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A great hoe for all general gardening jobs like digging, weeding, hilling, smoothing, breaking up soils and pushing and pulling dirt. This grubbing hoe is an old design that is great for digging up plants, rocks and vegetables.
This tool is great for digging up plants, roots, rocks and vegetables as well as breaking up soil, pushing and pulling it, making rows, weeding and grading.
Megen in Vermont shared this picture of our ground cover being used to suppress weeds in her greenhouse.
DescriptionA general purpose mattock with a wide flat end for grubbing out stumps, trenching and breaking up packed soils and removing trees and shrubs.
Our blog has been going for all of a week and we’ve had our first real gardening question.
Once again, Kathryn (my garden expert!) to the resue – At the beginning of December she recommended we lay down bark mulch which makes the soil look more attractive, as well as feeding the acid loving plants and keeping the water in the soil. On these two photographs you can see how the bark mulch looks in my garden (apologies for the poor quality of the photographs) but it shows that it does look a lot better than bare soil.
About UsThe Gardening Blog is a blog by Barbie and Christine … life-long friends with two very different gardens.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, our gardening philosophy is "Natural and organic is best". With a 54 inch wooden handle and a rugged steel blade this simple yet effective tool is built to last. We are novice gardeners and through this blog we will be sharing our gardening experiences (all the highs and lows) with each other and anyone who cares to join us in “watching our gardens grow”.
The oval eye is slipped onto the thin end of the handle and pushed all the way up until it is secured to the wide end. Every day I would do a walk around the garden and pull up any new weeds … and it took a lot of time. Yes there are still a few stragglers that get through the mulch, but considering that it is summer and prime growing season, the weeds are now few and far between! I am not too worried about them because the chickens eat them and keep them from growing and in summer it is very dry here and not many weeds around – except that darn thorny ground cover. This tree never gets nuts, the wood looks light colored, and the crushed leaves have no oder. But then somehow we’ve already managed to attract a few followers on Twitter and we’ve had a real live question!

Another thing I did was plant annuals in some of the bare patches – lots of Impatiens in the very shaded areas and Dianthus in the areas that get more sun. This not only looks pretty, but having plants growing in those areas snuffs out the light so the weeds can’t seem to get through.
You can get it delivered to your house and then you’ll have to throw it down yourself or get a gardener just for a day to do it for you. But weed-removing does not seem to be their forte, so I have the ongoing battle of removing the weeds myself. And because all the plants are new and we are waiting for them to grow, there are lots of bare patches just waiting for the weeds … so it really is an almost daily mission.

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