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When it comes to indoor plants, a variegated ivy plant can add some sparkle and jazz to an otherwise boring room, but care of a variegated ivy differs somewhat from the care of other kinds of ivy. This means that because of the variegation, variegated ivy care is slightly different than normal green ivy care. The second secret to variegated ivy care is to significantly reduce the amount of fertilizer you give the plant. If you fertilize your variegated ivy any more than this, excess fertilizer will build up in the soil and can kill your plant. Variegated ivy leaves are caused by a genetic factor in the ivy plant, but, without proper variegated ivy care, a variegated ivy plant can revert to the more standard green leaves.

If this happens, simply trim off the non-variegated ivy leaves to encourage growth of the right colored leaves. First, a variegated ivy plant needs less sunlight and it must be placed out of direct sunlight. Because variegated ivy leaves have less chlorophyll, the plant produces less energy for growth. While a variegated ivy plant can’t take direct sunlight, they do need bright sunlight. You will know if this occurs because only part of the plant will be growing green leaves while the rest is fully variegated.

Proper care of a variegated ivy requires that you place the ivy plant in indirect or filtered bright sunlight. Without bright sunlight, the plant cannot make enough food from its chlorophyll to support itself.

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