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The WSDSWA, together with other walling associations from Scotland are a regular exhibitor at the Gardening Scotland Exhibition.
The Moongate was built with 8 tons of stone, using a single wooden former to keep the shape during construction, again no mortar or cement was used. The moongate was part of the display for the Bicentenary of the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society, and was awarded a Gold Medal. Exhibitors are allowed to use an A3 board or leaflet to give a brief overview of their exhibit. Editing was a nightmare and I know I have missed some of the awards given but going around and conversing with visitors was a bit distracting. How fantastic, they are all brilliant and what a way to get children, interested in gardening.
I think its brilliant, thanks so much scotsgran, im certain it will stimulate and enthuse children [even grown up ones] everywhere.
I have a copy of the 2013 Competion details if anyone wans to find out where to start on a project like this. They obviously get a lot of support from teachers and other adults because some of these displays have travelled a fair way to get here and be placed in their alloted space. Nor me Hywel but I suppose they knew what the exhibitors had been asked to produce and because they do judging all the time they can spot things of which you and I might be unaware.
I saw these on Friday and was really taken with all the imaginative interpretations, from schools particularly.
Hywel I think you have grown up without losing that spark of imagination that we all see shining through in your blogs whether they are in your garden or out and about. Oh I agree with Bloomer, I would of much prefered to walk around these gardens than the ones at Chelsea. Brilliant, will spread the word, my daughter starts school in August and the school has a great garden and young orchard, am sure the kids and gardening commity would love to be involved, nursery would too I'm sure!!!

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The structure was held in place by the careful shaping and positioning of the stone on the arch and the weight of the dry stone supports on either side of the gate. What a lovely collection of displays Scotsgran, I've never seen so much gardening work done by children, truly heartwarming to see.
If you Google it and the click on E in the A-Z it will allow you to see what is happening in Sauchie each month. If your local school or group or club are not represented here, age no barrier, do apply to take part next time. This group are holding their annual show in Our Lady of Loretto hall in Newbigging on Saturday 25th August. I took all the pics on Saturday and went back on Sunday with my list of names to write down the awards and take some better pics where the originals were rubbish.
Having been given a larger area to display the pallets the organisers gave more space between each pallet so that more people could get a closer look at them. Adult horticultural societies are also involved and one even put its schedule for their show in to a plastic holder as part of the display. My son was here every week for a few weeks when OH and I had 'flu and he said I was taking an awful lot of rubbishy photos and gave me his camera. I think you learned to love the garden in those early years and it is coming through in your garden. 15 to 21: Hit the water with dragon boat teamPlus workshops, meetings, sales and other community events of interest.
As a member of Suntrap Gardening Club I was offered the opportunity to help out on the pallet and planter tent. Using the camouflage leaves along each side of each avenue also gave a better atmosphere in which to view the displays.

It is much better at taking pics than my cheaper one but he did not give me a manual for it.
The show is Scotlands answer to Chelsea and that it is also rated is proved by the traders who think it is worth their time to rush up here to stage another stand so soon after Chelsea.
If you go in to the main sales area there seems to be miles of stalls selling everything from a hat to a sit on mower. You are the living proof of catching children early and allowing them to experiment with the textures etc around them. Our group is a member organisation in The Scottish Gardeners Forum who are responsible for the competition.
I'm struggling to remember all the things it can do and whether I need the flash on or off. It should be viewable from a distinguishable front and a back drop not exceeding 1.5m is permitted etc.
I am doing another blog about some of the exhibits I saw in the Central Hall on my way to and from the car park. I hope your daughter is looking forward to going to school and has a great time when she gets there. Vicky, a goy member and her OH Richard from Plantagogo had a stand here and the heucheras were mouthwateringly good.
I do enjoy the Central Hall and pallet areas and that can take hours but there are plenty of refreshment seated cafe areas to cater for all tastes plus all the food and wine tasting on offer. They were supposed to move across the road last year but I believe the Airport is considering its options on building a new runway through the site.

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