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Originally created by Buddhist monks as a means of meditation, Zen gardens aren’t just beautiful, eco-friendly and relatively easy to create, but they also offer mental, emotional and even physical health benefits. However, there are no “rules” when it comes to Zen gardens, just the foundation of a “dry landscape.” This can include anything from pebbles to sawdust. Numerous studies have showcased the benefits of meditation—or in some cases simply slowing down, not looking at a screen and indulging in a little “you” time.
While rose bushes might be lovely and an herb garden can provide farm to table fare, don’t forget to take care of yourself while gardening and take time to celebrate the moment.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Here in Utah, shade trees are highly valued for their beauty and the cool breezes they bring to our landscapes and gardens. Before selecting your new trees, however, it’s important that you consider your objectives and how your new plants may affect your landscaping in the years to come. Although it may look like a cute little sapling today, that tiny shade tree can turn into a towering behemoth in only a few years. Before planting any tree, make sure you understand how it will grow (up or out, for example).
Depending on how quickly your new shade trees grow, they will require a varying amount of care. If you are willing to invest the time and money to care for your shade trees, you can select a more labor-intensive species.
Generally, small shade trees require between three and five feet of clear space when planting.
Utah State’s Extension offers a helpful tree browser, to assist you in learning more about different species. In northern Utah, many shade trees are not native to our area, and that can create a variety of challenges if you choose to plant one or more of these species. Plant species that are native to other parts of the country, especially those from different climate zones, require extra care. You may also have to provide fertilizers and pest control products that would not normally be necessary for a native species of Utah shade tree. The Russian olive, for example, has become overgrown to the point that it prevents native plants and wildlife from accessing natural water supplies.
Pruning your roses doesn’t just improve their appearance; it also promotes large and beautiful blooms!
Single blooming plants bloom in the spring and early summer, and the flowers grow on the wood from the previous season.
At the end of the growing season, leave the last blooms on the plant until you’re ready to do one final pruning. If you’re making large pruning cuts, use a sealer on the open cut to prevent any borers from getting into the stem and wreaking havoc on your plant.
If you use your shears on other plant species, be sure to sterilize them before using them on the roses, because rose bushes are susceptible to a variety of diseases.

We here at Millcreek Gardens have been providing the finest roses to northern Utah gardeners since 1955.
Sketch breathtaking landscapes with confidence using fundamental pen, ink & watercolor techniques. I noticed the project's title just as I was going to write how much I love the atmosphere in this one! We notice that you are using Internet Explorer version 9 or older which no longer supports Craftsy. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. If you’ve been tinkering with the idea of your own Zen, sand or rock garden, the end of summer is the perfect time to transition. You can create a walking meditation circle, such as a simple maze where you can practice inner reflections. Some Zen gardens have water features, sculpted shrubs or trees, reeds or tall grass plants. Those who meditate enjoy less illness, fewer chronic diseases and fewer signs of stress (such as thinning hair and weight gain). Laureen, the owner, has been fabulous to work with and she trains her staff well and treats them right.
Containing a broad spectrum of over 70 metabolically active minerals and trace elements, it’s odorless, it won’t burn plants, and it won’t restrict aeration or water penetration. Gardeners report increased germination rates, improved yield, more and brighter colored flower blossoms, an increase in resistance to pests and disease and tastier vegetables. Also consider how much effort and resources your shade trees will require, once they reach a mature size. And, if you don’t properly consider its future, it can cause you more problems than benefits. For medium-sized trees, allow five to eight feet and, for large trees, expect to need a minimum of eight feet. This often comes in the form of high water needs, which can be costly and a waste of limited resources.
Because we have decades of experience in the Salt Lake City area, we know the challenges of our local soils and climate. After all, they’re beautiful, easy to care for and hardy enough to survive our weather extremes.
If you don’t remove the dead, diseased and weakened wood from your bush, it will quickly become overgrown and produce small, poor-quality flowers. Roses can generally be separated into two types: single blooming plants and repeat blooming plants.
The repeat blooming plants produce flowers constantly throughout the season, and yield flowers from the wood that began growing in the spring. Just remove unwanted growth, weak shoots or any damaged stalks whenever you’re removing spent blossoms.

Stop by today and let us help you with selecting, planting and caring for your rose bushes.
I see that seems to have a real impact in other people's work, but how do you decide what to leave alone? In something with a lot of rocks like this I would see how the light hits the rock faces and those would be my lightest areas. For the best experience we suggest upgrading your browser to the latest version, or optionally downloading Google Chrome or Firefox.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). This is your space for meditation, whether it’s simply contemplating and reflecting on the day or a place to get creative and write, sketch or paint.
You can pepper in comfortable outdoor seating, turning your Zen space into a peaceful social area. Historically, Zen gardens are created with sand, and intricate rake patterns are brushed into them daily. Higher brix readings (a measurement of the quality of the sugars and proteins in a plant's sap) have been reported in vegetables grown with AZOMITE®. To keep them healthy and looking great, it’s important to prune your rose bushes the right way. It’s a good rule of thumb not to let the wood stalks grow for more than three seasons before removing them, and make sure not to let them become too crowded. Don’t over-prune in the fall, however, or you will leave the plant susceptible to damage over the winter. Fine-tooth saws, loppers and hand shears are all popular, but most rose enthusiasts prefer having one pair of good stainless steel bypass shears that are used only for roses.
The middle values are usually the areas of rock that are in shadow, and the darkest areas are the cracks in the rocks and the spaces between rocks. No matter what type of vibe you’re after, one thing is certain—dry landscape can make for a gorgeous garden. If you want to go authentic, the regular rakings can be a great way to slow down and reflect. However, few people have the time to attend a regular meditative yoga class, but you do have time to spend a few minutes each day in your Zen garden. I am stoked to have moved closer to them and am using them to make my yard in Murray more magical. The best length to leave the wood is 24 to 36 inches long, but if the winter was particularly harsh, you may have to prune it down farther.

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