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How about one with secret corners where visitors are invited to sit and eat their lunch or read a book?
Or have you visited a nursery that is nestled underneath a 50 year old, flowering tree that shades everything below? I hadn't planned on visiting a nursery on this particular day, but I noticed a large floss silk tree (Chorisia speciosa) dominating the blue skyline with its dark pink flowers.
The gate leading into the nursery, had decorative wooden signs describing what was yet to be discovered within.
I was greeted by a large jade plant, which if you've ever traveled to California, must be the 'unofficial' succulent plant of this beautiful state - everyone seems to have one growing in a pot somewhere in their garden. Walking a little ways in, I immediately noticed a small pathway leading into the depths of the nursery, beckoning the visitor to discover where it led. Flanking the shady path were a variety of tropical plants, succulents and garden ornaments.
Reaching the end of the pathway, visitors discover worn, yet comfortable garden furniture, inviting you to take a break and enjoy the shade on a warm summer's day while being surrounded by the beauty of the plants.
Throughout the entire nursery were hidden corners filled with chairs and comfortable cushions. Visitors are encouraged to bring their lunch and eat in the garden or bring along a favorite book. If I lived near this nursery, I would be tempted to spend a lot of time here where I would be able to enjoy two of my favorite things - plants and books! As I continued my journey of discovery through the nursery, I found that it was hard to reconcile this place as your typical nursery. Oh, they did have basic gardening supplies such as organic fertilizers, peat moss, compost and pots - but it was the lack of obvious organization and the randomness that I found throughout. Small garden rooms were filled with an assortment of succulents, palms and unusual flowering plants.
White icicle lights were strung throughout the nursery, which made me wish that I had a chance to visit in the evening hours.
A pair of rusty enamelware bowls sat empty on a plastic crate - maybe they will be filled with some succulents someday?

While enjoying the unusual things throughout out the nursery, there were some more traditional areas with flowering plants available for sale. I must admit that there were so many different things that I loved about this little nursery - it's lack of organization, the fact that it looked more like a garden than a nursery, the hidden seating areas where you could read a book, the unique garden art (junk) and perhaps most of all was that the focus was on enjoying your visit to the nursery whether you bought anything or not.
The roof of the little garden shop was decorated by a row of potted Yucca gloriosa and more icicle lights. Male hummingbirds are extremely territorial, but the tree was so large that they all are able to live in it somewhat peaceably. Advertising Disclosure: AZ Plant Lady may be compensated in exchange for featured placement of certain sponsored products and services (including Amazon Services LLC), or your clicking on links posted on this website, at no extra charge to you. Planting appropriate small trees will save you time and money in reduced pruning costs, and will make your outdoor spaces more attractive. The Anacacho orchid tree (Bauhinia lunarioides) is a multi-trunked tree with pretty, butterfly-shape leaves and a nice display of snow-white (some individuals bloom pink) flowers in the spring. Slender and elegant, the Palo Blanco (Acacia willardiana) can be wedged into all but the very smallest of spaces. Plantings either side of a low wall provide interest in this Mountain View, California garden.
An eclectic garden provides visual impact in the front garden of this Encinatas, California home. Low ground level plantings under the trees and palms include succulents and clumping ornamental grasses.
A mixture of colors and textures provides interest in this coastal garden in Cambria, California. Repetitive use of architcturally interesting agaves are the focus of this Singapore gardenscape. The agaves are combined with with a bed of smooth river rocks and a large boulder focal point for a stunning overall effect. Total annual rainfall in Singapore is ample yet there is seasonal pressure on water supplies due to the high population density. A symetrical layout creates a formal flow at the entrance to this home in Menlo Park, California.
A spring blooming agave street-side border creates immediate visual interest in this Los Altos, California garden.

Succulents and stonework lend a rustic feel to this garden entrance along the Pacific Ocean in Half Moon Bay, California. The design includes a wide variety of succulents including agaves and blue chalk stick ice plants. One of the only desert trees with white bark, it will grow in the full blasting sun, and although its canopy is light, it provides some shade.
A tall palm, spiky yucca and low sago palm serve as focal points on either side of the curving brick pathway.
The arrangement here offers a graceful statement with dynamic energy coming from the contrasting forms.
The olives soften the expanse of the garden wall which would have seemed unwelcoming otherwise.
The hewn stones form a low garden wall and create the integrated containers that support succulents that spill over the rockwork. The mix of colors adds further interest to the eclectic composition. Since the tree’s mature width is only 10 feet it will fit in places where other trees will not.
It is good for the north or east sides of your home and can be left as a large shrub, or pruned up into a plant, with several trunks and a rounded canopy. Even if the shells hadn’t ben added, the scene would transport the viewer to an underwater world. The border remains very water efficient with it’s use of garden rocks mixed with clumps of ground cover.
Errors will be corrected where discovered, and Lowe's reserves the right to revoke any stated offer and to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions including after an order has been submitted. A mixture of of succulent ground covers pull it all together in a garden that requires very little maintenance. Located steps from the beach, the wall provides significant visual impact in a small space.

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