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These Hillside Landscaping pictures will show you some examples and give you some ideas so you can come up with your own landscaping design. This hillside has a brick step walkway landscaped with beautiful flowering shrubs and plants.
Here's a low maintenance, yet stunning hillside landscape that uses large boulders and shrubs.
All of the images used on this website are found in various places throughout the internet and are believed to be within the public domain.
If you think any content on this website infringes your copyright please let us know, and we will evaluate and possibly remove the images in question. A rain garden is nothing more than a depression in your yard planted with native plants that collects water run-off from your roof, driveway or other hard surfaces. These pollutants, carried by this once clean rainwater, end up in our creeks and rivers, polluting our waterways, reducing the water life and health of our streams. The advantage of using native plants is that these plants are accustomed to growing in a given area, making them easy to grow and adapt. The sloped sides of the garden is your transition zone, thus a plant that can take conditions that may be wet for a short period of time is in order. The upper most part of the garden is the location that you will need to plan for plants that like it on the dry side. The wall, built by a professional, and composed exclusively from stones I found while digging in the Woodland Garden, provides not only architectural interest, but a level bed for planting, too.
Because good drainage is essential to any kind of soil retainment, pea gravel was poured directly behind the wall, to a depth of 6 inches. If you have a tree that grows on a hillside, and wish to make a garden beneath its leafy canopy, do consider building a demi-lune wall at the tree’s base.
Kevin,I am very envious of the fact that you find nice stone when gardening on your property. Kevin is an award-winning food, garden and lifestyle guru who lives in New York's Hudson Valley. Tough dependable and attractive Aaron's beard (Hypericum calycinum) grows vigorously even in poor soil. Where winters are cold, plant in spring; this will give the groundcover an entire season to become established before it must face the rigors of winter.
Woodland PathMoss is tucked between the stepping stones in this woodland path & sitting area. Towns: Great Falls, McLean, Arlington, Vienna, Herndon, Reston, Sterling, Leesburg, Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Potomac, & the District of Columbia. In my case I was trying to create visual interest in a part of my yard that was dominated by two spruce trees that have been struggling to become established since I planted them 3 years ago. First I called my local supplier of mulch and top soil and asked them if they would deliver a truckload of woodchips, which they did. A more sensible approach is to use top soil because it is more stable than wood chips. The problem with a pile of wood chips is they are full of air and they will settle and sink, lowering the height of your berm.

I also placed smaller rocks here and there for accents and created a rock garden where I planted a couple of smaller annuals such as dianthus. Since I did use wood chips, after digging a hole in the wood chips I had to fill the hole with top soil before dropping the plant in. Although our berm is not as high as some (you can build up the earth  higher if you want) we were happy with our berm solution because it accomplished the objective of creating visual interest in front of the two struggling spruces (which thrived in the dry heat we had this summer in our region), and burying some of the unwanted wild weeds that were taking over that low section of our yard.
And since I own a garden glove company, I am always looking for projects that will give my gloves a workout. I was excited to read your blog entry because I did a similar thing in my garden outside Boston five years ago.
Stormwater is simply water that starts as clean rain that falls, runs off roofs and other hard surfaces like sidewalks and streets, picking up nutrients from the fertilizers we pump into our lawns, pet waste from our yards, salts from the roads, and other pollutants. If you don't have a low spot, you can create one by digging a depression in your yard where water would naturally collect, or you can run your downspouts directly into your rain garden area. Remember the purpose is to filter water, so you want your soil to be good for plants so filtering can occur.
The depression should be flat on the bottom, thus allowing the water to be evenly distributed in the depressed area. Take the north end of the Rose Garden, where a glorious old maple tree grows on a steep slope. If you have need for a similar wall, perhaps the following pictures will serve as a tutorial of sorts. Then the contractor proceeded to dig a 5-inch-deep trench along my outline, skipping over any exposed roots. And it looks more interesting than other walls I've seen that were made from pre-fab blocks or a generic palette of field stone.
Diamond Pattern FlagstoneCreeping ground covers grow in between square flagstone set in a diamond pattern.
By creating a little hill and planting it with trees and other vegetation you can create a very attractive and effective screen. In addition, the trees sit in a low area of our yard and lots of weeds and even poisin ivy had started to take over. Rather than clear out the bad, I decided to bury it under a nice big pile of wood chips. But wood chips are much easier to move around and I wanted to try different shapes to see what would look best from a few different vantage points. I selected 2 flowering weigela and a red chokeberry shrub to plant in front of my two spruces. Wood chips are acidic and would not have been a hospitable place for tiny roots.  I may have to put in more top soil next spring to replenish what probably drained out this year. Most people thought I was nuts, but I filled in a shady drop-off with the wood chips from three trees that had to come down. Know how quickly your garden is going to drain so you can appropriately plan on the types of plants to select. Expect to have lots of critters, from birds, butterflies and insects to chipmunks and rabbits, visiting your rain garden.

He has contributed countless gardening articles to African Violet Magazine, Berkshire Home Style Magazine, and Garden Design Magazine.
Stepping Stone PathLarge stepping stones planted with creeping groundcovers make for an inviting side entrance.Flagstone PathwaysCurved flagstone pathways create a relaxing walk through this front landscape. After grabbing my landscaper’s rake and putting on my favorite pair of leather garden gloves, I spread it evenly across the area (what a workout!) and realized I needed another truckload.
Next Spring I will probably have more wood chips (or top soil) delivered and shore up my berm again. As they get larger I will probably transplant them to another location, but this year they were the perfect screen to hide the thinnish lower branches of my spruces, while not blocking the sun which spruces need. Install landscape fabric if desired.Ground cover plants are sold in small pots, cell-packs, or 1-gallon containers, or as rooted cuttings in flats.
In front of the shrubs I planted catmint nepata and basket of gold (aurinia) with its silvery leaves and bright yellow blossoms; and baptisia carolina which did not bloom this year.
Before setting out flat-grown plants, separate them by cutting between them with a putty knife.When planting ground covers purchased in smaller pots or flats, set them in holes just deep enough for and slightly wider than the root ball. We have some lovely large rocks that form a gentle slope along one side of the berm and I uncovered them and swept them off with my little bonsai broom so they would become a focal point of the berm also. I thought it would be a while before I had to do more than water, but it turns out that every year I have to add a lot of manure to counteract the nitrogen-stealing that the rotting wood chips actively engage in, shovel a couple of yards of soil onto the areas between shrubs and add mulch (more wood chips!) since the shrubs’ roots get exposed quickly when the surrounding soil sinks. To plant from gallon containers: dig a hole that tapers outward at the bottom to accommodate the loosened roots, leaving a "plateau" of undisturbed soil in the middle. Natural Stone StepsA retaining wall and boulders define the driveway edge, while natural stone steps provide access to the upper grade. Now the perennials I added have a bit of rich forest to live in instead of a wood pile and are beginning to spread. As they become established over the next several weeks, water every few days, keeping the soil moist but not soggy. To help maintain soil moisture and prevent weed seeds from growing, spread a 2- to 4-inch-thick layer of an organic mulch between the young plants, taking care not to cover the plants' crowns.Planting ground covers on a slopeWhen setting plants on a steep slope where erosion may occur, arrange them in staggered rows. Make an individual terrace for each plant and create a basin or low spot behind each one to catch water. Set the crowns of the plants high, so they won't become saturated and rot after watering.Spacing ground cover plantsThe spacing to allow between ground cover plants depends on the particular plant and, to some extent, on how quickly you want the area covered with growth. The descriptions in the sampler give guidelines for spacing; for ground covers not discussed there, consult knowledgeable nursery personnel.

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