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SERIES 25 Episode 10Sophie shows how to build a self-watering garden bed"I'm really happy with my vegie patch," says Sophie, "but after two years and constantly adding organic matter to the soil, the soil's still not as good as it could be and I expect it will probably take about five years to get to that point.
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Comprehensive information on what to grow and how to grow it, plus great gardens, design ideas and stories from the show.
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You can count on these beautiful, low-maintenance and easy-growing ornamental grasses to add color to your yard all year long. Save time and hassle by planting these hardy, easy-to-grow perennials in your garden or yard.
It also means that in summer I have to water daily."So she has an alternative - a vegie garden that's easily maintained, uses very little water, doesn't take much space and is quick to set up.
It may not be copied, reproduced, sold or used for any other purpose without the express permission of the ABC. I personally would seek help from my neighbors should ever I encounter such a situation, but at times they might just forget to water my plants on my behalf and I am not the type to be pointing fingers since it isn't their responsibility to begin with.
These hardy, easy to maintain, low-growing perennial plants may be the answer to your landscaping woes. It bears spikes of pink or purple flowers in the summer and spreads by sowing its own seeds.

These perennials thrive without sunlight and add great garden color in beds, borders and containers. She's got three wicking beds that have given Sophie and her family stacks of vegies throughout the summer.Wicking beds water plants from below rather than above. There is another benefit of these wooden pallets which is weather could not much affected this much because this is made for a casual use. Those people who interested in art or looking for new ideas about Crafts making and Doing something nice for yourself.
It smells heavenly when you walk on it, and has pink or white flowers in the spring and summer. They're basically containers with water reservoirs at the base - like a giant self-watering pot. These DIY Wooden Pallet Garden Ideas will be much economical and beneficial idea for your for garden furniture.
This allows moisture to be more evenly distributed through the soil, creating better growing conditions for the plants.MaterialsYou can build a wicking bed out of any sort of container, but Sophie likes to use big, old wooden vegetable crates. You can also see here the more ideas of DIY Pallet Furniture like: Amazing diy pallet garden designs ideas, Awesome diy wood pallet garden designs, Beautiful diy pallet garden designs furniture, Best ideas for your diy pallet garden and Fantastic diy vertical pallet garden ideas. Otherwise it seems any water delivered down the pipe will quickly drain out the bottom of the container . She's lucky enough to get them from a local market gardener for just $15 each.As well as a container, you'll need a couple of pieces of old carpet to line the bottom - and some builder's plastic to line and waterproof the interior of the container. Sophie's using geotextile fabric to separate the water reservoir from the soil, but she says you can use old shadecloth instead.You'll need scoria, gravel or another aggregate to fill the bottom of the reservoir. Sophie uses scoria because in her area she can pick it up for free from people wanting to get rid of it.
For the watering tube, Sophie's using a piece of PVC pipe and an elbow, bought from the salvage yard.

She's also picked up an old metal cap that will go on the top to prevent mosquitoes getting in to breed in the reservoir. She's also got some agricultural pipe of the same diameter to join to the PVC pipe - the ag pipe will coil around the bottom of the container. The only purpose of the gravel is to support a layer of landscape fabric under the potting mix. Check for any protruding nails and other sharp objects - either hammer them in or pull them out to get rid of them.Next, put down a layer of carpet on the base and follow with the black plastic on the base and up the sides.
The smaller container passes moisture up into the mix as long as it's not allowed to get too dry. Sophie clamps the plastic in place, then adds a second layer of carpet that covers the black plastic bottom and goes another 20 centimetres up the sides. This will prevent the scoria or other gravel from puncturing the black plastic.Sophie then adds scoria to a depth of 100 millimetres on top of the carpet to hold everything in place.
She's connected the ag pipe to the upright pvc and coils the flexible ag pipe around the bottom of the reservoir, on top of the scoria.
This upper layer of plastic minimizes evaporation and keeps the potting mix from ever getting too dry -- as long as the water reservoir is never allowed to run dry. Sophie's old piece of narrow pvc pipe goes through the middle to keep the outlet waterproof.
Next, a layer of geotextile fabric goes over the top of the scoria to prevent the soil clogging the water reservoir.Finally, the soil goes on top. It needs to be around 30 centimetres deep - the optimal height to get soil wicking properly.

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