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George’s “Pennsylvania Month-by-Month Gardening” helps you know when to do what in the landscape. Among these are Cymbopogon citratus which is found in Thai cooking and has a slightly enlarged base- sort of like you see with scallions. If you are lucky enough to have an Asian market within driving distance you can often find Lemongrass stalks there.
Many started nursery plants are just labeled Lemongrass and you won’t always know which you have.
If your Lemongrass has gotten really big and you want to divide it, you can try jabbing it with a shovel. By jabbing I mean jabbing the shovel into the middle of the plant, stepping on the shovel and prying the plant apart. If you can’t separate it that way, then try two digging forks placed back to back in the center of the plant to separate it. Once you have wrestled separated your roots, clip back the plant down towards the base, replant or pot them and you’ll have lots more Lemongrass in no time!
I am not sure what would cause that in your area unless it’s just a bit too chilly for them.
I know that this is an old thread, but I just thought that I’d add that lemongrass grows just fine in Auckland.
And I say to myself…maybe I will start it on my next holiday, maybe on the weekend, maybe tomorrow. I am pretty lary of being overly structured in my precious free time, so it’s taken a long time to get to being ok with approaching it in this way. When I’m not working on a DIY project or I somehow get a few hours of free time, I like to build stuff.
The Soma Cube has over 270 different combinations that form the 3x3x3 cube and solve the puzzle.
To build the cube, I took a 2×2 piece of maple and cut it into 27 identical cubes, sanded them and then glued them up into the shapes found in the book.
Although plant is smaller, the flowers are still full-sized (8-9 inches), and so are the leaves (hand-sized and scalloped like oak leaves).

Works as a house- or patio-corner plant, massed in a woodland garden or along a wood’s edge or shady border. Crested iris or Allegheny spurge are good shady-perennial underplantings that are also natives.
It’s useful in the kitchen, wonderful in teas and makes a gorgeous ornamental herb in the garden. This one can be started from seed and is also used in cooking with the leaves  also being used in teas and flavorings. They all have a lemony fragrance and can become quite large in the garden, with some getting 3′ tall or more and just as wide. If you can find one with a few little roots attached ( like the two below) they can often be placed in a glass of water to really root out.
If that’s out of the question, you may also hit the jackpot and find started plants in a garden center near you. You may need to bump up the size of the pot after awhile, these things will grow fast… particularly once the summer heats up. I’ve got two plants of lemongrass, they were doing well, but the leaves have some rusty looking marks on them.
I have to bring the pots indoors in winter – we live in central Italy and here it gets to -5 at night sometimes (rare but can happen).
And to do the same for the housework – and actually DO it then, whether I feel like it or not. My mother appears to be constantly gardening, travelling to perfect her French and quilting. Last weekend, and in the face of opening a new business, I decided to enforce a family weekend adventure – every weekend.
The book mostly discusses the woodworking part of the project and that’s great but I wanted to know more. It took several days to glue all the pieces together because I didn’t have enough clamps.

In much of the USA it is grown as an annual or brought indoors to overwinter… being winter hardy only to zone 10.
Lemongrass will grow in a large container but if container grown the roots can become large and tangled if not harvested fairly often. It doesn’t seem to mind being indoors in the winter though and seems happy to go back out in the late Spring. All I know is that I’ve been resisting these activities by prioritising boring stuff. Tiime spent on that would make it better, I can’t focus on that but it would be nice to get more balance in my world. If size-control pruning is needed, do it right after the plant finishes blooming in mid-summer.
They?re not exactly fresh as I purchased them in a Thai store in Reykjavik so they?ve come a long way..
In the book Soma is a hallucinogenic drug that’s was used to give people a mini holiday.
Since it took me about 30 minutes to solve the Soma Cube, i’m not in a rush to build that other puzzle yet.
So if you’re into puzzles, I guess you could say that trying to solve the Soma Cube is sort of like a mini holiday. This is another great puzzle that I read about in the book, Crafting Wood Logic Puzzles: 18 Three-dimensional Games for the Hands and Mind by Charlie Self and Tom Lensch.

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