture from my collection of Ideal and Marx furniture from the 40s and 50s to the Gnomedom for my little gnomes.

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