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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Sundials, narrow boats and windmills appear alongside clouds, lightning and a compass to enhance security in the ''universally trusted document'', the Identity and Passport Service said.
The British Dragonfly Society (BDS) has just chosen this stunning shot as the winner of its Large Red Damselfly photographic competition.
This year’s citizen science postcard is the third in a series supported by Scottish Natural Heritage and the present study will tie-in well with the ‘Year of Natural Scotland 2013’.
Following a fiercely fought competition with over 50 entries run through the BDS website and the Society’s Flickr page, the winning photograph was finally chosen by a panel of dragonfly enthusiasts made up from both BDS staff and volunteers. Claire Install, BDS Conservation Officer, explains “we were looking for a sharp photograph of a male damselfly that would show as many diagnostic features as possible. BDS President, Dr Pam Taylor, says “Large Red Damselflies can be found throughout the UK and are one of the earliest species on the wing each year. 2013 is the 30th Anniversary of the British Dragonfly Society, so it is wonderful for the BDS to be celebrating this momentous milestone at the same time as the wonders of our natural heritage are being celebrated in the Year of Natural Scotland.
The BDS Large Red Damselfly postcard will be available at events throughout the summer, including Gardening Scotland in Edinburgh where the BDS will have a stand in the Living Gardens section of the show.
All photos published on this site are copyright of the original photographer and are reproduced with their permission. With the independence referendum round the corner, the question of what it means to be Scottish has never been more vital or more talked-about. Hebridean Island Images is a Photo stock library specialising in the landscape, nature and social documentary of the Hebrides and the west coast of Scotland. You are invited to email in your photographs of the the Hebrides Islands, to be used as the header picture for the web site, and in a photo of the week slot, linking to this collection of the larger photographs.

DescriptionProduct ReviewsThe Dunoon Saltire Scottish Flag Mug has a capacity of 16.2 ounces. I was going to say Hart's tongue fern [Asplenium scolopendrium] but the top of the fronds are unusual. Most of her beds are in full sun but she has a long raised planter along one side of her house that is in part shade most of the day. The prettiest thing about astilbe is their canopy of tall flower stalks about a fern like leaf structure. The winning entry by Martin Cerny from the Czech Republic will now feature on the front of a BDS citizen science postcard in Scotland. Through this survey the BDS will be promoting volunteer involvement in dragonfly recording and encouraging families and individuals to explore the natural heritage of Scotland’s wild and beautiful places. The winning entry certainly matches our expectations and shows just how striking these fantastic insects can be”. We hope that by launching this compelling postcard and promoting online recording, we can persuade people throughout Scotland to go beyond their gardens and into the wider countryside to truly appreciate this wonderful group of colourful insects and their habitats”. All other content of this site is copyright of the British Dragonfly Society except where explicitly stated otherwise. And that makes this the perfect opportunity to talk about Scotch whisky, perhaps the country’s most potent symbol.
Used by picture researchers & graphic designers for brochures, travel guides, magazine articles and websites.
Astilbe will grow in  soils that are loamy, soils with heavy clay content or even moist and wet soil. It will be used to promote awareness of dragonflies in Scotland by showing just how beautiful these creatures are.

People will be encouraged to submit their sightings of Large Red Damselfly through the BDS online recording system, so adding to our knowledge about the distribution of this species in Scotland. At A?4.3 billion, whisky accounts for more than 85 per cent of Scottish food and drink exports, and nearly a quarter of the British total.
The industry employs 10,000 people in Scotland, many of whom live in economically deprived areas.
Like with the Highland malts, the diverse island whiskies shouldn’t really be lumped together.
Highlights include the delicate taste of Orkney’s Highland Park, and the rich, almost Islay-like, character of Jura (especially Superstition).
With 51 active distilleries, Speyside has the highest concentration of whiskies the world over. Like Islay, regional classification suits it just fine: Speyside scotch is nearly always a light, sweet, well-balanced dram.
Now there is a much more relaxed feel, with consumers encouraged to drink whisky in a cocktail or as a long drink. London-based Diageo, the biggest booze company in the world, owns 27 distilleries - half of UK’s market share.

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