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I made a quick trip to my store this morning to check this out, and I wanted to share some of the kinds of candles I found this morning. If you’re planning a trip today, I encourage you to see what else is on sale this week at Fred Meyer as well as all the Fred Meyer back to school deals happening! Martha was born in Krilinsk, Ukraine, on March 15, 1928, and had been a resident of Revelstoke since 1950.  She was proud to be a home-maker and loved cooking, gardening, farming and raising her children.
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Instead of taking a ton of screen shots and trying to type out an explanation, I went ahead and did a screen recording of the process. If you want the same glitter as I used in the video, simple right click and save the image below, or you can easily find your own online! I have blogging ADD and decided that it was time for a blog look update, which meant a new design and header. I love sales like these because they are often great opportunities to stock my closet up with housewarming, hostess, and holiday gifts (try saying that three times fast).

I practice ethical, common sense couponing and report on a wide-range of deals including grocery, apparel, and travel. I made my new header using this same technique, but instead of a glitter background, I went with a Bokeh effect.

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