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The report provides historical data and forecasts for the USA Home Improvement & Gardening Suppliers industry in the period 2004-2013, analysis of the competitive landscape and profiles of the major market players, plus top-level analysis of the key factors driving the industry. You might not believe that gardening supplies or equipment could help keep you safe when summer’s heat boils over, but they definitely can.
When the Northern Utah summer kicks into full swing, a variety of pitfalls awaits in your garden. Finally, always read the directions and safety instructions for all gardening supplies and tools. Of course you wear your trusty wide-brimmed hat, close-toed shoes and sunscreen when you start to work on your outdoor plants, shrubs and trees (don’t you??). For even more gardening safety tips, you can check out the CDC’s gardening health and safety tips, or you can drop by Millcreek Gardens in Salt Lake City. We feature a large selection of gardening tools and supplies to assist you in planting and maintaining your garden.
Freecycle is an international non-profit organization dedicated to keeping items out of the landfills and building communities at the same time.
I am a huge fan of Freecycle and have used it to help my urban gardening pursuits as well as to give away the fruits of my labors to others.

Freecycle and Craigslist have been our best sources for free gardening and canning supplies. Here i would like to show you our newest product for you reference Pls refer the picture attached .Are you interested in them ? To help keep you safe and healthy, the Millcreek Gardens team has assembled a list of our favorite protective gardening tools and equipment.
But, if you’re like most of us, you may not reach for the gloves when using the gardening tools.
A sturdy pair of gloves will protect your hands from a variety of perils (see “Gardening Tool Safety Tips” above!). If you plan to work with shrubs or landscaping trees that have thorns, choose a pair of gauntlet-style gardening gloves to protect your arms. Laureen, the owner, has been fabulous to work with and she trains her staff well and treats them right. We have shovels, hoes and rakes designed to provide years of service in your gardening chores. If your hands are larger or smaller than the molded handle, you run the risk of developing orthopedic problems in your hands and arms.

Ergonomically, kneeling is preferable; however, kneeling on the bare ground can place undue stress on your tendons and joints. Stop in today and let us help you choose the right tools and gardening supplies for the job. Being gardeners ourselves, we select only the highest quality supplies, the same tools we use in our own gardens. For long-handled garden tools, lean them up against something secure, rather than laying them on the ground.
I am stoked to have moved closer to them and am using them to make my yard in Murray more magical. You will also find a wide selection of pots, containers, seed starting supplies, pruners, bonsai tools and more. For hand tools – which either become lost or embedded in your foot – invest in a good tool carrier.

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