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Did you know that last year’s 2-cent Phoenix sales tax on food purchased from grocery stores inspired an employee garden at Desert Tree Farms?
Dedicated to managing successful business enterprises, John Augustine considers his employees key to his success. But did anyone remind them that often the ones hurt more by these kinds of taxes are low and middle-income families with budgets stretched too thin already? Well, one of Arizona Farm Bureau’s agriculture members decided to do something about it after he heard the Phoenix City Council has passed the food sales tax.
John Augustine, owner of Desert Tree Farms and also an Iowa farmer started an employee garden.
In production agriculture all his life, and in the plant nursery business for about 40 years, Augustine knows about hard times. Though the garden is only a year old, it’s a big hit with employees and excess produce is sold to a local, direct market farmer. On land he leases to a cotton farmer, Augustine takes about six of the rows at the end of the field and plants seasonal vegetables. In just its first year, the garden has become so successful that the excess is sold in bulk to a local, direct market farmer who then sells it at farmers’ market around the valley. The carrots are sweet, the onions tasty and there is always an air of anticipation as the next vegetable is ready for harvest.

This entry was posted in Arizona farmers and ranchers, In the News and tagged Garden, Phoenix City Council, Sales tax. February 28, 2013 By Lynn Fotheringham Leave a Comment Will I Pay Capital Gains Or Corporation Tax? In this post accountant Giuseppe Colombi considers questions about garden office tax relief; capital gains tax for sole traders and corporation tax for limited companies. NB A garden office used for domestic purposes such as a home study for children is a domestic building and would not incur capital gains tax or corporation tax. A capital gains tax is a tax on the profit realized on the sale of an asset by a private individual that was purchased at a lower cost than the amount realized on the sale. Most business premises or premises used for business purposes are liable to Capital Gains Tax. In practice when the main house is exempt from capital gains tax but the garden office is not, because it is used for commercial purposes, you may have to calculate the profit made on the sale of the office. So a proportion of the sale proceeds may have to be allocated to the garden office to calculate the profit realized. If the garden office belonged to a sole trader who bought it solely for his business, at the time of sale the sole trader would incur capital gains tax.
Remember that for tax purposes the sole-trader is an individual owner who for income tax purposes would be taxed in the same way as someone who is not in business.

So as long as the office has a dual purpose, for example as a gym or hobby room as well as an office, the owner should be able to avoid capital gains tax.
If the garden office is bought and then sold by a Limited Company the profit is a chargeable gain subject to Corporation Tax.
InsideOuts Garden Buildings Guide is an independent guide to garden buildings for people who want a special building for their garden. Lynn's experience in garden buildings comes from 10 years of running a garden office design and build company.
Passed by Phoenix City Council, the five-year sales tax was promoted as a way to stop staffing cuts in the police and fire departments. Then, the employees can harvest whatever they want from the garden to add to their mix of food for their families. You can still get the full amount of the relief as long as you keep using all of your house as a home.
However, if a new office is purchased when the business moves this would be offset against corporation tax using an adjustment known as Roll Over Relief.

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