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In order to keep Photobucket free, we place advertisements on our website and on our mobile apps. The long established Winter Garden is situated close to the Visitor Pavilion containing more than 650 different plants grown for their winter effect. The Gardens has received sponsorship support from the UKa€™s biggest turf grower Rolawn, who have kindly donated 700m2 of their Medallion turf to lay in the Winter Garden extension.
Rolawn is the UKa€™s biggest turf grower and a national supplier of safe high quality topsoils and mulches.
The sewer main under the 3900 block of Wayne Avenue is currently being replaced by DWM private contractors and the street is not open to traffic from 8AM to 4PM on weekdays (M-F).
Construction crews from Peoples Gas and their contractor Northern Pipeline continue their multi-year gas main replacement project in the 47th Ward. Thursday Nights Sponsored by the Lincoln Square Chamber of CommerceThe Market will be held every Thursday evening from June 14th to October 25th between the hours of 4pm to 8pm. The Northcenter Farmers Market is one of only three City of Chicago sponsored markets on the North Side that is open on Saturdays.
In partnership with Ground Up, Browntrout is hosting an indoor Farmers Market at their restaurant every Tuesday, May through September from 5 PM to 8PM at 4111 N. Tree House Working Cats Program "Nothing Works Better Than Mother Nature." Cats - Not Rats! Turn Pizza Dough into "Dough" for Merryman ParkFor one day only - June 26th -HomeMade Pizza will provide a donation toward the Merryman Park renovation for every purchase made at their 3430 N. When Chicago's warmer summer weather allows it, we set up an outdoor movie night each month to take advantage of the season (generally May - Sept).
The lawn space opens early for people to spread out their picnic blankets, mingle with their friends and neighbors, and grab a bite to eat.
At dusk, we fire up the industrial sized popcorn machine, the lawn speakers, and the projector to start the movie!

Please remember Common Pantry and Ravenswood Community Services when signing up for the Hunger Walk. If you are concerned about crimes happening in your area you can got to a CAPS meeting for your district. Feel free to send us your upcoming community events so we can include them in our newsletter. An innovative wellness center focused on non-invasive treatment of joint, muscle and posture issues, Aligned Modern Health now has a branch in Lincoln Square at 4555 N. Car owners in these areas need to be sure the new zone number is printed correctly when purchasing their new city sticker. Sod has now been laid (grass seed in some instances) in a number of areas throughout the ward to restore damage to city parkways. Vendors will be set-up at the City of Chicago municipal parking lot located at the Western CTA Brown Line Station. Simple & Easy, Humane & Effective, Long-term Solutions  The Tree House Working Cats Project is a "green" program that relocates sterilized, vaccinated feral cats that would otherwise have been euthanized to locales that have problems with rats and mice. In October, when it gets a bit too cold for movies, we set up a haunted house and pumpkin patch. Ravenswood Elementary School has allowed us to use their parking lot - so no problems hunting for a space!
Many new plants have been included for your interest and enjoyment including 500 Cyclamen tubers were planted as a ground cover in one of the beds leading towards the small summer house. Lincoln Avenue is hosting a reception for the artists from the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative of the OpenWall Gallery's new exhibit. People are encouraged to bring their own spread - but we supply burgers, brats, hot dogs, soda, water, and tons of good candy movie. The movie itself will be on the large lawn space of Bethany Church - 4250 North Paulina Street.

Tomorrow begins the North Center farmers market, joining the two Lincoln Square farmers markets just opened that serve our 47th Ward community. Ravenswood from Irving Park to Berteau (Wall 9)-drill, set & pour soldier beams & install lagging.West Side Ravenswood from Grace to Irving Park (Wall 10)-demoexisting crib wall.
Most cats will hunt and catch rodents on occasion, but if they are fed regularly, cats usually won't eat them.
Close to the Visitor Centre is a large new bed planted with Salix (willow), Cornus (dogwoods) and with extra height provided by some existing birch trees.
You can also take a tour of beautiful gardens in North Center and visit the family friendly festivities of Epiphany Church's Summerfest this Saturday.
Traditional methods commonly used to control rats tend to be short-term and not permanent solutions. It is a simple combination of just four or five plant groups to help denote a bolder sense of arrival to the Winter Garden. Next week my monthly 47th Ward Zoning Advisory Council will have met for the twelfth time since I become alderman.
The "working cats" program is effective, sustainable, humane and environmentally-friendly-a win-win-win situation! Since its inception in 2009, nearly 50 Tree House "working cats" have been successfully placed in several private city and suburban backyards, dozens of barns and a factory where there has been an almost immediate end to their rodent problem within a week of welcoming their cats, including the 47th Ward locations! I wish to salute all 15 members who have given their time to review a variety of developments, ascertain their benefits to the ward and create recommendations for informing my decision-making. If you are interested in learning more about how you can adopt some working cats, please contact our TNR Hotline at: 773-784-5488 ext.

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